Pack Jumpers

Lately on here ive spotted some people who tend to 'jump' through packs. Now i understand those of you who leave to a different pack because it feels more like a home to you, i get it. But there are some people on here who go from pack to pack to try and get a higher rank. But if you just stay in your pack and make the right choices of what you post and what you say, you'll rank up. Ive been in my pack for 4 months and i started out as a 'no ranker' and moved my way up to a Delta. So you see there is no reason to be a 'pack jumper'.
Now, most of you don't understand why packs even exist. The meaning of a pack is for you to be with others that are like you. Also, a pack is like a family, a family needs trust, loyalty and honor. So a pack pretty much stands for family, trust, honor, & loyalty.
Thanks for Reading and please no hate comments.

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XD i wish I was a werewolf there do cool and I'm very interested in wolves

well.....i don't know do your pack really likes u!!huh.i sorry i did'nt wanna hurt u! sorry if isaid anthing wrong..

I was trying to send you a message but it wasn't letting me.....I just need to ask a couple of questions...

Well said.

I agree with all of this Blue, I understand if a pack doesn't work out for you but its not right to hop around like that...would you wanna jump around families? Or stick in the one that cared for you and has always been there? Think bt it....great story Blue :)

Thank you Blue; well put :)

Well said, good job. :)

A pack sorta sounds like a gang though.

Yeah, as long as the pack leader doesn't go all power crazy. That could happen.

I am not.

Yes but even families can be dysfunctional.

What-meee?? Lol. I'm glad you have a family type thing that is functional and that you feel safe and happy in though. So don't take my banter the wrong way.

I live in northern mexico (nuevo leon) We are about 17 physical pack members...

Indeed ^^Its pretty awesome. I joined long after it was already formed, but got my Alpha status for (as my pack members state it) Kicking some a$$...

I wish I could gain some pack members, but there's no one around me. But that's okay, I guess. More of a loner anyways.

I wish I had a physical pack but because we are remote countryside out here there are no others like me around. That's why I am loving being in a online pack; I have a family who understands me at last!

I hear ya crystal! Im in the UK and there is no packs out here. and i feel lonely only me and my GF are Wolves. Sad. But i finally found people who feel how a feel! :D

I am in the UK too! Yeah, it really is a bit lonely

We should chat sometime mate, its just me and my gf out here (gf also a wolf) you got skype?

No, sorry.

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