Wannabe Werewolves

I think I'm speaking for all of us wolves and I'm not trying to be mean but to the humans wanting to be one of us well its all really getting annoying. You cannot be bitten and then turned into one just like that. First of all you can only be one these days if your born with it because when your bitten its the saliva that has to go into the bloodstream and that's a small chance that it will because the blood is not going back in your blood flows out when you have a cut, bite, or puncture. Blood does not flow back into the body. Also the werewolf genes would not be able to mix with the human genes you would die instanlty because the genes aren't already set and the pain is like fire the human and werewolf blood/genes aren't going to mix. Stop giving your numbers, addresses, location, etc. Because we have more things to worry about than waste our time traveling the world just to try to turn a human which won't even work. I saw this story written by stephenie1992 something like that, she gave her number and then 3 other commented back saying if you find one send them my way. First of all were not a pack animal, were not a slave, were not going to give away what we are to everyone cause most of you who are asking to be one are just snobby little stuck up kids who don't deserve it. Us werewolves can handle it, we have control and not a lot of humans could handle it. Its not a gift you can return, once you are one and you find out that you can't handle it well bad news your stuck with it for your whole life unless you kill yourself.Plus its basically a rule or a guideline that we stick to that we don't bite humans unless we absolutely have to like defending ourselves. I'm not saying though that all of you guys are like this but most of you guys tend to demand something that isn't going to happen and btw humans can not order us around were not a pet but were no monster. That's all I gotta say.

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Seriously how do I become one how do I become free

It ain't gonna happen, I respectfully advise you refrain from asking


I would like to be one.

Are you not listening or reading correctly she said you cannot become one


For some wolves yes we are all different if I can turn ppl y'all can to

It's against everything we stand for we don't go turning people as we just don't as it doesn't work

PS dont give false hope

What the Hell.?.?. I need to get this off my chest. First, you should know I don't value your opinions any more then a lion does a lamb. Understand one thing, for me you are nothing but cattle . Food. You are just fools wishing I would turn you... of course I will turn you... just after I eat your heart. Disbelief, deception and denial are my greatest allies. So I could care a less if you cows want to be my friend or don't believe, either way I still win! Hahaha. So have no fear for me ..fools!
--The Big Bad Wolf

Lol smh you sir are a very good troll

I agree because I was born like this I'm 11 and form every new and full moon and told my friends. You can ask my best friend because I went to use the bathroom and didn't lock the door so when she came in I was a total wolf talk about accidental reveil

Sorry but you shift when you're 17 onwards

I agree because I was born like this I'm 11 and form every new and full moon and told my friends. You can ask my best friend because I went to use the bathroom and didn't lock the door so when she came in I was a total wolf talk about accidental reveil

Can i ask? Is you're transformation a half human and a half wolf? or literally a wolf form?

Start of in human form then when changed wolf form so I physically shift

Oh cool werewolfs in the world keep your business goin werewolfs cuz I support you guys! ️Xoxo ❤️

HI. I know this is a site for werewolfs but I kind of need help. Weird thing started to happen to me since birth. I only wanna know what's happening to me. Please if anyone can help me let me know. Tanks.

I can my dads an expert just tell me

What happening to you


Im just gonna flat out tell you that im not gonna ask you to turn me into a werewolf. Im friends with one. And i figured it wouldnt be that easy to become a werewolf. I actually have a question for you, what other supernatural things are out there? i have just recently learned that i am very powerful but i dont know what i am. As for everyone that says they belive in werewoves,etc. but you need proof....than your stupid. seeing isnt believing, believing is seeing.

Well do to superpower full means you could either be a witch or nemocrassor

It's funny because ur not even a werewolf

hello, i was born a werewolf and for a while i have been trying to find a cure it. but all my effort just amounted to delaying my first transformation. its been three years since i was to first transform and its has been a very hard struggle. i have many questions and would love to talk. i was under the impression by another supernatural being that most of the other werewolf bloodlines have been destroyed.

Hey I'm here you can talk to me I was born as one to and the pain of people not understanding hurts

Add a response...

so spells cant work cuze there r a lot of people making youtube videos & showing side affects to the spells

Apparently not

Spells are fake don't work

I don't Bullshit anyone nor on here its true someone has to be Born with the werewolf gene you cannot become by a spell just ask all the other real legit werewolves on here they'll say exactly the same thing also no its 17 and up if a kid did shift they would experience too much pain it will be too much for the body to handle ask the real legit werewolves that as well and they'll say yup to both

Um no I know that to be a werewolf you have to be born one and actually why don't you go and do that ask real legit werewolves huh ? Because you'll know theylll say the same thing

PS don't call me hun

Lol I'm.not mad nor am I bullshitting anyone I haven't gone round here going this **** ain't real I've been speaking my opion no spells can actually make someone a werewolf if someone is already a werewolf and posses the gene but not know and then does a spell sure but its cause they'll already be a werewolf

Isound like your getting a bit buthurt usuong capital letters and sorry but I know the truth alrwdy and I never ever live a lie I never tell any lies about Being a werewolf I know I am one and I know some things that you may not know heck you don't know who I am do you ?? No so don't judge me nor class me as a bullshitter which I am not

Don't go all buthurt on me I was just telling you what many Legit werewolves have been saying on here ok also not all things on YouTube nor the internet is real.and I'm.not living a life because I have never ever lied about anything I know who and what I am and I don't care what noone else thinks as I know the truth I know I was born this way don't try and contradict me or what I'm saying alll I was saying is what people or legit werewolves have been saying

So you're saying everyone on here is lying right I suggest you have it out with them not me

Also.PS I doubt a 13 14 year old can shift their body conpacity would be overload and they'd just get hurt

I'm.not butthurt at all I'm confused but not butthurt nor upset I'm perfectly fine cheqk yourself before you judge others sorry yeah I don't do magic spells and **** cause I know its hell dangerous it all comes with a price but what I'm saying is no spells nor.bites nor scratches work for someone to become a werewolf or else there's would be humans as werewolves everywhere no let me tell you how we get werewolves they are born one and then they grow up find a mate and they fall preg and ha e babies and then those babies have the gene

A werewolf got into spells and he got really sick and injured from doing it some vooodoo person cursed him and wreaked him he started to feel meh so I told him to break all connections as it was slowly killing him so don't say I don't know my stuff

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I understand how you feel most of us humans are stuck up ****** but there are the few that arent stuck up ****** and some of us can handle it see i have been alone all my life and nature has been my only friend my family dont understand me i have known there is a whole other world out there i have been lucky enough to have a peek into this world and i fell in love with this world and the creatures in it so dont ignore the good people in this world because some of us are ******** so i will put my number on here but im not asking for anything but for your full suport in my beliefs and im willing to talk to you about what i know and im willing to listen to everyone i just ask no creeps and no lies my # is 269-492-8179 and so i know you are from here i want you to send me the name of the website first thank you

Lol smh your not getting it are you and she never called any human stuck up whatever swearword you used also its more complicated then that and also you wouldn't wanna be one

And you can't

Not tryin to hate or anything, spirit, but have you actually supported those statements with any legitimate education oon biomedical technologies? I really am a good ten years from getting any definites about any of this... So dont go making wild gestures like this until you are sure. Werewolf on Tech... working for the rest of the wannabe nation. (Who wouldn't want to be one of us?)

Im a mental werewolf and have hurt someone before... im not crazy though

I ment pertect sorry

i think it about time us supernaturals made areselfs known so me and few others like me are about tired of running and hidding and have about decided to enightin this world on a few things and if we decide to do this there may be know more hiding for anyone

Kinda a bad idea most likely people would be scared of you and people would start hunting people like you

Perfect!! Exactly A animal in our right so we can't make anyone else become one if a rat ***** you that doesn't mean you going to become one

Sorry not *****, bit

Very true just because of what we are doesn't mean that everyone wants to be like us everyone is unique in their own way

Don't EVER assume that just because you don't see it .... it's not out there.
No one believes in ghosts until they have their First Encounter, but Guess What .... No one CARES if you Believe or Not, and the Ghosts Certainly Never ASKED YOU TO!
Real Werewolves are Alot Faster and ALOT Stronger than you think ... and Entirely Unpredictable, but that's ok, no big deal. All you need to do is just tell 'em that you don't believe in monsters...

Um. Wait... so if I, being a werewolf, came up to you and decide to eat you... you can just say;
"HEY, I don't believe in you, so you can't hurt me! "? Bull crappie.

Teach me the ways

i am not a wolf but i agree that people should stop asking for such an impossible burden i have done my research of the shapeshifters for years from the slavic oboroten to the native american yaneldlooshi i admit there times when i want to become a wolf but i dont want somebodys help but exposure to the world is what ancient shapeshifters have tried to avoid and people that claim they are a wolf online and is one has broken ancient tradition and has put the others and himself in jeopardy so wolves must keep covert in order to keep people from demanding not only did thier ancestors hide because they were feared but also to keep some people to bother them in all honesty the media about so called werewolves is mainly lies to make money the wolves are more explained many different cultures but dont take any of my words instead do your research and come up with your own perspective by seeing through historical perspective

I know this kind of late too respond, but I really don't care. All I wanna say is WEREWOLF'S ARE REAL. Emphasis on the capital words, I almost got killed by one in Tempe, AZ a while back, it was some pretty scary **** and ever since that happened, I've been acting kind of weird. I don't know what's up with me, look I ain't trying to be one like all these other wannabes, I just wanted to inform all the unbelievers out there.

rifles are real, so is war

I might go by our rules but I do understand where Brian's coming from but I guess all you other werewolves don't because your not empaths

In fact if I had the chance I would change him because I truly know how he feels

Wait I thought you can't Change people

You can't.


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I don't agree with you some people like me for example will do anything to be like that. What I mean by "like me" is I have been a loser my whole life I have asthma and I'm a loser i admit it the reason I wish to have this gift or curse it to prove that i can be something more than a loser I can be special or something you know I've just been the fast out my whole life and you don't realize how it feels one. I would be will to do anything to have this amazing gift or curse which some of you call it I wouldn't go all suicidle and if there were a set of rules I would follow them I REALISE it's not what it's like in the movies I REALISE all of that I'm just sick of being the runt basically for once in my life I want to just want something so I'm different I'm just sick of being the castout I want to be exsepted I wi do anything (except for doing anything santanic) but I just want to have a better sight of your type of world please it's not asking much I just. You don't REALISE my life you probably think I'm stuck up well I'm not I try to help people whenever I can but they usually don't let me help them because people know me as a loser I just want the feeling of except see for once please is that too much to ask for please message me if you would like to know more on why I would like this.

Well I understand where you\'re coming from with this, but we all go through alot human and non huma , but its not like we can just turn someone because your having problems fitting in or we would have to turn everyone. I\'m not saying that your problems don\'t matter, but alot of people have either worse situations at home or the same as you. I can\'t even turn without it killing you first.

I wasn\'t saying it because I have problem I was just letting you aware that somepeople just need that extra step in life or even a new chance at life. I know what your saying that is why I wasn\'t asking to be turned into a werewolf yes I would like it but I REALISE I can\'t be. I just wanted you to know some of us aren\'t wannabe we acually need a new step in life.

But some people are willing to take any risk that come with a new chance in life and yes I am one of those people.

Im just sick of being that loser kid woth no friends and very little family i want to be somthing more in life something special even if it meant never seeing my family again.

Then thats a chance i would take.

pm me

Trust me Brian you do not wanna be this, trust me. and her.

You what screw you i do try to make friends. What you dont realise is i literally cant no ones wants to be my friend and ya i acually was in a few clubs but then i left because everyone would avoid me. What you dont realize is no one likes me only my parents and grandpa and grandma

I understand you dont know what i am really doing but thats werr your wrong i do know and i know i want to be like you. I would do anything to be like you.

Brian. Realize this; when you are a werewolf, you are an animal. You would be avoided and more lonely. Take it from me, Brian. I have no friends..

You know what **** off you acually dont know me or who i am you have no ******* idea what my life is like. You have not even the slightest idea what my ******* life is like its not that i wanna be special i wanna be ******* different so how about you acually come to know me then decide what my life is like and what i have ******* been through ok so shut the hell up. Also i am not crawling in my own hole of misery and i dont ******* whine you *****. Furthermore you have KNOW WHAT SCREW YOU THAT IS NOT WHY I CANT MAKE FRIENDS OK SO SCREW!!!! YOU!!!!

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Shes Right guys stop asking to get changed and get on with your lives we have bigger problems then worrying about other people.<br />
<br />
and for all those who dont belive that we WereWolves exist think again its just like unidentified creatures from another earth why do you think there are so many decreasing numbers of youtube videos being banned of ufo sighting well because the goverment is trying to hide if you dont believe me go look at the youtube graphs.<br />
<br />
also back in the day the Egyptians had machines and other powerfull ob<x>jects to build pyramids and lasers some say aliens communicated with use.<br />
<br />
so for all you hatters go do a little bit more research then causing drama on someone elses story.

Thank you so much for saying that. :)

No Problem :P

Hes right guys stop asking cuz it will never happen theres real only 3 ways 1: your born with it which is unlikely unless someone in your family past was related to wolfs. 2: you can get bite theres a 1/5 chance to live or even take effect. 3: you have to use dark art to summon and make a deal with the devil which is dangerous cuz it can control you. i think of it as a gift which i can control it, but theres others to have to kill. thats all bye

She lol

Really you never heard of dark art/magic hmm okay you know nothing

Yea 2 And 3 Are Not Possible Tho I Have Heard Of Dark Magic You Cant

I just wanna know more about everything like this ,if its werewolves vampires psychic abilities everything i want to know it all but i can tell whats fact from fiction and from what spirt and the "others" be it wolf or vampire i dont think im ever going to find out,living on a mountain ive always wanted to be something more ,to be myself,eh back to dreaming

What are you exactly trying to say?

People faking to be werewolf or anything that they aren\'t are being stupid,ive always wanted to be more or even if i couldn\'t i would just like to learn about it everything like this has interested me since i can remember,i am surrounded by national forest where i live miles and miles of forest and to be you would pretty much be the other half of me,i got a busted knee so i cant go climb my mountains anymore well not as good anyways,lol idk what im saying good luck with the wolf thing i guess

its not a thing and there are fakes but there are some like me who dont lie, not just anyone can handle this. and not ujust anyone deserves to be what i am.

I know i dont deserve it i dont deserve anything but how could you earn something like that i dont see how of course i know nothing about it....i dont think i do anyways lol idk whats true or fake i have no say so at any point

And im sorry if i disrespected you by calling it a thing but could ya blame me,i know nothing

i understand, but its not bt deserving actually its a gene only some embrace it. what makes a human seperate from being an animal is only 2% ,but that 2% is alot more than a number.

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There is no such thing as a werewolf...if there were I would have seen one by now.

we dont hide out in the open hun...? obviously we wouldnt just go walking around in form in a crowded or even uncrowded area, so before you \"think\" you kno something that u dont, make sure ya got a back bone to your point hun, dont got time for ignorance.

lol thats funny sorry but yea OriginalSpirit iis right why in the world would a werewolf be walking on the street or backalleys like really lmao

That's why only Alpha's can turn humans with "The Bite". Their infection is the only one strong enough to turn humans. And, the bite either turns you or kills you


wow!!! a lot of points but how do we its true and you guys aren't making it up.. explain as much as you want but there always people out there hunting and being stupid about you.. but IF werewolfs are real.. im impressed that you stand up for yourselfs in public.. but most people aren't gonna believe anything..

ha yea maybe if you knew how to spell werewolf right lmfao

Hey,OriginalSpirit Im 14 and Im.at shofting age.Im a werewolf,I shift many many times.You rock Im happy to see a werewolf who help.

*sigh* Please... no. So much no.

Look I'm not claiming werewolves do not exist because I have odd abilities I can't explain either but it's not something I like talking about and if even half the "wolves" on here are real I am sure they feel the same way it's not about different species or magic its just something that can't be explained from either side so why ask a question or say something you honestly don't know the answer to?

What kind of odd abilities do you have?

I'm gunna brake down some of the science on this. Most of this refers to Vampires cuz I am one but the math and science work for both of our kinds. 1.) The chance to turn someone in a wolf is 1:350 chance, vampires its 1:200. this is due to the fact that the human body has to poses the right gene sequences for ether of the "Viruses" to take. (Please don't jump down my throat for calling it a virus, its not a disease I know but its the best way to describe it .) If said Gene sequence is there the host will be changed. If not then there are two options from there. First like Spirit said the host dies. The second is they get sick but the body is able to recover from it. 2). I realize the rest of what I know refers primarily to vampires and the slim chance of a cure. but all attempts have ended in death. So I see no reason to go into it.

Thanks riven:)

No problem Spirit, anything to help

You called me Spirit lol

is that a problem?? or would you like me to let everyone else know your real name??

No it's fine. I just never seen you call me that lol

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For what its worth. I don't want to be a wolf. But i believe you guys. I know in this day and age some might think you're crazy. I know there are just things out there people just don't understand.

You.. are brilliant! Finally, everyone! A smart human being!!!

for one SHUT UP and for two I'm a real werewolf thank you very much

Who do you think your talking to??

why should they shut up? they speak the truth ... we shouldn't be pushed around. why does that offend you alphalord ?... and nice name, sounds ... intimidating ,... what pack do you lead?

He doesn't cause he is not shifting age.

alphalord pm me

pm me about your territory .

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well stated ... I don't know you but from what I've heard you sound like you did your homework.

I just like to make points that need to be said.

there's a difference between making points and yelling at people.

who was yelling? I didn't hear anything...

haha, good point. i like you. either way you didnt see mine and his earlier conversation that he so conveniently chose to delete.

Btw im a girl so don't call me a he

sorry, didnt know.

ha ha

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This is soooooooooooooo much bullshit

your all so pety ill tell yall what i am because i dont care what yall think and i am pissed i am a tiger and witch we tigers are few and solitary but i only know of me i am only posting because i was serfing the web and stumbled on this post and after reading it i feel pitty for the wolves you used to be a proud race now yall deal with humans i would shut down this page before u draw unwanted attention i had to shut down my site thats purpose was to find others like me but it drew attention that had to be delt with and the conclusion was violent so i had to shut it down and cover my tracks so take my advice or dont its up to you if its not already too late</p>

I know this may be difficult to understand with your tiger brain, but by simply posting this, someone skilled enough could find your IP address and track you where you are. Silly cat.

true ... I programed computers for 5 yrs a simple way to avoid that problem is to use inprivate browsing. launch internet explorer and hit

shift control P



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i'm with u on that one. i don't think that humans should push us away, thinking that we are a threat. we are still people even though we change into wolves at night. i was born as a werewolf so i would know what u'r talking about.

How did your parents react to that? Were they wolves, too?

i'm a hereditary werewolf too.

original spirit you are very true but not all of us can handle it.

Most can

but not ALL some just get overwhelmed

Well if some can't handle it then thats to bad for them, because their gonna have to.

Sorry don, couldn't resist the comment.

By the way donrocks, you went all out there didn't you buddy? XD

Excuse me, but I could not help but knowing that no proof has been executed on both accounts saying there real or not real.You certainly have my attention but your going to need more than words to show your point.You cant just wave you arms in the air saying "im a wolf!!" "Humans are not unique like us!!" and all.In this society we humans are dumb and will fall for anything.but there are those who have the trained eye and can sight the lies and betrayal.Proof is the one benifactor you need to make yourr point.

The reason we don't give proof is because if we did the government could come after us or the person we give it to could mess everything up. Also, if humans found out that werewolves exist they won't accept us.

what makes u think the government doesn't already know about all us supernaturals

Well.I will beileve it when I see it.hopepefully. I will see It sometime.thank you for your time.

No problem, believe what you want.

Well said.

I'm human.not a lie.and I wouldn't expose if I knew it.I'm not that kind of person.I would merely.....treasure it.that phrase sounded weird.

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donrocks screw you im a werewolf

Is this true are you guys really actually wolves ? Are you a shapeshifter ? I mean I have never saw it on the news that they are real

I just really wanna know if they are real cause I love wolves but at the same sense wanna be human . And I just really wanna know.

Because we don't put our selves out in the open like that, also the government is known for hiding things from you

Are they real is my question

Yes of course.

So your saying your a shape shifter

No I'm a werewolf, shapeshifters are not the same thing.

im a werewolf

You do realize that if the government wanted to, they could easily, EASILY! track your IP address to the source, and find out exactly where you are. And although I agree that the government would hide "your kind" from the general public, they would also slice you open and do extensive genetic and biological testing on you. If they really believed you were a threat and real, the government would take this post (or maybe even this entire website) down and hunt each and every last "werewolf" until there wasn't even the slightest trace. I'm pretty sure the government is much more ruthless than just "hiding things from you."

as I said earlier use internet explorer and hit shift ctrl P ... inprivate browsing

yes because I am one

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Hello, I was wondering. What are the cities that have large populations of werewolves?

I don't share information like that. None of us do

I do not mean to harm anyone, I sent you a message, I wish you would talk to me and decide.

I just want a mate for life!

Yes, I know.

It's about sending a message to them, to all of them. Though I would prefer that they ended this pointless lust for becoming one of us, I don't believe my words would change their minds. I'm saying this for all my fellow wolves; these humans need to know that we will not tolerate their childish behavior.

there is little we can do my friend, they will act how they want to act because they are allowed to hide behind a computer. its not like we can run out and expose our selves due to the fact there is a reason our species has been physically secret for so many years. the only thing we can do is ignore their ignorant posts.

It use to be easy to ignore it all but now its out of control.

my friend I agree ... these fools are just being stupid and childish and they need to learn. but not yet . for a great war would be reckless at this moment in time... all good things to those who wait.

well said :) but i don't think it'll stop the stupidity. you can fix ignorance, but not stupidity.

Holy s**t dude, that's is what needed to be said, and it's all out. Those wanna he's are beyond annoying

You humans who are reading this are pathetic, can't you read? Why I am coming forth to post this I'm not sure, why you, spirit, decided to post that story I'm not sure. But I too tire of these humans and their false hope. Enough of your responses; all other wolves who see this, stop responding, end this so that the humans cannot bother us with these pointless questions. I monitor messages online under false email addresses including this one, I discard them and move on so there is no point in trying to contact me. Leave us alone you humans.

Then why even bother writing this post? This just makes you a little more known.

I find your story and comment far most compelling!

How so?

I have not been online for a bit; quite busy. I find your story compelling because of your secrecy, discreetness, humbleness and free spirit of being open. I LIKE YOUR COMMENT! Yet, one comment draws me in closer. If you don’t want humans contacting you for stupidly comments of Oh I want be a werewolf, why have the site open to the public… that makes no sense. What is your purpose of an open site to the public if you get annoyed off of ignorance or stupidly comments? What is the sites purpose, to express and share your thoughts, be a part of a cyber-circle. I feel if it’s ignorant then why bother posting about it in the first place. In a world of secrecy you ignore those comments and not bother to comment right? If you are interested, point proven than it not ignorance or stupid you actually want to hear it, read it, give your opinion, comment, post on it; as many do. Why down a dream if you can’t properly collect it? Why answer if you are annoyed by comments? Why claim if you are putting yourself out there? Why bother if you not curious to know what is out there? And why expose on a site if you are a secret circle within yourselves? I am not judging or being offensive to anyone but voices are heard and respected. I see some post directed to you that make no sense; the question is why distress commentating if you are annoyed?
About why your story compels me well that is private to inbox not post. Share your thoughts!
As my heart lures the moon my soul escapes darkness….Shadow of the Moon!

My thoughts are none of your concern outside the matter at hand. Whether or not a wolf chooses to be in the public spotlight or not is their problem, but being what I am, I couldn't resist to speak my mind. The fact of the matter is that some wolves are smarter than others in staying hidden, hence how I have survived the last few years. This site is perfect for keeping in contact with others, and that is the primary reason as to why I am on it.

true true it is annoying i dont understand why humans would want a life like this it is full of hiding and lies so please if ur not a real werewolf u stop sticking your nose in our business

At least ur honest about who u really are. Interesting i have questions and want answers will you help me.

Yes I can do my best

wow! im so excited you replied. I wont bragg abt the movies i watch about werewolfs but i'd love to know your family history ......... u dnt have to tell me if you dont want to...... its just curiousity. can email me via my gmail.

by the way hw can i add u??

Go on my profile and around my picture there will be a box that says add friend and click on it.....well all I know from the limited info I'm told is that I'm mixed with German, English, and Native American indian (cherokee) infact my grandmoms first husband was in the Cherokee tribe out in Virgina, he is the father of my mom but everytime I ask about my anything with my family's history I only get short answers.

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I agree completely, my friend knows I am a werewolf (long story) and she once said to me "Bite me" and she got mad when I told her it just doesn't work like that.

Good may I ask you some questions?

Message me then

No one is debating here I'm just curious my apologies if I offended you

You didn't offend me just personal info

I know right its annoying when ppl say bite me pleasssse. I mean they can just move on. Its not really like a werewolf can make you better. Its not like they make you stronger and let you hurt ppl for fun. Lol thoseppl are annoying.

Why not?

I keep information confidential for security reasoning. I will not debate no further

So How do know if your born a "werewolf" ?

I don't give that kind of information out sorry.

I don't see why people have to get on here and bash someone. If you didn't like to post or story move on and get over it. Stop trying to start something and get attention. When people say they don't believe in werewolves I am not one and I will never claim to be one but I can say there are things in this world that we have no idea about and couldn't understand. Just get over it and accept the fact that you don't know everything and probably don't know 10% of the mysteries there are in the world.

Thank you for being respectful. I appreciate it

Your welcome. I can't stand people who make a big deal over something when they could just move on and get on with their life. Instead they have to start something over nothing.

Exactly, most people I could feel were commenting just to be a smart ***, but I appreciate all the respectful comments like this

Your welcome. Any time I've got you back.

Thanks, same to you my friend:)

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why is everyone so grouchy on here? well not everyone is but most of the so claimed werewolves on here just crack me up. haha l bet non of them has even seen blood, or pass's out like my cousin does when he see's blood. but SpiritofTheForest l have to say thank you man. most of people that clame that they are a werewolf haha they just seem so out to lunch. hahaha ******* cracks me up, but you seem more matter of fact like. more business like. l like that. l bet the people that clame that they are one dont even walk in the forest regularly because they live in a city. l will say this. for the people that think they are one. l say let them. times my change when everyone stops trying to be one ( well at least the vast majority will ) im sure if they ever see a real one in person they will **** there pants and never try to be one again. maybe thats what the people need. SpiritofTheForest thank you!

Yeah I agree 100% with you, and people just think its like the movies, well its not

I bit my friend because he tried to take my food....yet I digress. so are you sure its the only way to turn into a werewolf, okay so if you are a religious person then the gods can bless/curse a person with this trait, and if your scientific then wouldnt someone have had to.....do stuff with a wolf.....which again its impossible for offspring to occur because wolves have 78 chromosomes and humans have 46, and if some impossible thing did occur the offspring might be fertile but the "species" would die out, unless it was a dominate trait then eventually it would mix into the gene pool and everyone would be one(actually that probably wouldent happen ). still the scientific way is so impossible that we shall focus on the religious. so gods used to turn people into animals all the time. bears, lions, cattle etc a god could easily turn a person into a werewolf. so i guess there is another way if you not born with the genetics

Yes but see that's why the bite doesn't work because the gift of the gods wouldn't bite the gift would be with in you.

okay I will accept that, but there is saliva on your teeth so wheyou bit someone it does go int the blood stream. so wouldent a bunch of people die from these bites

Yes people die when their bitten and your not straight up bitten by a werewolf if they attack a human..well we rip prey apart.

okay..... then tell me this if you would what are characteristics of a werewolf, being born one that is how does one know if theyre not told they are a werewof

Usually you seem to notice that yourself is changing, then you seek help and answers..that's all I'm saying if you have anything else that you wanna ask you'll have to leave a message.

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Ah, well, this has caused a bit of an uproar, has it not? Haha, reply with respect indeed. Oh well.

I didn't think id get this much of drama on one story

Yeah, I didn't really think it would cause such responces. Good luck handling this. ;o;

Dont foret to REPLY WITH RESPECT!!!!!!!!

...Wow. This is ridiculous.. I guess I respect y'all, but honestly, y'all need to grow up.

We don't need to grow up in any way shape or form. If you have the immaturity to come on here and comment on MY story just to cause trouble, hun your the one that needs to grow up :)

Well dear, for one, I am fourteen. For two, I don't make up being a werewolf anymore... Also I wasn't tryna cause trouble, I was just sayin, y'all need to grow up and worry about something else in your life!

Well, it is a fact that there are gay people. In the Bible, I do not remember seeing a single thing about "werewolfs". I think you're trying to defend yourself nd all your "werewolf" friends, but honestly guys, c'mon. This ain't never gonna be Twilight. There is no such thing as werewolfs, same with vampires.

How about you go.. Well Idk you, so I won't insult you. But I don't beleive that you are as old as me or older still pretending to be wolves!! Good Lord y'all really need to get a life..

Y'all need to grow up. That's all I will say.

Dude don't ever ******* compare us werewolves to ******* twilight your the immature little girl just looking for attention and your not getting anything here. And you make yourself look stupid by saying y'all. Is that all you gotta say? "Y'all" doesn't make ya look tough hunni just a stupid ignorant little girl, go back to your mommy because this is the reall world here.

Really? Just because I say y'all doesn't mean ANYTHING. I have already apologized, and respected my errors, so this can stop now please? Also, I haven't seen either of my biological parents, since I was five. When they left me. So don't tell me to go running back to my "mommy".

I'm sorry maybe I went to far. And yes we can stop :)

its not a misunderstanding stirve..I'm just good at solving things calmly. I have control most times of my emotions and what I decide to say/do

Okay good.. And sorry may be I shouldn't have just come out and said that. Good Lord I am too emotional!

I am too. Hope things get better for you:) bye

It seems that TheOriginalSpirit is a bit of a hypocrite. It seems she posted this to cause trouble in the first place.

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I understand....many people come to me and want me to turn them, but I know it won't work....so why bother.

I didn't think human wolves existed..

Its called werewolves and yes we do but there aren't alot

Is there some sort of transformation involved?



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oh, im starting a pack, if you want to join, tell me

oh, im starting a pack, if you want to join, tell me

(in my wolf body) :( its very painful to bring up

Them how can u type ??

:( sadly, im a lone wolf, I have no family at all, im an orphan

Im sorry ;( I wish i were a were wolf so i could try to help you but sadly im a human

But i like being human i have no problem with it accept my mom but ya

I appreciate your concern and passion, but you do not speak for all wolves. Maybe you speak for your pack, but no one speaks for me unless I've personally told them that I respect their opinion and given them permission to do so

That's why I said "I think" I didn't include everyone

@animatedwolf102-im with you on that one.i couldnt have said it better myself.

I can respect that hope i have a good life - lena

@animatedwolf102-im with you on that one.i couldnt have said it better myself.

Even though im new, people have asked me to turm them, and i say, "If you want to be a wolf, get a brain transplant with a wolf" i acually think its kinda mean how people feel that they can boss us werewolves around, to all you humans out there, us werewolves have feelings too you know


Spirit you said everything that was on our minds,and then some.

I'm just tired of humans pushing us around like pets

Im a human and i think it would be really annoying if i were a werewolf and humans were bossing me around , ya so that and i have a question arent werewolves like really stronger than humans if i u dont want to answer i can respect that.

Yep. What don't we put them on a chain? XD Jk. What can I say? I'm a devil &gt;:)
I personally think it's wrong to keep anything on a chain.

Same here goldpaw ans anime, yes we are a lot stronger than humans

Are you suposed to keep this stuff secret?

Well as long as none of us expose like pictures or anything like that were safe

Oh and 1 more question guessing ur probably annoyed with all the questions but is the whole mate topic true ? If so can a were wolves mate be human and have u found urs ??

Like what stuff? No,it's unheard of. At least,it is for me.

Yes they can, if the wolf has enough control and no I haven't found the one that well let's say sparks my heart

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I agree, putting information like that on the web now a days is quite dangerous, and thus, why I refrain from doing so.