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Wannabe Werewolves

I think I'm speaking for all of us wolves and I'm not trying to be mean but to the humans wanting to be one of us well its all really getting annoying. You cannot be bitten and then turned into one just like that. First of all you can only be one these days if your born with it because when your bitten its the saliva that has to go into the bloodstream and that's a small chance that it will because the blood is not going back in your blood flows out when you have a cut, bite, or puncture. Blood does not flow back into the body. Also the werewolf genes would not be able to mix with the human genes you would die instanlty because the genes aren't already set and the pain is like fire the human and werewolf blood/genes aren't going to mix. Stop giving your numbers, addresses, location, etc. Because we have more things to worry about than waste our time traveling the world just to try to turn a human which won't even work. I saw this story written by stephenie1992 something like that, she gave her number and then 3 other commented back saying if you find one send them my way. First of all were not a pack animal, were not a slave, were not going to give away what we are to everyone cause most of you who are asking to be one are just snobby little stuck up kids who don't deserve it. Us werewolves can handle it, we have control and not a lot of humans could handle it. Its not a gift you can return, once you are one and you find out that you can't handle it well bad news your stuck with it for your whole life unless you kill yourself.Plus its basically a rule or a guideline that we stick to that we don't bite humans unless we absolutely have to like defending ourselves. I'm not saying though that all of you guys are like this but most of you guys tend to demand something that isn't going to happen and btw humans can not order us around were not a pet but were no monster. That's all I gotta say.

brokenedspirit brokenedspirit 18-21, F 79 Responses Nov 22, 2012

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Im just gonna flat out tell you that im not gonna ask you to turn me into a werewolf. Im friends with one. And i figured it wouldnt be that easy to become a werewolf. I actually have a question for you, what other supernatural things are out there? i have just recently learned that i am very powerful but i dont know what i am. As for everyone that says they belive in werewoves,etc. but you need proof....than your stupid. seeing isnt believing, believing is seeing.

It's funny because ur not even a werewolf

hello, i was born a werewolf and for a while i have been trying to find a cure it. but all my effort just amounted to delaying my first transformation. its been three years since i was to first transform and its has been a very hard struggle. i have many questions and would love to talk. i was under the impression by another supernatural being that most of the other werewolf bloodlines have been destroyed.

This may sound like I'm challenging or looking down on your theory of being a werewolf, but I'm really not I do believe in werewolves nobody can change my mind, but I need someone to prove to me that their real.

If you don't want to reply I understand, just ignore this reply.

See I would love nothing more than to be a werewolf, it has been my dream for a long while now. On the 30/6/14 I really thought my dream would become reality. To be honest I think I am a too much of a dreamer with a wild imagination, prahaps that's why I am gifted with a pencil. I've often acociated myself with a wolf for my sharp longer than average incisors, hazel eyes and dogs and wolves are my favourite animals along side unicorns. I'm not making fun of anyone I truly do belive in werewolves, vampires, shape shifters, witches and ghosts(which scare the **** out of me, I watched too many ghost adventures once).

I thought that date would be significant as about two years ago I was sitting a maths test and decided to look at the computer key pad in which I was sitting in front of and darted my eyes along the number row picking out five numbers in the order of 3,0,6,1,4. Admittedly I did change on of the numbers because at the time it didn't seam right, today I can't remember that number though. Anyway, as soon as I arrived home I wrote those numbers out and assumed it was a date making 30/6/14. I remember how excited I was waiting for that day to come.

On the day, which was yesterday as I'm now writing this on the 1/7/14, I didn't feel different at all. I took it as an ordinary day. I stayed up the night before till midnight when the day began to greet the day and stayed awake till midnight that night. By half 11 my hopes had weakened, and I was left felling betrayed. Know why? Well on odd nights usually every full moon I would stare at it and talk to it as if it was a person who conforted me like a friend, that would not speak but listen. I would tell them how much this meant to me, how much I wanted to say yes I'm different I'm not just another day dreaming human.

You might wonder in why I was so confident with these numbers, I can tell you. I have many dayja vu's and things I think of that do end up happening, I can give you an example; I am pretty scared of hurting myself on the ice skating ring that's why I don't do it often I haven't been for probably over two years now, but anyway I had imagined in a dream someone I knew to fall over and get her thumb sliced, not off but a large cut. This was around a year ago and recently this happened to one of my friends in the same way it happend in a dream. I didn't know this had happend to her until I asked how she had got this cut on her thumb. I told her about the dream I had and how I couldn't see who got hurt in it but I knew it would happen, she just called me side kick. Another example which happened as I was thinking about my little sisters fish, she had lost one. This is a strange example but one of the most bizarre I have, I thought just maybe the fish is dead under the draw unit the tank is on. I went down to the room and told my mum what I thought and she laughed and said "no way it's under there, how would it even get there". Curious I looked and true enough it was there.

I don't know how I knew those things would happen but well guess I may be a side kick. But I never know what I'm going to see. Fo those who are skeptics of side kicks and all, I am telling you that is 100% true I don't ever lie. But I'm not always right in the things I see.

I think what started all of this me wanting to be a werewolf is I'm bored and I have always wanted to be able to run fast, I watch my dogs with envy sometimes. I was bullied and had no friends for a while. Now however I have heaps of friends and they even share similar interests to me, in werewolves and vampires I even got four of them into the vampire diaries which is amazing! Though I wouldn't want to be that type of werewolf, I haven't watched the new drama Bitten yet because it's not out in Britain yet but I've seen youtube clips and it looks fantastic, I'd rather be that type of werewolf. However I have come up with my own vision but it take too long to describe.

What I am really trying to say is that if your a werewolf, great I envy you, you have a fantastic gift that some people would do anything for, so embrace it use it for good help people in need don't hide away in the shadows. Show the world what you can do, show the world there is more to discover.

If your someone who is wanting to be a werewolf because you feel like you need it then let me give you this- "those who need it will have it, those who want it do not yet realise they don't need it." Know why? Because we're not all just human, we're all unique and special you just need to realise the potential you have, to explore the world, to experience the great powerful nature. First step, bring nature back. Second step go out into it and embrace it and explore it, that is how you are going to have a better life, how your going to feel like a wolf.

Really we can be whatever we want to be in whatever form we are, because it's our life and we can be whatever we choose.

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so spells cant work cuze there r a lot of people making youtube videos & showing side affects to the spells

Apparently not

I understand how you feel most of us humans are stuck up ****** but there are the few that arent stuck up ****** and some of us can handle it see i have been alone all my life and nature has been my only friend my family dont understand me i have known there is a whole other world out there i have been lucky enough to have a peek into this world and i fell in love with this world and the creatures in it so dont ignore the good people in this world because some of us are ******** so i will put my number on here but im not asking for anything but for your full suport in my beliefs and im willing to talk to you about what i know and im willing to listen to everyone i just ask no creeps and no lies my # is 269-492-8179 and so i know you are from here i want you to send me the name of the website first thank you

Not tryin to hate or anything, spirit, but have you actually supported those statements with any legitimate education oon biomedical technologies? I really am a good ten years from getting any definites about any of this... So dont go making wild gestures like this until you are sure. Werewolf on Tech... working for the rest of the wannabe nation. (Who wouldn't want to be one of us?)

Im a mental werewolf and have hurt someone before... im not crazy though

I ment pertect sorry

i think it about time us supernaturals made areselfs known so me and few others like me are about tired of running and hidding and have about decided to enightin this world on a few things and if we decide to do this there may be know more hiding for anyone

Kinda a bad idea most likely people would be scared of you and people would start hunting people like you

Perfect!! Exactly A animal in our right so we can't make anyone else become one if a rat ***** you that doesn't mean you going to become one

Sorry not *****, bit

Very true just because of what we are doesn't mean that everyone wants to be like us everyone is unique in their own way

Don't EVER assume that just because you don't see it .... it's not out there.
No one believes in ghosts until they have their First Encounter, but Guess What .... No one CARES if you Believe or Not, and the Ghosts Certainly Never ASKED YOU TO!
Real Werewolves are Alot Faster and ALOT Stronger than you think ... and Entirely Unpredictable, but that's ok, no big deal. All you need to do is just tell 'em that you don't believe in monsters...

Teach me the ways

i am not a wolf but i agree that people should stop asking for such an impossible burden i have done my research of the shapeshifters for years from the slavic oboroten to the native american yaneldlooshi i admit there times when i want to become a wolf but i dont want somebodys help but exposure to the world is what ancient shapeshifters have tried to avoid and people that claim they are a wolf online and is one has broken ancient tradition and has put the others and himself in jeopardy so wolves must keep covert in order to keep people from demanding not only did thier ancestors hide because they were feared but also to keep some people to bother them in all honesty the media about so called werewolves is mainly lies to make money the wolves are more explained many different cultures but dont take any of my words instead do your research and come up with your own perspective by seeing through historical perspective

I know this kind of late too respond, but I really don't care. All I wanna say is WEREWOLF'S ARE REAL. Emphasis on the capital words, I almost got killed by one in Tempe, AZ a while back, it was some pretty scary **** and ever since that happened, I've been acting kind of weird. I don't know what's up with me, look I ain't trying to be one like all these other wannabes, I just wanted to inform all the unbelievers out there.

rifles are real, so is war

I might go by our rules but I do understand where Brian's coming from but I guess all you other werewolves don't because your not empaths

In fact if I had the chance I would change him because I truly know how he feels

Wait I thought you can't Change people


I don't agree with you some people like me for example will do anything to be like that. What I mean by "like me" is I have been a loser my whole life I have asthma and I'm a loser i admit it the reason I wish to have this gift or curse it to prove that i can be something more than a loser I can be special or something you know I've just been the fast out my whole life and you don't realize how it feels one. I would be will to do anything to have this amazing gift or curse which some of you call it I wouldn't go all suicidle and if there were a set of rules I would follow them I REALISE it's not what it's like in the movies I REALISE all of that I'm just sick of being the runt basically for once in my life I want to just want something so I'm different I'm just sick of being the castout I want to be exsepted I wi do anything (except for doing anything santanic) but I just want to have a better sight of your type of world please it's not asking much I just. You don't REALISE my life you probably think I'm stuck up well I'm not I try to help people whenever I can but they usually don't let me help them because people know me as a loser I just want the feeling of except see for once please is that too much to ask for please message me if you would like to know more on why I would like this.

Well I understand where you\'re coming from with this, but we all go through alot human and non huma , but its not like we can just turn someone because your having problems fitting in or we would have to turn everyone. I\'m not saying that your problems don\'t matter, but alot of people have either worse situations at home or the same as you. I can\'t even turn without it killing you first.

I wasn\'t saying it because I have problem I was just letting you aware that somepeople just need that extra step in life or even a new chance at life. I know what your saying that is why I wasn\'t asking to be turned into a werewolf yes I would like it but I REALISE I can\'t be. I just wanted you to know some of us aren\'t wannabe we acually need a new step in life.

But some people are willing to take any risk that come with a new chance in life and yes I am one of those people.

Im just sick of being that loser kid woth no friends and very little family i want to be somthing more in life something special even if it meant never seeing my family again.

Then thats a chance i would take.

pm me

Trust me Brian you do not wanna be this, trust me. and her.

You what screw you i do try to make friends. What you dont realise is i literally cant no ones wants to be my friend and ya i acually was in a few clubs but then i left because everyone would avoid me. What you dont realize is no one likes me only my parents and grandpa and grandma

I understand you dont know what i am really doing but thats werr your wrong i do know and i know i want to be like you. I would do anything to be like you.

You know what **** off you acually dont know me or who i am you have no ******* idea what my life is like. You have not even the slightest idea what my ******* life is like its not that i wanna be special i wanna be ******* different so how about you acually come to know me then decide what my life is like and what i have ******* been through ok so shut the hell up. Also i am not crawling in my own hole of misery and i dont ******* whine you *****. Furthermore you have KNOW WHAT SCREW YOU THAT IS NOT WHY I CANT MAKE FRIENDS OK SO SCREW!!!! YOU!!!!

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Shes Right guys stop asking to get changed and get on with your lives we have bigger problems then worrying about other people.<br />
<br />
and for all those who dont belive that we WereWolves exist think again its just like unidentified creatures from another earth why do you think there are so many decreasing numbers of youtube videos being banned of ufo sighting well because the goverment is trying to hide if you dont believe me go look at the youtube graphs.<br />
<br />
also back in the day the Egyptians had machines and other powerfull ob<x>jects to build pyramids and lasers some say aliens communicated with use.<br />
<br />
so for all you hatters go do a little bit more research then causing drama on someone elses story.

Thank you so much for saying that. :)

No Problem :P

Hes right guys stop asking cuz it will never happen theres real only 3 ways 1: your born with it which is unlikely unless someone in your family past was related to wolfs. 2: you can get bite theres a 1/5 chance to live or even take effect. 3: you have to use dark art to summon and make a deal with the devil which is dangerous cuz it can control you. i think of it as a gift which i can control it, but theres others to have to kill. thats all bye

She lol

Really you never heard of dark art/magic hmm okay you know nothing

Yea 2 And 3 Are Not Possible Tho I Have Heard Of Dark Magic You Cant

I just wanna know more about everything like this ,if its werewolves vampires psychic abilities everything i want to know it all but i can tell whats fact from fiction and from what spirt and the "others" be it wolf or vampire i dont think im ever going to find out,living on a mountain ive always wanted to be something more ,to be myself,eh back to dreaming

What are you exactly trying to say?

People faking to be werewolf or anything that they aren\'t are being stupid,ive always wanted to be more or even if i couldn\'t i would just like to learn about it everything like this has interested me since i can remember,i am surrounded by national forest where i live miles and miles of forest and to be you would pretty much be the other half of me,i got a busted knee so i cant go climb my mountains anymore well not as good anyways,lol idk what im saying good luck with the wolf thing i guess

its not a thing and there are fakes but there are some like me who dont lie, not just anyone can handle this. and not ujust anyone deserves to be what i am.

I know i dont deserve it i dont deserve anything but how could you earn something like that i dont see how of course i know nothing about it....i dont think i do anyways lol idk whats true or fake i have no say so at any point

And im sorry if i disrespected you by calling it a thing but could ya blame me,i know nothing

i understand, but its not bt deserving actually its a gene only some embrace it. what makes a human seperate from being an animal is only 2% ,but that 2% is alot more than a number.

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There is no such thing as a werewolf...if there were I would have seen one by now.

we dont hide out in the open hun...? obviously we wouldnt just go walking around in form in a crowded or even uncrowded area, so before you \"think\" you kno something that u dont, make sure ya got a back bone to your point hun, dont got time for ignorance.

lol thats funny sorry but yea OriginalSpirit iis right why in the world would a werewolf be walking on the street or backalleys like really lmao

That's why only Alpha's can turn humans with "The Bite". Their infection is the only one strong enough to turn humans. And, the bite either turns you or kills you


wow!!! a lot of points but how do we its true and you guys aren't making it up.. explain as much as you want but there always people out there hunting and being stupid about you.. but IF werewolfs are real.. im impressed that you stand up for yourselfs in public.. but most people aren't gonna believe anything..

ha yea maybe if you knew how to spell werewolf right lmfao

Hey,OriginalSpirit Im 14 and shofting age.Im a werewolf,I shift many many times.You rock Im happy to see a werewolf who help.

Look I'm not claiming werewolves do not exist because I have odd abilities I can't explain either but it's not something I like talking about and if even half the "wolves" on here are real I am sure they feel the same way it's not about different species or magic its just something that can't be explained from either side so why ask a question or say something you honestly don't know the answer to?

What kind of odd abilities do you have?

I'm gunna brake down some of the science on this. Most of this refers to Vampires cuz I am one but the math and science work for both of our kinds. 1.) The chance to turn someone in a wolf is 1:350 chance, vampires its 1:200. this is due to the fact that the human body has to poses the right gene sequences for ether of the "Viruses" to take. (Please don't jump down my throat for calling it a virus, its not a disease I know but its the best way to describe it .) If said Gene sequence is there the host will be changed. If not then there are two options from there. First like Spirit said the host dies. The second is they get sick but the body is able to recover from it. 2). I realize the rest of what I know refers primarily to vampires and the slim chance of a cure. but all attempts have ended in death. So I see no reason to go into it.

Thanks riven:)

No problem Spirit, anything to help

You called me Spirit lol

is that a problem?? or would you like me to let everyone else know your real name??

No it's fine. I just never seen you call me that lol

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For what its worth. I don't want to be a wolf. But i believe you guys. I know in this day and age some might think you're crazy. I know there are just things out there people just don't understand.