Hi Guys :3

Man, I haven't written a story in forever. Nothing interesting has happened. I just wanted to say hi and stuff. Haha, useless story.
Maybe I can be of use by answering questions here?
U: So yeah.
Have a good day, guys. 
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4 Responses Nov 22, 2012

Hi,I find it equally rewarding to read others stories and comment upon them,the questions and answers section can be a little trivial at times.
The more you begin to write the easier it becomes,I would say to you give it a go,you will find it entertaining once you have become accustomed to writing things.
Good luck in whatever you do here on EP :-)

:3 Thanks

Interesting and random ;) I like it! Have a good day!

Thanks! xD

I liked this story! ;D

Why thank you! ;D

LOL obviously you have not read any of my threads. A fight usually breaks out 75% of the time i comment or post a story.

No, I don't believe I have? Maybe and I just don't remember? I'm not sure. I will try not to argue with you? xD Haha, I'm not one for getting in to fights.

I'm rather 'controversial' to say the least.

Hmm, well, I'll try my best not to argue with you, haha.