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So to help cut down some of the clutter and because i said i would a few days ago....Im going to explain somethings. Most of you have noticed i have been getting increasingly ill with the adolescents on here as of late. I will explain why. First a little back story. I was 8 when i realized i was 'different'. Yes this is startlingly young. My mother explained that her side of the family was gifted in a way. No they were not wolven before that comes to mind. I was curious about it but i didnt push the matter. In my family curiousity and questions did not have happy satisfying results. When i was 12 the wolves came to me. Real wolves will know what i mean by this.This is freakishly young as well. However later on i realized that it had its own purpose. This was before cell phones, before social networking, and if you wanted to learn about it you better be really reasourceful. Around this time my father retired early on disability due to paranoid schizo. That combined with control issues and bible thumping it didnt take long for him to find out what i was doing and learning about.

Everything i had was burned and he tried to 'beat the demon out of me' as he put it. Along with copying bible verse. My rebuking it was a result of the supposed 'possession' i was suffering from. On top of this wretched home life i had other supernatural things going on that i will not share. Everything was learned from books, and listening to native elders and their legends. Although he was a nut job he was adamant about us learning our culture. Eventually i moved out and a great big world of literature was opened up to me. I didn't come online until i was 19. When i did it was more and more research, i also became a sort of 'magic consultant' due to my unnatural amount of experience in said things. i also began to teach, the reason being i never wanted any youngling to have to go through what i did. Yes it made me tough, strong, and hard as steel, but it still shouldnt have been so harsh. So i taught for several years until i had a student i had to take a bullet for (metaphor) and as a result someone tried to kill me. There was too much at risk and i stopped teaching. My little band of students, former students, and aquaintences decided to come together and form a pack. They unanimously requested i be alpha. Its been 5 years. Have added a few but never lost anyone.

Now as to why this is all relevant.
I have had a long understanding of how packs work and operate. Passed down through the years. Learned from books, wolven behavoir, other packs and alphas, and true ancestors as in over 50 years of age. Aside from minor details its all basically the same. To be an alpha you need to at least be past puberty to be considered an adult. Even as just a pack member you are considered a pup until then. In human standards anytime up until you are at least 17-19, this general time frame you are considered a yearling. In other words you are grown but not quite a full adult. This only lasts a year or two.

The title of alpha is only aquired one way no matter what method. It is earned. This goes for all wolf kin. It is not a birthright, it is not hereditary, and it is definitely not a personal decision. Now the closest it comes to being hereditary is if an alpha's offspring earns the title for themselves. In which case it is considered a legacy.

Now as for other titles. A pack never has more titles than appropriate for the pack. I have no alpha male, one beta female, one gamma male who is fairly close to a beta, then my personal guard who only answers to me. Because that is all that is needed. This whole pack trainer, pack psychic, and pack juggler or whatever is a purely new concept. As in has only formed within the past 5 years. The only way you aquire a title below alpha is if you alpha has nominated it, and in the case of my group all agree to it. The only reason this 'title for everyone' exists is because younger self appointed alphas want to make everyone feel special. To me its absolutely stupid. Because it absolutely destroys the purpose of ranking.

The reason i am so critical towards the youth today is because of how self righteous they are. They are so set on having their own way they disregard tradition and do not respect those who have been there and have done it. Im not just referring to myself but all from my generation and older. THAT is the reason why you do not see older wolves. They fail to see the point. Why teach those who aren't going to listen?

When i see the youth giving themselves the right to teach other young ones it crawls me to no end. Because it is continuing the cycle of ignorance and stubborness. When they claim knowledge that isn't credible. Yet when you question its credibility its world war 3. Yes i may be an elitist ***** sometimes. I don't deny it. But im like that for a reason. One being i have paid my dues. I worked for everything i have. NOTHING was just given to me. Two is because the only reason i am even here is because of a sense of duty which is a private matter. I do not like wading through threads of 'im a werwolf rawr'. Three is i will not waste my time helping someone who is gonna cry at the drop of a hat. Who is going to whimper and whine when they dont get their way. Someone who doesnt understand they are at the bottom of the ladder and will have to work their way up. I will not waste time on the weak willed.

The truth is i find most of you 14 year range children very pretentious. You have been coddled and babied. A lot of my generation is to blame for that. They abandoned their task in teaching and keeping the bull **** in check. I may be a *****, but i know what im talking about. You can dislike me as a person if you like, couldnt care less. Just know when you make a crap claim to power i WILL contest it. No child holds the right to teach another when they themselves arent certain. Its very very dangerous. Azrail is a shining example of how this pretentious attitude can be dangerous. Sage is another.

Rest assured if i see someone doing what they have. I will call them on it and there will be an argument. I will not let the manipulative, opportunistic, and self glorifying take advantage of young ones even if you do **** me off a lot of the time.

AND THAT is why im so irritable with you young ones.
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ha i was reading this post and got halfway through before i scroled down to comments then i saw you typed it and i was like oh **** and read the rest. nice post your not a ***** i respect like 3 people on here so far and your one, just before your like who cares, i dont respect anyone you have to work for it not saying thats a big deal considering im only 16 but i respect 4 people total in general sooo... yea prob by the time i die mabey 1 or 2 more if that, its hard to earn sompthing like respect from me and i mean i dont respect anyone at all in the least unless they earn it and then its a totality.

Well thank you hun.

*hands him a grenade pulls the pin and runs*

yes so

All of this sounds about right to me. I honestly don't try and teach anyone anything unless I'm absolutely certain. I hate it when people claim they know everything and they either try and convince that to someone that has the right information or teach it to someone that knows not of anything. But to be perfectly honest, I don't know traditions, no one has taken the time to tell me anything about them. I'm still a pup and I know it, but I am given a rank or "Higher Gamma" in my pack. I know I don't deserve this because I barely know anything about being in a pack (my pack is completely online) and I don't know what it means to be a higher rank nor do I know what a true pack does or functions.

I would just like to thank you for your proper grammer and punctuation. It is greatly appreciated!

Oh uh thanks ^-^;

It's a rare occurrence

Oh I see


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Pritty good I think. Should keep them quite for awhile

Tradition that which leads.
Generation survival has warranted anger.

Thank you