The Lone Wolf

Me and my girl friend was in the woods when we heard about this strange dog and we was with other people and we hard it the wolf and we all ran to the car put we was to late there it was looking at us but I push my girl and told here go to the car I got this and the werewolf did not follow them it wanted me it bit my leg and arm I was fighting it to save my love but the beast was to strong then all of a moment a hour later my girl and my friends came back for me and they thought I was died but I was not my girl stayed by my side and getting better and fast I went back to school everyone was asking about me even the police then it happen I was that night I changed and it was feeling good to. to the next day. Look that night my native black grandmother told me my ancestor was still here on earth and the old days my native people had a sprit name called filtiarn and she call me gunnolf . And he came to me and gave me a gift look if u don't believe me look up the names pleas
Blackwerewolf Blackwerewolf
18-21, M
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Make actual sentences... So i can actually understand what your actually saying