How To Become A Werewolf!!!!!

Now that I have your attention....

You do not become a werewolf. You are born one and that is the ONLY way. There is no spell. There is no ritual. There is a curse that was allowed to die out for a very good reason. Same way as there is no way to become black, or Asian, or Native American. You have to be born that way. There is no bite.

On a related note. ANYONE that tells you that they can make you one is a con artist. They are a fraud. I dare say she is reading this at some point. Yes I mean you Sagata. Oops did I just name names? Why yes. Yes I did. Anyone claiming they can make you one is a fraud. If I catch anyone manipulating CHILDREN (because those are the ones asking) I will make it my own personal mission to discredit you and destroy your reputation in then whole wolf community, not just EP. Because I assure you my reach is a far one.
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Listen I've read up done some stuff and really no proof of werewolves most have told me the most proof that they will give me is.........try it for yourself hahaha sure. I was just asking because I have an obsetion with the moon well it seems to farm me down when I'm under the weather hahaha. But I also don't understand how one can become one if they can it must be painful.


What is?

There is a way, SheAngel, but the wolves smart enough not to put themselves out there without the proper security WILL be caught by hunters. The Path isn't spoken of much, but its out there. I totally agree. people offering you
"THE BITE" are probably creepers

PS, comment now cause i can never be on an account more than once or twice before my computer security alerts me that i am being tracked

Nutter butter flag.

What about the ancient scrolls?

Lol specify.

I have always had a strong pull to be on the run during the night and feel as if I don't belong. Is this strange?

Add a response...

I got really sharp teeth all over in my mouth and I love mostly meat

What kinda drug did u take

Ahem... Werewolf are real and vampire too... Em a newborn vampire... N the transformation is really too painful... Guyz dnt let ur life bcoming a monster like me... Or any one who is a supernatural creature.. Guyz we r monsters... So enjoy ur life... I dnt wanted to b a vampire bt my destiny meet me too a vampire girl n a night she(*****) bite me... Itz truly painful... No spell cn turn u to a vampire or anything... Guyz enjoy wat u r... If dere is sumthng bad in ur life, itz ok.. Itz jst a bad day nt a bad life

My friends at school think they're werewolves but by the look in they're eyes I can tell they're lying to my face.

I hear many people talk about how they are actual werewolves, and that people hear should just live their normal lives instead of turning into one ourselves. How do you know that we are not outcasts to our society. How do you know that we still have something to live for. And how do you know if we even have friends or family to turn to. I am one of those people, I have nothing to live for anymore. That is why I have turned towards all of you who claim to be one. I came to ask for your help and see if you would be able to tell me the truth. I want to be able to just throw away this life and just be rid of its horrors. I wamt to know ifyou can help me become one of you. I want to know if you can help me become a werewolf myself. I am sick of this life, and I am hoping that I can at least turn to one of you out there to see if you can help me. You are my last hope. If you really are telling the truth that you are a werewolf, then please message me as soon as possible.


You're a child. Your life hasnt wven started yet.


SheAngel is right, Look I know times seem rough right now but becoming something else isn't gonna make your problems just dissappear.

Lol pics or this is bs. I'm sorry but I'm a dumb human who needs to see to believe

Don't believe then... not going to hurt our feelings...


There are seriously no such stupid things as werewolves.

actually there is a way: look at full moon and chant this spell 10 times: By the light of the moon and our piercing howls, we are further transformed into cunning beasts. From the circle of life to the evolution of man, i shall be reawakened as one with the land. <--- that was the spell. then you should see a wolf in your sleep. Memorize the beast because it will be your wolf form. by the way this is the wolf that keeps himself under control wolf.

I have heard that one alot. And I have talked to a gew of the people who have done this method.

It's still bullshit make believe

If its bullshit why you on this page?

Don't assume what my statement pertains to.

Doesn't Work. Those who say it does are liers and fakes trying to get attention.

sorry man, dont hate but appreciate.
And if i did want attention i would write this:
every night i go to bed i lick a palm tree with coconuts on my back.
and ya kinda want attention yourself by posting that.

I'm gonna try that spell. I just hope I'll survive cause I heard if your under 13 you have a little chance of survival. By the way I'm really 11 turning 12 so wish me luck.

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I'm not a kid nor am I kidding around she angel19 is it possible for u to turn me to a we're wolf I had dreams of howling to the moon n woke up howling out like if I was still dreaming­ččÉ║tell is this a sign or just a dream it felt like reality was shifting to the law of attraction

I am not a wolf but I'm very curiouse about the life of some one who is.

if you are a werewolf then why? Why tell every person out there there is no way. i my self am a werewolf. and i have found a way for humans to be like us. every person has darkness in them, and thats what is the key. triggering that is one way, but you cant do it on your own you need a alpha, i know that it sounds like some cheesy movie. but they know how to teach you, teach you every thing you need to know. i am an alpha and i have terned people that were normal. i have a pack of wolves and if you asked them its true. and who ever wrote that article must know about jackals and you should know about rival packs and you just told them you exists, now your thinking "then why would you say anything" well i am not afraid of other packs because what i have been through has made me stronger than they will ever be.
any questions please reply.

Hahaha... I love when 13 year olds claim to be super badass alphas...

yo **** head im 15 and i have been a werewolf since i was 8 and i earned the power i have received by becoming a alpha.

That would be a big NO....

Can u turn me alejadroalpha ? And I have ? For all who feels need to answer but be honest! I had dream that I was a werewolf but my dream was that I was howling n woke up howling out my sleep it felt real, is this a sign or Random dream? (I wanna be a real were I have extremely dark with in been going threw some things)

No he cant because he is full of ****.

So where do I begin to find an alpha to change me

how do you know if someone is an alpha

Hey just because of nonebelivers here's my email I have questions if you have any spare time I would appreciate it. sammie160393


I did.

were can i find one

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hey i just need help to shift on my own! i am a werewolf!

you actually shift in your sleep.



I was born so too as well as most of my family :) the only thing that's worrying me is the red substance that one of our "race" sprayed against my face now I can't turn anymore :s I hadn't turned from around 10 years and I'm feeling so weak, only a few near successes but nothing more just pain and anger :S can please someone tell me is there an antidote or something?!

um... well you could try wolfs bane I researched it and it said it enhances the senses of a wolf so that may help...

Obviously you didn't research in any place trustworthy. Aconite, aka monkshood or wolfsbane, is a toxic herb. It isn't used to HELP wolves, but instead, to poison and kill them.

Taking wolfsbane internally would cause aconite poisoning, which if it didn't kill you, would cause vomiting, internal bleeding, migraines, heart problems, and could cause several other symptoms.

sorry I didn't so much research on that :/

Be careful not to post things like that until you've further researched. You might end up hurting someone

I'm sorr

No need to be sorry. People make mistakes. Just be careful.

Ok I will! :)

Can u turn me

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What if the about the creator of werewolfs that person could

Really? I was all excited for a minute there... So Anne rice was lying?


Not to create another mess (or rather - give certain people an excuse to throw another hissy-fit), but I'd like to point out that there are, in fact, werewolves who are a result of "the bite" - as you call it. Luckily, none of those would be found in a place like this, or at least I expect not. There aren't nearly as many of them as there are born shifters (from the looks of it), and it's kind of sad how disrespected their kind gets, at least in these discussions. You may wonder why I haven't chosen the obviously better, more sensible option of not mentioning them at all - thus keeping them a secret, out of compassion or a strange sort of respect.
The author of this post is also worthy of some respect, for being one of the rare few whose statements on this site make any sense or seem to have any credibility. Therefore, instead of arguing or disagreeing in a vulgar (or in some cases just simply moronic) manner like everyone here with a different opinion, I thought I'd offer my own two cents up for consideration or as an expansion/addition to someone's knowledge.

I've never encountered one nor heard of the bite actually working and considering I'm actually on that side of the fence 'I' cannot lend it any credibility

Hah ha ha lol good one sheangel19 is about time someone sorted them straight

I totally agree.

Lol :)

Wow this is such good news I was born to be one and I'm in a prophecy and now your telling me this ****...


?!? What?

What prophecy

dude there is no prophecy we shouldnt even exists

there is no prophecy

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finally someone who is honest. Transformation spells do not work people!!!

Yeah you have to be born one


I don't think you can even be born as one...I mean, if you're born as a human then you'll stay a human, right? Rabbits don't shift into dogs and birds don't shift into humans, so how could a human shift into a wolf? The anatomical structures are totally different and humans are primates while wolves are canine, a werewolf would completely lose all rational thinking processes and turn into a canine creature of instinct.

Oh! Oh ok well that makes a ton more sense now. Sorry :)

appearing to look like a hue-man doesnt mean you are one everyone that doesnt understand only uses the left side of their brain, and hasnt been touched anything supernatural

Appearing like a human means you are a human.

Not true. There is an assortment of animals in the world that mimic other animals.

Mimic, yes, but not directly resemble and behave as such. I know I'm a human.

i thought from ur other posts that u were smarter than to say something like that appearing as a hue-man means only that.. u appear to be hue-man like i said if u refuse to use the right side of your brain and nothing has ever touched you than u cannot comprehend until something does theres no reason to argue about things that are light years above u and exist whether hue-mans want to admit there towards the bottom of the food chain or not

Who are you to talk about smarts? You cannot even spell the word human right, what the **** is a hue-man? A hue is a color or shade, so are you implying that humans are made up of multiple constantly changing and shifting colors? Or that we're all named Hugh? The right side of the brain works with natural emotions, primal fears and such, not with supernatural things. Things that are supernatural are not in the brain, that's why they're SUPERnatural, they're outside nature, and in case you have yet to notice, we're natural beings. You are all your idiotic pretentious crackpot friends are not even on the food chain.

70% of hue-mans are complete slime there's no other living earthly creature on the planet so deceitful, manipulative, backstabbing, inherently evil sick and degenerative as a hue-man name the animal thats worse .. go ahead u cant itz impossible every single horrible thing happening or that has happened on this entire planet can be traced to one ****** parasitic source: hue-mans hue-mans are collectively ****** trash who gives a *** wat meaningless hue-man bullshyt ur gonna spew of course most people on this site are fake but some are not look at ur arrogance yes ur a natural being of false importance and hot air worthless babble and meaningless hue-man rants and raves that in truth matter absolutely not
as a slimy hue-man u attempt to come troll and attack and belittle things that u do not /cannot understand everything ur saying proves my point exactly if this is all bullshyt why come here and discuss it all? just like a hue-man to go outta ur homo azz saipen way and try to attack something thats not doing anything to you

im implying that hue-mans come in all colors and shades and underneath they are almost all the same color: the color of a peice of shyt
soon u guys will start to pay lol i gaurentee that
lunar e u have no idea wtf i am

@ lunar e who comments at me then takes the typical cowardly hue-man path and tries to block my relpy. "More like twenty thousand leagues below us." more common hue-man parasite bullshyt u see everything as below you so u see no problem disrespecting and destroying it - very hue-man isnt it-? you bitcches have no replies? i itch for the day when u will truly be shown where u are on the food chain lol

Blaks, what the **** is a hue-man?

Lol. Lightyears above us. More like twenty thousand leagues below us. There is no reasonable, logical, or physically rational explanation for biological transformation from one species to another. Primates are not canines, you are not a wolf.

No more garbage posts from any of you or I start deleting. I don't want this crap on my story.

Garbage posts? This IS a social forum, lots of opinions are going to get tossed around.

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I'm glad I don't have swag and though I'm supposedly unworthy of your time you asked me about rooting and you bothered to come on my story to fail at trolling. I think you should up your game a bit instead of repeating the same inaccurate insults ;)

You know, I didn\'t particularly dislike you until you called her a hoe. That was uncalled for, you degenerate ****.

I out trolled him and ran him off a long time ago.


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I want know that werewolf's really exist .can anybody say what the truth is

First off - it's werewolves* if you're going to use that term. Most prefer shifters or just plain wolves. Werewolves makes it sound like we're from some fan fiction somebody made up because of twilight.
Second - yes, they exist. That, itself, is the truth.

'Dat grammar....

How can i change in to it

How can i change in to a werewolf

*sigh* you can't change into one.

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i need to ask real WEREWOLFS on this site if im one as well.. so i crave meat really bady when i see it and when i look at a full moon i just keep staring at it not looking away then start to get bury eyesight and sometimes when i don't like someone i tend to start a growl type of thing in my chest but it doesn't come out... im REALLY confused because i just want to know if im like a young werewolf or something.. i really don't know,,, can someone reply to me and telll me plzz..!!?!? maybe i got from someone from my familys long time ago blood thing..

These are stereotype traits. Real werewolves don't act like that.

ok.. thx... soo much.. what do you i should?? and whats stereotype?

but how do werewolfs act??

Stereotype is where people assume certain traits. For example the stereotype for pitbulls are they are vicious fight dogs. A stereotype for witches is they all worship Satan. Your not a werewolf hun.

oh okaii... thank you,,,,,,

You're welcome

Yes and no because of the fact that when we were still human the wolf was there just dormint and at times of great stress the wolf will stir and make itself known

How old are you because if your still young yet your wolf should not be stiring just yet but it is possible because mine did

I'm afraid you are rather ignorant sheangel there are stereotypes for a reason. There are other ways to become a werewolf other than being born such as DNA manipulation or a large scale blood transfusion.

@shika a stereotype is an commonly believed trait such as "gay people like purple" or "black guys are great dancers" in most cases they are true but they should never be assumed.

very interesting.

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