How To Become A Werewolf!!!!!

Now that I have your attention....

You do not become a werewolf. You are born one and that is the ONLY way. There is no spell. There is no ritual. There is a curse that was allowed to die out for a very good reason. Same way as there is no way to become black, or Asian, or Native American. You have to be born that way. There is no bite.

On a related note. ANYONE that tells you that they can make you one is a con artist. They are a fraud. I dare say she is reading this at some point. Yes I mean you Sagata. Oops did I just name names? Why yes. Yes I did. Anyone claiming they can make you one is a fraud. If I catch anyone manipulating CHILDREN (because those are the ones asking) I will make it my own personal mission to discredit you and destroy your reputation in then whole wolf community, not just EP. Because I assure you my reach is a far one.
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ive always felt diferent in some way, and I feel that I am one but my parents aren't and I can barley remember when I was younger. I mean, right now as I type this I can feel something but I don't know what. please help me! SheAngel19!

ok you guys really dont get what being a wolf is about its not about the powers or the bite or being born everyone has the wolf (or other animal) inside its the primal instinct that we have all locked away you people have no clue what its ike to be a true wolf and there is a way a sure fire honest to go way of turning its not through a bite or being born you humans will never understand we all go on line and say its a life long dream to be a wolf but none of us know how and there is a war coming when every one of us will have to stand and fight as one to even stand a chance agianst our enemy

Do you have a way I could contact you in private like an email or something

It's called private message

Man, you played with my hopes, Angel. I thought this was someone else at first. I was so glad to see a different person say this on here. I was ready to compliment them and welcome them to the world of intelligent wolves. Maybe someday there will be more besides us.

Maybe you can tell me how to shift at night

It is possible to change a human by biting them.. It's happened to me... Although, I wasn't ever human to begin with.. I was something else.. No one knows what I was.. I only remember m real name.. I think the only reason why it worked is because although I body hop, I myself am never human unless I have my first kiss with a human.. It's been happening for centuries, but It's permanent, so my love added a good few more years to my life so I wouldn't age as fast... It's possible if bitten.. I've been bitten.. Not all people can have this happen to them.. I am widely known to many of those I don't remember... They helped of course..

Please take your teen novel story elsewhere.

Don't start a bog or whatever if you don't want others to express their thoughts... This is for the public to comment on... I can comment whatever I want on whoever's post I want.. You are not my mom or father and won't ever be... Don't act like you're all big and bad just because you can tell off a few people with your rudeness.. I don't find it very cute.. I'm a very blunt person and usually am not the type to be rude, but in this case it's an exception... No one tells you to go elsewhere with your stories or illogical, unnecessary comments, and if they do, that doesn't mean do that to others.. I have the right to speak my mind and I'm not going to let a fool like you who thinks they know everything or more about this subject than others... You have all of your facts mixed up.. Not all information on werewolves you find on the internet is true.. Stop trying to sound smart, it just makes you look very stupid.. I post wherever I want, when I want to post it..

Actually my knowledge proceeds the garbage on the Internet. Speak your mind all you want but doesn't change the fact you are completely inaccurate and sound like a teenage novel. Yes it is set to public. General public are not typically nutter though.

Didn't say that your knowledge of this was lower than any other person on here who thinks they know something about it. Me, completely inaccurate? Ha! Makes me laugh. Seems as though you're the only one inaccurate out of you and I. It's not a novel, since it's the absolute truth. Believe what you want, but I don't lie about this stuff if I choose to tell it. So, your assumptions are invalid. Think all you want about it, but it doesn't change the fact that what I said is true. I don't have time to be going back and forth between this. I don't have time for playing games. I'm not going to sit here and argue with one in which acts like she can have an accurate combat for everything I say. Later youngster.

Hardly. I'm a decade derived than you and have a life but I will be more than happy to pick your bullshit apart if you like.

*older. Auto correct was fickle there.

sure you are... I've been around for centuries.. I don't age fast anymore.. I've had several other bodies... Go ahead and try... Can't pick anything of mine apart since it's not bull ****.. You can say what you want, but just know that no one really cares about what you think of their opinions and stories.. Say all you want to me, but one thing is for sure, the only bull **** around here is you and those that come out of bulls' *****.

Lol clearly you didn't take a look around when you got here. My word carries a lot of weight here.
1 if you were centuries old, which you are not, you would have an explanation.
2 everyone and I do mean EVERY ONE who is legit supernatural knows it's not transferable.
3 body hop? Really? It's called reincarnation, ree ree. And it's pretty damn common.
4 romantic relations have NOTHING to do with ones make up. Period. Where does one even begin to rationalize that?

I don't have to try and sound smart because I am. You implied my information was from the Internet. It's not. It's from the 20+ years of research I have invested in studying and and experiencing all things metaphysical and theological.

You know I almost just deleted your comments all together but thought wtf. Haven't made a nutter look bad in a while. Let me tell you something princess. This isn't my first rodeo. I've dealt with a lot of kids like you making bullshit claims of being a special little snowflake centuries old. Clearly you aren't when I've heard all this bullshit before. Typically from the 13-15 year olds. So take your fiction elsewhere. Write your own story and see how well its received.

Really you are going over the top here lass big time. Don't start falling me kid because I'm not just before you do. Werewolves change you know like everything

Yes it is possible to be turned by a bite, whether you like or not is another problem. Well if your being serious what you've put does sound like what you'd put in a story

The bites a myth. Period.

Ok sure thing right

I am right. It's just some bullshit kids cling to trying to make themselves sound legit and to cover the fact they don't know ANYTHING about the culture.

I have sharp teeth, I have a desire to always be by or in the woods, I see better at night and my hearing is extremely heightened whats goin on with me . . . . . Im consistently burning up . . Are these signs of being born a werewolf ?

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I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to this. How everyone is so openly talking about shifting and and what not. But I'm really drawn to this, i feel a connection with it. I certainly wasn't born a werewolf, but I would consider it an honor to be able to shift (if it's even possible)

How do u know if u are born a were wolf

I am a were wolf but lately I cant control my self I cant bring out my teeth or my claws what's going on

You're a child and can't shift yet.

oh k thax you rock

but what if u can feel the wolf inside of you but it cant escape...wat then?

And also is it possible to have the curse partially?

I am curious, sister. What is the wolf form like and how is it like?

wait a sec how can u tell if some one is a werewolf?

You cant.

i have always wanted to be one so i dont feel too happy

can you really become a werewolve


tbh there is a way....but it will kill the werewolf and its dangerous.....and she angle if u were thn the higher ups would have been offed u cause like vamps and umpires AKA upirs for those who watched hemlock grove werewolves run off order not chaos only time a werewolf would run wild is if it gave into its primitive side and runs rampagingly n ignore the 3 its suppose to be ra'cios (rack-ose) and 3-4 elite ranks would be sent to kill it but only those with "special skills" but im not gonna get into that anyway the reason i came to this sight was cause of an order i got n by the way there are many packs or tribes or government whatever you wanna call it but only 4 types of werewol royals, survivers ( have knowledge abt what they are but tries to survive yet trust no one), dark wolves (hell bent on the theroy that werewolves are suppose to rule the planet although some are mellow and dont care all that much) peacekeepers (belives umpires AKA upirs vamps and humans can live in peace) then theres mercenaries


two meanings to umpires umpires are mid class ledgends if thy pure blooded and there are some ways too tell if a werewolf is around you besides animal activity n u can become a werewolf.......if u drink the blood of one....or inject ur self with its blood but its super rare for humans in that case and if ur blood not compatible with the wolf then ur very essence will tear its self apart trying to expell it from ur body the wolf could die....or absorb ur essence itself and have ur memorys strength speed etc. or u will become just like it like a twin with ur own free will or u will become one...u will think together eat fight sleep live all of that together but that case is even rarer then an advanced class pure blooded upire XD and incantations do work sometimes after u kill or drink the blood of a werewolf lol or both or absorb it and i dont get y ppl fear werewolves most are cool and calm headed tbh my friend is one along with his sisters i cought one in mid trans.....and ur parents dont have to be werewolves for u to be one u just have to have aleast one person who is atleast half werewolf in ur main famliy tree aaaaanndd bits do work......if its by a breeder a pure bred or a lycan (rarest of them all)

Nutter butter.

Well you are just a special breed of nutter aren't you.

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Listen I've read up done some stuff and really no proof of werewolves most have told me the most proof that they will give me is.........try it for yourself hahaha sure. I was just asking because I have an obsetion with the moon well it seems to farm me down when I'm under the weather hahaha. But I also don't understand how one can become one if they can it must be painful.


What is?

There is a way, SheAngel, but the wolves smart enough not to put themselves out there without the proper security WILL be caught by hunters. The Path isn't spoken of much, but its out there. I totally agree. people offering you
"THE BITE" are probably creepers

PS, comment now cause i can never be on an account more than once or twice before my computer security alerts me that i am being tracked

Nutter butter flag.

What about the ancient scrolls?

Lol specify.

I have always had a strong pull to be on the run during the night and feel as if I don't belong. Is this strange?

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I got really sharp teeth all over in my mouth and I love mostly meat

What kinda drug did u take

Ahem... Werewolf are real and vampire too... Em a newborn vampire... N the transformation is really too painful... Guyz dnt let ur life bcoming a monster like me... Or any one who is a supernatural creature.. Guyz we r monsters... So enjoy ur life... I dnt wanted to b a vampire bt my destiny meet me too a vampire girl n a night she(*****) bite me... Itz truly painful... No spell cn turn u to a vampire or anything... Guyz enjoy wat u r... If dere is sumthng bad in ur life, itz ok.. Itz jst a bad day nt a bad life

My friends at school think they're werewolves but by the look in they're eyes I can tell they're lying to my face.

Of course, most people just try to brag about having the gift (or curse depends on the person).

I hear many people talk about how they are actual werewolves, and that people hear should just live their normal lives instead of turning into one ourselves. How do you know that we are not outcasts to our society. How do you know that we still have something to live for. And how do you know if we even have friends or family to turn to. I am one of those people, I have nothing to live for anymore. That is why I have turned towards all of you who claim to be one. I came to ask for your help and see if you would be able to tell me the truth. I want to be able to just throw away this life and just be rid of its horrors. I wamt to know ifyou can help me become one of you. I want to know if you can help me become a werewolf myself. I am sick of this life, and I am hoping that I can at least turn to one of you out there to see if you can help me. You are my last hope. If you really are telling the truth that you are a werewolf, then please message me as soon as possible.


You're a child. Your life hasnt wven started yet.


SheAngel is right, Look I know times seem rough right now but becoming something else isn't gonna make your problems just dissappear.

Wat wrong with someone wanting more in there life then just the human experience. I used to think I was human untill I found out wat I.really am...ik how it feels to want a.strive for me. For something...different.

Uh huh......

That doesn't mean anything. His life has started. So has mine and honestly I have thought the same thing he has. I'm going thorough ****. And from the looks of it you aren't even legit


At all

Bro, Werewolves have a perfectly good life when we learn how to control the gift.

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Lol pics or this is bs. I'm sorry but I'm a dumb human who needs to see to believe

Don't believe then... not going to hurt our feelings...

Well said.


There are seriously no such stupid things as werewolves.

We're wolfs are real and I am one