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How To Become A Werewolf!!!!!

Now that I have your attention....

You do not become a werewolf. You are born one and that is the ONLY way. There is no spell. There is no ritual. There is a curse that was allowed to die out for a very good reason. Same way as there is no way to become black, or Asian, or Native American. You have to be born that way. There is no bite.

On a related note. ANYONE that tells you that they can make you one is a con artist. They are a fraud. I dare say she is reading this at some point. Yes I mean you Sagata. Oops did I just name names? Why yes. Yes I did. Anyone claiming they can make you one is a fraud. If I catch anyone manipulating CHILDREN (because those are the ones asking) I will make it my own personal mission to discredit you and destroy your reputation in then whole wolf community, not just EP. Because I assure you my reach is a far one.
SheAngel19 SheAngel19 26-30, F 140 Responses Nov 24, 2012

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Thank you so much for posting this is incredible true....I was not bitten/scratched or anything like that but about two years ago I was at home and I got a horrible pain all over my body it lasted for while so I went to the e.r they couldn't figure out what was wrong but a few days later I don't know what happend but I blacked out for a few hours and I woke up naked in my back I started doing some research and I came to the conclusion...that I was a werewolf...I have never hurt anybody but once I excepted my fate I stopped blacking out and I could remember my time as a werewolf and I could control it I moved that way I could have a little more space to roam....just in case that way I know I won't hurt anybody I don't know how I became one no one in my family is one I couldn't tell them about me they would just say I'm crazy and lock me up so I just kept my mouth shut and moved were I could be a bit happier I also but up a very large tall gate around my property it cost about 5,000 but it was worth it no one can get in and I can't get out so...everybody wins I am also going out with a wonderful man I love him so much but I don't think I can tell him I just I don't think he will "accept/love" me anymore if I tell him I at a cross road I know I need to tell him and every time I try to I get scared and say something else any advise would be appreciated this man and I have been together for a year and a half he's 27 and I'm 25....and if anyone know of some sort of cure or antidote that would be great but I'm pretty sure one doesn't exist....thanks for any help you provide


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I'm not really sure what to do. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but I have this feeling inside me, telling me that I am one, though I have never shifted an for all I know my parents aren't, though they keep a journal locked in their room... though I've found and read a page or two of it... HELP!!

Is there a certain age you have to be to transform

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Me dad's a werewolf, could i possibly be one too, but he's dead and i found of his
journals. What do i do?

How do u know if u are a werewolf or not

I need your help I am a wolf I have the feelings of it the constant pain something is holding the change back. It is causing pain extreme pain and a lot of depression please help something has to be able to help me. I feel it every night in my dreams outside my dreams help me I have to change before I get found or end up in a mental hospital. (David Moeller is my name find me on facebook)

hi guys just to let you guys know there is an alpha rising in the west of the UK in a town called Halesowen with a pack of 6 wolfs and no i am not a werewolf im basically a druid i am the last one that i know of my kind ATM

nice pisspot I'm a werewolf but its been years since I've met a druid I've respected the druids since my clan came here to America and don't complain that I call you pisspot its how I normally talk to people just let you know my people kill lower class shifters like the one you mentioned and teach some of your shifting magic will ya.

How did you become a werewolf

cant tell

@zaineezaine hey I'm from America,but if you're a druid,then can you help me with something.i really want to become a werewolf.if you know how to help me.

You role players need to take your crap elsewhere.

well lobcock Ive been around for 200 years and your full of **** you never explain how the first werewolf came into this world its not from god or a human its from a werewolf that got lycanthropy from drinking lycan blood or got biten or was born im immortal ive killed humans for 200 years and since your indian that remind of one from a game called mortal kombat what his name oh yay nightwolf he had wolf powers but nevermind im a werewolf and standing next to me is like another hulk Hogan I stand on two legs I have a tail my feet are huge paw I have huge hands with claws I have hair all over I have a long snout and a wolf head I have incredible speed

Take...your garbage....elsewhere.

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not all true my clan was born from drinking lycan well werewolf blood from a special chalice don't get me wrong have you heard of witches well these witches believe they could sacrifice werewolves that had lost their immortality and yes im immortal and I have incredible speed but my clan leader is a fool he thinks its a curse when lycanthropy is a blessing we wipe out those witches 200 years ago the only person who could make this happen is well...........well don't laugh but they are real and are at truce with government of the us and they the gray aliens they can make anything possible and if you think that you can create one well just go to the ******* aliens and this is true me and my clan sought to find another way to reproduce with out a female I've been alive for 200 years im immortal I can never die

How did you become a werewolf.and how can I become one

He didn't. He's full of ****.

**** I'm a werewolf got a probleme deal with it alright

How did you become a werewolf

yes i am sure this is true, is only possible explanation

you are absolutely correct I was born a werewolf and everybody keeps asking me to turn them and I always tell them I cant its not possible! you must be born one. I do not want to put false hope in the minds of children BTW I am a hybrid but the vampire was mixed in after I was born a wolf

Hybrids don't exist dear

I'm not a werewolf or a vampire, umm... Hybrid? But I'm not trying to show off, FYI. Just trying to say what I am

I am also a hybrid like you :)

How did you become one

How did you become one

How did you become one

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people that post here- y do u argue and argue with sheangel? all of it is true and u know it. sheangel obviously knows her stuff.

sheangel- i agree totaly. most of the stuff posted online by people is stuff that THEY made up themselves to gain attention or publicity. what u said is the only thing i found online, on this topic, that i can agree with.

people that post here- y do u argue and argue with sheangel? all of it is true and u know it. sheangel obviously knows her stuff.

sheangel- i agree totaly. most of the stuff posted online by people is stuff that THEY made up themselves to gain attention or publicity. what u said is the only thing i found online, on this topic, that i can agree with.

ive always felt diferent in some way, and I feel that I am one but my parents aren't and I can barley remember when I was younger. I mean, right now as I type this I can feel something but I don't know what. please help me! SheAngel19!

ok you guys really dont get what being a wolf is about its not about the powers or the bite or being born everyone has the wolf (or other animal) inside its the primal instinct that we have all locked away you people have no clue what its ike to be a true wolf and there is a way a sure fire honest to go way of turning its not through a bite or being born you humans will never understand we all go on line and say its a life long dream to be a wolf but none of us know how and there is a war coming when every one of us will have to stand and fight as one to even stand a chance agianst our enemy

You are definitely more mature than the original poster! Well done son.

You certainly are a but hurt troll aren't ya.

No I am old lady here to have a good laugh at you... and to make others laugh with me those who you deliberately hurt to make yourself look better than the rest on here.

Suuure you are.

Thank you for trying to insult me on my advanced age, which is quite amusing in the light of you always telling children how privileged you are for being so old, being 30 and all, and how disadvantaged they are because of their age being much younger than you. Tell me are you going to hate yourself when you get real wrinkles and grey hair too? You seem to live in the moment, abusing your youth to have power over younger minds. You are clearly a very twisted young cookie aren't you?!

You are so full of **** because 46-50 is not 'advanced age'. Again making claims with no evidence.

Being a 30 year old know all is hardly an advanced age, especially when she acts like a Histronic drama queen half of the time.

I never claimed it. You did.

Oh so you don't claim your role being a drama queen, how becoming. [laughs]

Gods you're dumb.

So miss sheangel19 all that you sought to create on EP was all for nothing then?! How befitting for a shallow person like you. Sorry this is just so amusing. I cannot resist but ask you this in the light of this forum's purpose. Hope you understand. Of course you won't. Because you live all up your head, and you cannot see the greater picture at all. And you claim to be all so wise and all knowing. Ridiculous you are!

And crazy you are! I had my fun you aren't worth my time anymore.

I use my inner wolf constantly and all my friends are like ur weird man and I'm just like no I let my primal survival instincts take charge but I need help controlling then and u seem to know ur stuff mind helping???

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Do you have a way I could contact you in private like an email or something

It's called private message

Man, you played with my hopes, Angel. I thought this was someone else at first. I was so glad to see a different person say this on here. I was ready to compliment them and welcome them to the world of intelligent wolves. Maybe someday there will be more besides us.

Maybe you can tell me how to shift at night

It is possible to change a human by biting them.. It's happened to me... Although, I wasn't ever human to begin with.. I was something else.. No one knows what I was.. I only remember m real name.. I think the only reason why it worked is because although I body hop, I myself am never human unless I have my first kiss with a human.. It's been happening for centuries, but It's permanent, so my love added a good few more years to my life so I wouldn't age as fast... It's possible if bitten.. I've been bitten.. Not all people can have this happen to them.. I am widely known to many of those I don't remember... They helped of course..

Please take your teen novel story elsewhere.

Don't start a bog or whatever if you don't want others to express their thoughts... This is for the public to comment on... I can comment whatever I want on whoever's post I want.. You are not my mom or father and won't ever be... Don't act like you're all big and bad just because you can tell off a few people with your rudeness.. I don't find it very cute.. I'm a very blunt person and usually am not the type to be rude, but in this case it's an exception... No one tells you to go elsewhere with your stories or illogical, unnecessary comments, and if they do, that doesn't mean do that to others.. I have the right to speak my mind and I'm not going to let a fool like you who thinks they know everything or more about this subject than others... You have all of your facts mixed up.. Not all information on werewolves you find on the internet is true.. Stop trying to sound smart, it just makes you look very stupid.. I post wherever I want, when I want to post it..

Actually my knowledge proceeds the garbage on the Internet. Speak your mind all you want but doesn't change the fact you are completely inaccurate and sound like a teenage novel. Yes it is set to public. General public are not typically nutter though.

Didn't say that your knowledge of this was lower than any other person on here who thinks they know something about it. Me, completely inaccurate? Ha! Makes me laugh. Seems as though you're the only one inaccurate out of you and I. It's not a novel, since it's the absolute truth. Believe what you want, but I don't lie about this stuff if I choose to tell it. So, your assumptions are invalid. Think all you want about it, but it doesn't change the fact that what I said is true. I don't have time to be going back and forth between this. I don't have time for playing games. I'm not going to sit here and argue with one in which acts like she can have an accurate combat for everything I say. Later youngster.

Hardly. I'm a decade derived than you and have a life but I will be more than happy to pick your bullshit apart if you like.

*older. Auto correct was fickle there.

sure you are... I've been around for centuries.. I don't age fast anymore.. I've had several other bodies... Go ahead and try... Can't pick anything of mine apart since it's not bull ****.. You can say what you want, but just know that no one really cares about what you think of their opinions and stories.. Say all you want to me, but one thing is for sure, the only bull **** around here is you and those that come out of bulls' *****.

Lol clearly you didn't take a look around when you got here. My word carries a lot of weight here.
1 if you were centuries old, which you are not, you would have an explanation.
2 everyone and I do mean EVERY ONE who is legit supernatural knows it's not transferable.
3 body hop? Really? It's called reincarnation, ree ree. And it's pretty damn common.
4 romantic relations have NOTHING to do with ones make up. Period. Where does one even begin to rationalize that?

I don't have to try and sound smart because I am. You implied my information was from the Internet. It's not. It's from the 20+ years of research I have invested in studying and and experiencing all things metaphysical and theological.

You know I almost just deleted your comments all together but thought wtf. Haven't made a nutter look bad in a while. Let me tell you something princess. This isn't my first rodeo. I've dealt with a lot of kids like you making bullshit claims of being a special little snowflake centuries old. Clearly you aren't when I've heard all this bullshit before. Typically from the 13-15 year olds. So take your fiction elsewhere. Write your own story and see how well its received.

Really you are going over the top here lass big time. Don't start falling me kid because I'm not just before you do. Werewolves change you know like everything

miss sheangel19 if I may, why do you always put your age above ancient wisdom that even teenagers can decipher?! Again I find your attitude disconcerting in many ways. You still believe that your word holds value in this place?

Let me tell you something, any person in this world, never mind here at EP, has the right to believe what they want, how they want and retain the right to say what they want in the face of obvious hogwash.

I don't understand why you hold yourself out for a fool, and allow people to comment by posting such filth in the first place, and then you are disgruntled when people respond to it in the same way it was given.

Grow up, get over yourself, and know, that the kids that you call dumb, have a purpose in this life too, they were born for a reason, to have a voice and a say of their own - even if their purpose is to boycott a very conceited girl like you.

You really are just making an *** out of yourself considering I've never done what you claim I have.

That is a lie, you are always putting kids down based on their age. You love lying to yourself don't you? And you want to tell people on here that YOU are not a danger to anyone here. Only other fakes. Good laugh.

I don't put them down for their age. I correct them when they act stupid. Danger is a matter of perspective. I'm a danger to manipulative people. Like ones claiming to be 'an old woman' yet attacks a complete stranger.

Again miss sheangel19 that is a lie, you put them down not just because they act stupid, is that even a reason to put anyone down, when you act equally inane, always contradicting yourself in your beliefs, then you say you are a witch, then you say you are an ex witch, which now miraculously turned therian, which in fact stays otherkin. Which is it?
Do you even really know who you are, when you change your kintype over and over again?

Then you want to tell children that if they want to do a werewolf spell that the spirit of a wolf is going to possess them, which truly has nothing to do with shamanic spirit journeys as in true spiritual practices to get in tune with your animal totem.

You are a danger to manipulative people? Please, you are a manipulative young lady yourself, you seem to only use people on here, those who are willing to play your game, making them believe that you are superior to them and that they are nothing and must follow you like a numb minded individual.

As with regards to attacking a stranger? I am not attacking you, nor am I acting immature for my age, but I am intervening where I see an immense injustice being done - where a girl like you want to attack people for their beliefs when her own are thoroughly thwarted and messed up.

You are no better than those you attack, stop fooling yourself, in fact you are attacking yourself in each individual you seek to bring down in this forum. You must really hate yourself, that is all I can see and you lash out at others because you don't like what you see in them which truly exists in you.

It is entertaining to see how much hate you nurture for your shadow self, and the wolf therefore is definitely NOT and will never be your animal totem. Dream on girl!!!

you use a lot of periods..........

Yes it is possible to be turned by a bite, whether you like or not is another problem. Well if your being serious what you've put does sound like what you'd put in a story

The bites a myth. Period.

Ok sure thing right

I am right. It's just some bullshit kids cling to trying to make themselves sound legit and to cover the fact they don't know ANYTHING about the culture.

miss sheangel19 you are far from right, even the 15 year olds can see it on this site, and you still think you are above them?! Please girl, get over yourself before they tear you apart in public domain.

And plus its not what people believe its also what has been seen maybe you haven't seen the prof of what's around today?

sammie160 who are you talking to? Sheangel19 never met a real werewolf in her life, she can also not stand looking in the mirror when it is pitch dark in her room! Nevermind her, bloody mary is her nemesis!

I have sharp teeth, I have a desire to always be by or in the woods, I see better at night and my hearing is extremely heightened whats goin on with me . . . . . Im consistently burning up . . Are these signs of being born a werewolf ?

dear miss sheangel19 seeing that I have so much time on my hands tonight I find you a very interesting read, and a disturbing one at that. So what you are telling the kids is, that a werewolf bite is fake, then your bite must be equally worthless.

what? XD

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I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to this. How everyone is so openly talking about shifting and and what not. But I'm really drawn to this, i feel a connection with it. I certainly wasn't born a werewolf, but I would consider it an honor to be able to shift (if it's even possible)

Apparently this internet user, the OP, as you call it, would tell you all kinds of reasons why you cannot be equally as magical as she is. She accuses others having petty special snowflakes fits, but she is clearly the one taking it over the top.

How do u know if u are born a were wolf

This sheangel19 user does not know, listen to this old woman, please pass along now

Sure. Please share this presumed wisdom you have. Because beyond stalking me you haven't really said much.

Funny it is your posts that lack content, not my comments. You are not enlightened nor on a true spiritual path, you see no reason in anything remotely spiritual. Stop fooling yourself, you are a big fat fraud. And I like it when I see how even 13 year olds can see it. Are they then smarter than you are? Maybe if you don't act like a 3 year old all the time you would attain their level of wisdom, and then maybe you can become an adult afterward.

On a final note miss sheangel19 I would hardly call it stalking when I am acting in public interest here, where you attack everyone in this forum whenever you get a chance. I am defending a myriad of people you treat with utter disregard.

Please note before you ever praise yourself again when you get reprimanded on a website for acting like a total vexation - A stalker would find you fascinating and not distasteful.

you will feel it and you will just know.... I know that's not much help but that's just how I discovered I was one

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I am a were wolf but lately I cant control my self I cant bring out my teeth or my claws what's going on

You're a child and can't shift yet.

oh k thax you rock

dear miss sheangel19 according to you no one can physically shift. So I don't fathom your abrasive comment to teenwolf "you are too young to shift". I see you are making a fool out of him yes? And showing an ugly side of your true personality.

Oh look more **** I never said.

Oh look the she-devil is suffering from amnesia again, when did you hit your head so hard in your life, that you live in complete denial of all your wrong doings and sins?!

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but what if u can feel the wolf inside of you but it cant escape...wat then?

And also is it possible to have the curse partially?

I am curious, sister. What is the wolf form like and how is it like?