How To Become A Werewolf!!!!!

Now that I have your attention....

You do not become a werewolf. You are born one and that is the ONLY way. There is no spell. There is no ritual. There is a curse that was allowed to die out for a very good reason. Same way as there is no way to become black, or Asian, or Native American. You have to be born that way. There is no bite.

On a related note. ANYONE that tells you that they can make you one is a con artist. They are a fraud. I dare say she is reading this at some point. Yes I mean you Sagata. Oops did I just name names? Why yes. Yes I did. Anyone claiming they can make you one is a fraud. If I catch anyone manipulating CHILDREN (because those are the ones asking) I will make it my own personal mission to discredit you and destroy your reputation in then whole wolf community, not just EP. Because I assure you my reach is a far one.
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i just whana meet one becaus i have a frind that sas the same thing i cant see him but i can talk to him

Meeting one, and becoming one is different. To find one to see is still hard tho.

hi my names tommy....i really want the curse of the trade my soul to the devil himself to become one who walks in the day and hunts by suits me best because i have the same qualities as a werewolf....but cant find anyway to bcome not born into it nor have i had an encounter with one....wish i could tho....if anyone can help message me please.....thanks.

Well, tradition states that the devil can make you think that you're a werewolf and can even make everyone around you think that you're one, but there are several drugs that can do the same thing and with much less cost. Tradition also states that the devil and Werewolves are mortal enemies so you might want to do some calculations on that and see what you come up with.

Also, anybody can hunt by night - you just need a hunting license.

smart *** i knew the hunting licence part i was talking about....eeehhhh never mind to hard to explain what i was thinking.....but my whole family is huntersman and i know about that lived in FL for most of my 23 years about 6 of them was in NY and another 4 was in Kermit TX thats where im at now.

LOL. Honestly, though, if you want to be a "spiritual therian" (whutever the heck that is), you can probably use self-hypnosis or guided visualization or some such to accomplish it. Werewolves who are physically different from non-werewolves are that way because they have certain genes that they inherited from their parents. I have no idea how you can acquire different genes than those that you already have - I guess reincarnation? I can tell you from multiple experiences that being bit by a Werewolf will not turn you into a Werewolf, well, I've already mentioned those. Spells....well, again, they can make you delusional, but the result won't give you what you're after. Sorry, but there's just no solution to your problem.

hell ive been at this for years.....and i know there is a way its all about figuring out how to make it possible.....if one is born one you would think that it can be passed to others who dont have the genes for you would think a gift this rare can or should be able to be given through blood contact or injestion....but there is always the fakes and the blood may be contaminated with HIV or any other dieses and such.....but if it is possible then we have came up with a new way to give those who desire the werewolf gift and will be easy to do....but if not i may turn out to be harder than i thought.


Really?You think so?

Well, of course genetic traits (that people are born with) can be passed on to others - they just have to have offspring! You think green eyes, brown hair, and sickle cell anemia (things that people can be born with) can be passed on by a blood transfusion or a bite?

LOL i just got my license to go night fishing does that mean i'm a werewolf to?

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Woof! Angel, I don't think you had their attention. Don't feel too bad - I've never been ablee to gt their attention either.....

Im 21 i need to become one please help me out i NEED IT

No, you do not want to be one. It is deadly to humans.

How did werewolves start if they're only born into one?

The first werewolf of course. If you believe in evolution, then wolves had evolved into us. If you believe in God, then he/she created them.

I have a different theory. When homo sapiens left Africa, they ran into homo Neanderthalensis and interbred. Sapiens is genetically dominant. Everyone who has any ancestors from outside Africa has 1 to 3% Neanderthal DNA. Since the sapiens DNA differs from Neanderthal by only 7% anyway, if a person manifests the Neanderthal part, they might as well be homo Neanderthalensis. Neanderthal culture (e.g., the cave paintings in France that were painted before sapiens even emerged from Africa) was replete with therianthropic imagery.

Ethnopsychologist often say that they animal closest to humanity socially is the wolf. On the other hand, evolutionary (or biological) anthropologists trace a lot (!) of human behavior to the great apes and specifically to chimpanzees and bonobos. There's also a strong theory that early man learned to hunt from wolves (and bears?).

I suspect that Humans developed in a nice comfortable environment and learned to survive from apes; Neanderthal grew up in a harsh environment and learned from predators. Werewolves are Neanderthal animal shamans.

That sounds... true.

I'm real werewolf and I need a pack to join

hello sir but youre lying youre not a werewolf you can born and bitten how i know that i dont tell but there is no spell but this worldisnt as we think there are witches that can do a spell to be get someone a vampire/werewolf so please dont say youre a werewolf or anything

umm u cant be bitten its like every animal if u get bit bye a cat or something u wont turn into a werecat u will only get an itfection

Hello.nope you have to be born one

Shut up. I am tired of God damned humans... Fools...

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may i ask if there r signs

Some of this **** u wanna be werewolves put like being bitten well guess wat u can't become a werewolf by being bitten if ur brother sister bit u and their a werewolf then u must have been playing to hard perverts not trying to start drama

read past the title -_-

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Are you a werewolf yes or no



no yet

DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A WEREWOLF?in recent times humans want extraordinary qualities in order to defeat all obstacles and achieve every goals and ambitions In life.becoming a breed of lycanthropus blend of the werewolf and acquiring hircine’s gifts enables one to live a powerful life.join the seventh sixth pack of the hademus,know the shapeshifting techniques,spells,feel among and enjoy supernatural gifts.if you really want to become a werewolf,contact

take your spam garbage elsewhere

Shut the **** up and mind your own ****** bussines

It's my story dumbass

I dint came here to see your stupid story.I am tired with you born ones,U think u are the only ones and there is no one else and no one cant be like u.Well i am.And let me tell u something the first werewolf that existed was cursed not born one,even you ancestor who passed down the wolf gen on you was propably cursed by another one.I am not here to lie to people,i dont get any benefit and i dont need their ****** money.I have enough for myself

Andi dont give a **** whatt u think or say about me.So mind your own ****** bussines

I will deal with you when I'm not driving

I have the right to comment whenever i want,when i want,where i want.Dumbass

we will see about that

Do whatever u wish.Cuz i really dont give a ****

What will u do anyway.Destroy my reputation.DO u really think i care what u do you stupid ****** *****

**** you,your story and every dumbass who read it

Didn't have to you just ruined yourself you fake *** full of **** leech. I was just going to delete the comment but your idiocy did the work for me.

Oh please,dont delete my comment.I am crying.DO u think i give a ****.Go on,delete it.By the way i have shared this all over youtube.CAN u delete it there for me please.Stupid ****** *****.U really think i give a **** what u do

All u pure blood are pieces of *****.Coming around telling people that u are the only ones,no one can be like me.U are wrong ************* all of u.

Werewolfism is a curse and everyone can get it.Its risky but everyone can.Everyone stop wasting your time with this stupid prideful puppy who is trying to ruin your hopes and dreams.Ha.She doesnt even know her origin

It was born as a curse and as a curse it can be given to everyone.By the way havent u deleted my comment yet.

It's not a curse

Yes it was a gift first given by the spirit god Wisakachek to 2 young indian boys.But one of them did something wrong with it and killed someone.That one got cursed by the same god who gave him this gift and he become the first real werewolf.His name was Matchitehew also known as the father of all werewolves for simply being the first one and created all others

It's not a curse

Omfg we don't think we're the only overs stop hating we Have done Nothing to upset you

I dont hate you or anyone else but I dont like to be called a cheater or scam and you wouldn't like it either.I take no benefit in lying this people and I don't want to ruin their hopes.I didn't came here to be popular.I came here to help people who want to be like us as much as I can.You think whatever you want for me but I don't like to be called a scam

Look they cannot be one of us if they are just human. They wouldn't survive and noeone is calling you those so called names ok just everyone knows that you cannot be bitten nor spells

I was just a human once and know I am one and I did survive.By the way I am talking about rituals not spells.Rituals do work

Ok so hating on the real Born werewolves we didn't do anything to you to have you curse and cuss your *** out why you so butthurt anyway ?

Do you really think I hate you.There are times when I want to kill someone but I would never hurt someone of my kind.Even If I want to I can't because I am part of a pack and we have strict rules and one of them is not to harm anyone of our kind and I am not the one who makes the rules.My job is simply to guide the ones who want to be like us to the right ones that can help them.I don't take any benefit or payed for this.Of course not anyone one believes us and many call us scams but thous who take the risk and want to join us they get rewarded

Um first of all no but your hating on the Born werewolves are you not scroll up and read your messages boy also humans can't become one of us the pain is too much and plus if they could they'd regret it trust me humans change their mind soooooi many times

I know cuz I was one before.It hurted so much even when I was in human form.I would get pains suddenly in different parts of my body specially my fingernails and teeth.But with serious concentration and focus I was able to control it and shift at will and it was hard very hard

The only thing I hate about you born ones is that you are so naive thinking that you the only ones and no one can become like you

Omfg I am not ******* nieve ok and you do not wanna get me mad you do not no who and what your dealing with so I'd suggest to learn to agree to disagree or just stop arguing or blaming **** on born werewolves just because We are born ones does not mean we go out and look for trouble or for you to say you hate us did we do anything go you ??? NO just stating that humans cannot will not be changed and if you cannot accept the Rules of being a werewolf then I'd suggest you shouldnt have been one I'n the first place or you might be a bad one who doesn't know the rules and don't abide by them

I am a stronghead and a little rebellious but not a bad one.Anyway I am so ****** tired of talking to you.Whatever you say.Goodbuy

Ok well good day or night whatever it is for you I just tried to tell you do not JUDGE is all bit you keep on judging and assuming so yeah whatever but please please Do.NOt do it ever again ok we or I don't judge you so don't judge us is all.I'm trying to say okay so enough said

I want to be a werewolf

Just sended you a message

You cannot become one

Yes you can

No you can't Humans won't survive plus the bite spells is alll Hollywood stuff

I am not talking about bites.I am talking about an ancient ritual that involves sacrifices.The items cost alot and are hard to find plus you wouldn't like to know what they sacrifice in that ritual to grant you this power

You cannot be a werewolf

Lol you can't make someone be a werewolf

Yes you can.You are borned as one and of course that you will think that is not possible.But actually it is.We are the cursed ones.We do not shift into a full wolves like you.We are the hybrid form,in between like the ones you see in horror movies.Of course we are not fools to give someone this power without also granting them the ability to control it.

Holly damn **** up about being CURSed and there's no such thing ok being a werewolf ain't a curse and you cannot get CURSed as no spells work

Shut the **** up because you are tiring me up.It was born as curse but you born ones can control it better than the other ones thats why you consider it a gift.I tried to convince you that you are wrong but you just cant understand.Now please go annoy someone else

Um I am.not annoying anyone and You annoyed me first by dissing the crap out of my kind reason at all just to what ?? Start an argument fight what lol who said it's a gift see you've got your wires crossed and ate assuming we think we are supeirier then any other werewolf Which I do not I think we are all equals so you have picked the wrong werewolf to argue with so you please go.back to agruing with someone else

The best answer to ignorance is silence.Bye

I'm not being ignorant but whatever bye bye

Lol borned?/no such thing as borned do you mean Born

I do want to be one please help

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If you a werewolf don't say it on the internet your people tried very hard keep it a secret. Don't ruin what they done and I'm betting that you will be BIG TROUBLE.

no. I assure you I won't be.

You know I'm talking to other people too

They won't either considering mass populace.

How did they start then? Anybody? The werewolves if they're only born?

depends on the breed.

There are hybrids and there are ancient spells powerful enough to break the human bond. Katherina Delatrova one of the most powerful witches not recorded in history tore humans making them her slave. Her wolves. They were merly human puppets yet she turned them. You have spoken the truth when you say most have to be original blood but you did not speak of the ancient rituals our ancestors used.

No such thing as hybrids. take it elsewhere.

Ummmm vampire diaries much

and you can shut up you are watching too much tv

Go away drama child

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Hi.My name is Josh i would want to know if i wanted to become a werewolf where would i start

no where. read.

Hi. My name is Josh
Who is born as werewolf who is a pure hybrid?
I need a sample of their blood so i can figure out a cure.

no such thing as a hybrid.

How van i know in im a Werwolf???

How do you know if someone around you is a werewolf?

First, you can ask them. If, you actually have a reason to believe the are.

So do you guys have a tribe and are the others living like normal people around the world?

Yep, we are living just like people are.

Hey, my name is Allison. I'm not a kid but I still dream of become a wolf or more like a werewolf. When ever I go to bed I dream of myself and also my family as people that can change into wolves at will. Even in my day dreams while at work or driving through town in my car. I always had this high hope that my dream will one day come true. Even now, when you say that you can't be one unless your born that way. I still hope. Even though it feels like my hope is dimming but I still try. I still want to believe with all my heart. Sometimes I even think that there might be something wrong with me. I really hope that one day there will be a why for someone like me to become a werewolf.

You may be a wolfkin. You are a wolf/werewolf in your dreams, as if it is your second life.

You may be therian.

Can I asks u a few things

Help I think I'm a werewolf and my whole family. Ther's something that they are not telling me let me know.

Hey wolfeee I Feel like the same thing we should contact each other.

Pm me

I am one I know this, though it just clicked, but I cannot eat meat. It makes me sick and I don't know why. Anyone else?

is it genetic?

Yes. Recessive.

Very recessive, from the sound of it. GTK. Thanks! And are shifts limited to full moons?

Full moon has no connection. That's a myth.

I have more questions. Could I contact you directly?

Shoot me a message

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Thank you so much for posting this is incredible true....I was not bitten/scratched or anything like that but about two years ago I was at home and I got a horrible pain all over my body it lasted for while so I went to the e.r they couldn't figure out what was wrong but a few days later I don't know what happend but I blacked out for a few hours and I woke up naked in my back I started doing some research and I came to the conclusion...that I was a werewolf...I have never hurt anybody but once I excepted my fate I stopped blacking out and I could remember my time as a werewolf and I could control it I moved that way I could have a little more space to roam....just in case that way I know I won't hurt anybody I don't know how I became one no one in my family is one I couldn't tell them about me they would just say I'm crazy and lock me up so I just kept my mouth shut and moved were I could be a bit happier I also but up a very large tall gate around my property it cost about 5,000 but it was worth it no one can get in and I can't get out so...everybody wins I am also going out with a wonderful man I love him so much but I don't think I can tell him I just I don't think he will "accept/love" me anymore if I tell him I at a cross road I know I need to tell him and every time I try to I get scared and say something else any advise would be appreciated this man and I have been together for a year and a half he's 27 and I'm 25....and if anyone know of some sort of cure or antidote that would be great but I'm pretty sure one doesn't exist....thanks for any help you provide

Your really lucky. I only dreamed of something like that happening to me. Every time I wake up, I would cry. Even now I cry. I want something like that to happen to me so badly that it hurts. I feel helpless, like it will never ever happen. Oh ya I should probably introduce myself. I'm Allison and I am 19 years old. Don't worry though I'm not an emo/scene werewolf kid. I'm more like the shy awkward girl in the back corner or front corner (the back of the classes seemed to always be the cool kids spot though I'm not in school anymore, well not yet). I'm just someone who loves nature, books and wolves. I'm am going to be going to college for Pre-veterinary med, for Zoology (maybe for the zoology part).

I have some questions?you don't mind if i ask?

How do someone become a werewolf and do they have a cure for it

No one becomes one you'd born with it

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Go to

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I'm not really sure what to do. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but I have this feeling inside me, telling me that I am one, though I have never shifted an for all I know my parents aren't, though they keep a journal locked in their room... though I've found and read a page or two of it... HELP!!

Is there a certain age you have to be to transform

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Me dad's a werewolf, could i possibly be one too, but he's dead and i found of his
journals. What do i do?

How do u know if u are a werewolf or not

I need your help I am a wolf I have the feelings of it the constant pain something is holding the change back. It is causing pain extreme pain and a lot of depression please help something has to be able to help me. I feel it every night in my dreams outside my dreams help me I have to change before I get found or end up in a mental hospital. (David Moeller is my name find me on facebook)

Pm me

hi guys just to let you guys know there is an alpha rising in the west of the UK in a town called Halesowen with a pack of 6 wolfs and no i am not a werewolf im basically a druid i am the last one that i know of my kind ATM

nice pisspot I'm a werewolf but its been years since I've met a druid I've respected the druids since my clan came here to America and don't complain that I call you pisspot its how I normally talk to people just let you know my people kill lower class shifters like the one you mentioned and teach some of your shifting magic will ya.

How did you become a werewolf

cant tell

@zaineezaine hey I'm from America,but if you're a druid,then can you help me with something.i really want to become a werewolf.if you know how to help me.

You role players need to take your crap elsewhere.

well lobcock Ive been around for 200 years and your full of **** you never explain how the first werewolf came into this world its not from god or a human its from a werewolf that got lycanthropy from drinking lycan blood or got biten or was born im immortal ive killed humans for 200 years and since your indian that remind of one from a game called mortal kombat what his name oh yay nightwolf he had wolf powers but nevermind im a werewolf and standing next to me is like another hulk Hogan I stand on two legs I have a tail my feet are huge paw I have huge hands with claws I have hair all over I have a long snout and a wolf head I have incredible speed

Take...your garbage....elsewhere.

Over 200 years old and don't know basic grammar? this guy is obviously a joke.

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not all true my clan was born from drinking lycan well werewolf blood from a special chalice don't get me wrong have you heard of witches well these witches believe they could sacrifice werewolves that had lost their immortality and yes im immortal and I have incredible speed but my clan leader is a fool he thinks its a curse when lycanthropy is a blessing we wipe out those witches 200 years ago the only person who could make this happen is well...........well don't laugh but they are real and are at truce with government of the us and they the gray aliens they can make anything possible and if you think that you can create one well just go to the ******* aliens and this is true me and my clan sought to find another way to reproduce with out a female I've been alive for 200 years im immortal I can never die

How did you become a werewolf.and how can I become one

He didn't. He's full of ****.

This is a long time ago but I have to comment you have some xrazy dilutions going on here. None of what you said there is true and you know it.

**** I'm a werewolf got a probleme deal with it alright

How did you become a werewolf

yes i am sure this is true, is only possible explanation

you are absolutely correct I was born a werewolf and everybody keeps asking me to turn them and I always tell them I cant its not possible! you must be born one. I do not want to put false hope in the minds of children BTW I am a hybrid but the vampire was mixed in after I was born a wolf

Hybrids don't exist dear

I'm not a werewolf or a vampire, umm... Hybrid? But I'm not trying to show off, FYI. Just trying to say what I am

I am also a hybrid like you :)

How did you become one

How did you become one

How did you become one

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people that post here- y do u argue and argue with sheangel? all of it is true and u know it. sheangel obviously knows her stuff.

sheangel- i agree totaly. most of the stuff posted online by people is stuff that THEY made up themselves to gain attention or publicity. what u said is the only thing i found online, on this topic, that i can agree with.

people that post here- y do u argue and argue with sheangel? all of it is true and u know it. sheangel obviously knows her stuff.

sheangel- i agree totaly. most of the stuff posted online by people is stuff that THEY made up themselves to gain attention or publicity. what u said is the only thing i found online, on this topic, that i can agree with.

ive always felt diferent in some way, and I feel that I am one but my parents aren't and I can barley remember when I was younger. I mean, right now as I type this I can feel something but I don't know what. please help me! SheAngel19!

ok you guys really dont get what being a wolf is about its not about the powers or the bite or being born everyone has the wolf (or other animal) inside its the primal instinct that we have all locked away you people have no clue what its ike to be a true wolf and there is a way a sure fire honest to go way of turning its not through a bite or being born you humans will never understand we all go on line and say its a life long dream to be a wolf but none of us know how and there is a war coming when every one of us will have to stand and fight as one to even stand a chance agianst our enemy

You are definitely more mature than the original poster! Well done son.

You certainly are a but hurt troll aren't ya.

No I am old lady here to have a good laugh at you... and to make others laugh with me those who you deliberately hurt to make yourself look better than the rest on here.

Suuure you are.

Thank you for trying to insult me on my advanced age, which is quite amusing in the light of you always telling children how privileged you are for being so old, being 30 and all, and how disadvantaged they are because of their age being much younger than you. Tell me are you going to hate yourself when you get real wrinkles and grey hair too? You seem to live in the moment, abusing your youth to have power over younger minds. You are clearly a very twisted young cookie aren't you?!

You are so full of **** because 46-50 is not 'advanced age'. Again making claims with no evidence.

Being a 30 year old know all is hardly an advanced age, especially when she acts like a Histronic drama queen half of the time.

I never claimed it. You did.

Oh so you don't claim your role being a drama queen, how becoming. [laughs]

Gods you're dumb.

So miss sheangel19 all that you sought to create on EP was all for nothing then?! How befitting for a shallow person like you. Sorry this is just so amusing. I cannot resist but ask you this in the light of this forum's purpose. Hope you understand. Of course you won't. Because you live all up your head, and you cannot see the greater picture at all. And you claim to be all so wise and all knowing. Ridiculous you are!

And crazy you are! I had my fun you aren't worth my time anymore.

I use my inner wolf constantly and all my friends are like ur weird man and I'm just like no I let my primal survival instincts take charge but I need help controlling then and u seem to know ur stuff mind helping???

No just no, this was a while ago but I had to post this.

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Do you have a way I could contact you in private like an email or something

It's called private message

Man, you played with my hopes, Angel. I thought this was someone else at first. I was so glad to see a different person say this on here. I was ready to compliment them and welcome them to the world of intelligent wolves. Maybe someday there will be more besides us.

Maybe you can tell me how to shift at night

It is possible to change a human by biting them.. It's happened to me... Although, I wasn't ever human to begin with.. I was something else.. No one knows what I was.. I only remember m real name.. I think the only reason why it worked is because although I body hop, I myself am never human unless I have my first kiss with a human.. It's been happening for centuries, but It's permanent, so my love added a good few more years to my life so I wouldn't age as fast... It's possible if bitten.. I've been bitten.. Not all people can have this happen to them.. I am widely known to many of those I don't remember... They helped of course..

Please take your teen novel story elsewhere.

Don't start a bog or whatever if you don't want others to express their thoughts... This is for the public to comment on... I can comment whatever I want on whoever's post I want.. You are not my mom or father and won't ever be... Don't act like you're all big and bad just because you can tell off a few people with your rudeness.. I don't find it very cute.. I'm a very blunt person and usually am not the type to be rude, but in this case it's an exception... No one tells you to go elsewhere with your stories or illogical, unnecessary comments, and if they do, that doesn't mean do that to others.. I have the right to speak my mind and I'm not going to let a fool like you who thinks they know everything or more about this subject than others... You have all of your facts mixed up.. Not all information on werewolves you find on the internet is true.. Stop trying to sound smart, it just makes you look very stupid.. I post wherever I want, when I want to post it..

Actually my knowledge proceeds the garbage on the Internet. Speak your mind all you want but doesn't change the fact you are completely inaccurate and sound like a teenage novel. Yes it is set to public. General public are not typically nutter though.

Didn't say that your knowledge of this was lower than any other person on here who thinks they know something about it. Me, completely inaccurate? Ha! Makes me laugh. Seems as though you're the only one inaccurate out of you and I. It's not a novel, since it's the absolute truth. Believe what you want, but I don't lie about this stuff if I choose to tell it. So, your assumptions are invalid. Think all you want about it, but it doesn't change the fact that what I said is true. I don't have time to be going back and forth between this. I don't have time for playing games. I'm not going to sit here and argue with one in which acts like she can have an accurate combat for everything I say. Later youngster.

Hardly. I'm a decade derived than you and have a life but I will be more than happy to pick your bullshit apart if you like.

*older. Auto correct was fickle there.

sure you are... I've been around for centuries.. I don't age fast anymore.. I've had several other bodies... Go ahead and try... Can't pick anything of mine apart since it's not bull ****.. You can say what you want, but just know that no one really cares about what you think of their opinions and stories.. Say all you want to me, but one thing is for sure, the only bull **** around here is you and those that come out of bulls' *****.

Lol clearly you didn't take a look around when you got here. My word carries a lot of weight here.
1 if you were centuries old, which you are not, you would have an explanation.
2 everyone and I do mean EVERY ONE who is legit supernatural knows it's not transferable.
3 body hop? Really? It's called reincarnation, ree ree. And it's pretty damn common.
4 romantic relations have NOTHING to do with ones make up. Period. Where does one even begin to rationalize that?

I don't have to try and sound smart because I am. You implied my information was from the Internet. It's not. It's from the 20+ years of research I have invested in studying and and experiencing all things metaphysical and theological.

You know I almost just deleted your comments all together but thought wtf. Haven't made a nutter look bad in a while. Let me tell you something princess. This isn't my first rodeo. I've dealt with a lot of kids like you making bullshit claims of being a special little snowflake centuries old. Clearly you aren't when I've heard all this bullshit before. Typically from the 13-15 year olds. So take your fiction elsewhere. Write your own story and see how well its received.

Really you are going over the top here lass big time. Don't start falling me kid because I'm not just before you do. Werewolves change you know like everything

miss sheangel19 if I may, why do you always put your age above ancient wisdom that even teenagers can decipher?! Again I find your attitude disconcerting in many ways. You still believe that your word holds value in this place?

Let me tell you something, any person in this world, never mind here at EP, has the right to believe what they want, how they want and retain the right to say what they want in the face of obvious hogwash.

I don't understand why you hold yourself out for a fool, and allow people to comment by posting such filth in the first place, and then you are disgruntled when people respond to it in the same way it was given.

Grow up, get over yourself, and know, that the kids that you call dumb, have a purpose in this life too, they were born for a reason, to have a voice and a say of their own - even if their purpose is to boycott a very conceited girl like you.

You really are just making an *** out of yourself considering I've never done what you claim I have.

That is a lie, you are always putting kids down based on their age. You love lying to yourself don't you? And you want to tell people on here that YOU are not a danger to anyone here. Only other fakes. Good laugh.

I don't put them down for their age. I correct them when they act stupid. Danger is a matter of perspective. I'm a danger to manipulative people. Like ones claiming to be 'an old woman' yet attacks a complete stranger.

Again miss sheangel19 that is a lie, you put them down not just because they act stupid, is that even a reason to put anyone down, when you act equally inane, always contradicting yourself in your beliefs, then you say you are a witch, then you say you are an ex witch, which now miraculously turned therian, which in fact stays otherkin. Which is it?
Do you even really know who you are, when you change your kintype over and over again?

Then you want to tell children that if they want to do a werewolf spell that the spirit of a wolf is going to possess them, which truly has nothing to do with shamanic spirit journeys as in true spiritual practices to get in tune with your animal totem.

You are a danger to manipulative people? Please, you are a manipulative young lady yourself, you seem to only use people on here, those who are willing to play your game, making them believe that you are superior to them and that they are nothing and must follow you like a numb minded individual.

As with regards to attacking a stranger? I am not attacking you, nor am I acting immature for my age, but I am intervening where I see an immense injustice being done - where a girl like you want to attack people for their beliefs when her own are thoroughly thwarted and messed up.

You are no better than those you attack, stop fooling yourself, in fact you are attacking yourself in each individual you seek to bring down in this forum. You must really hate yourself, that is all I can see and you lash out at others because you don't like what you see in them which truly exists in you.

It is entertaining to see how much hate you nurture for your shadow self, and the wolf therefore is definitely NOT and will never be your animal totem. Dream on girl!!!

you use a lot of periods..........


Yes it is possible to be turned by a bite, whether you like or not is another problem. Well if your being serious what you've put does sound like what you'd put in a story

The bites a myth. Period.

Ok sure thing right

I am right. It's just some bullshit kids cling to trying to make themselves sound legit and to cover the fact they don't know ANYTHING about the culture.

miss sheangel19 you are far from right, even the 15 year olds can see it on this site, and you still think you are above them?! Please girl, get over yourself before they tear you apart in public domain.

And plus its not what people believe its also what has been seen maybe you haven't seen the prof of what's around today?

sammie160 who are you talking to? Sheangel19 never met a real werewolf in her life, she can also not stand looking in the mirror when it is pitch dark in her room! Nevermind her, bloody mary is her nemesis!

I have sharp teeth, I have a desire to always be by or in the woods, I see better at night and my hearing is extremely heightened whats goin on with me . . . . . Im consistently burning up . . Are these signs of being born a werewolf ?

dear miss sheangel19 seeing that I have so much time on my hands tonight I find you a very interesting read, and a disturbing one at that. So what you are telling the kids is, that a werewolf bite is fake, then your bite must be equally worthless.

Well, not completely. It'll turn you into a very infected person. Staph infections can be very nasty.


what? XD

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I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to this. How everyone is so openly talking about shifting and and what not. But I'm really drawn to this, i feel a connection with it. I certainly wasn't born a werewolf, but I would consider it an honor to be able to shift (if it's even possible)

Apparently this internet user, the OP, as you call it, would tell you all kinds of reasons why you cannot be equally as magical as she is. She accuses others having petty special snowflakes fits, but she is clearly the one taking it over the top.

How do u know if u are born a were wolf

This sheangel19 user does not know, listen to this old woman, please pass along now

Sure. Please share this presumed wisdom you have. Because beyond stalking me you haven't really said much.

Funny it is your posts that lack content, not my comments. You are not enlightened nor on a true spiritual path, you see no reason in anything remotely spiritual. Stop fooling yourself, you are a big fat fraud. And I like it when I see how even 13 year olds can see it. Are they then smarter than you are? Maybe if you don't act like a 3 year old all the time you would attain their level of wisdom, and then maybe you can become an adult afterward.

On a final note miss sheangel19 I would hardly call it stalking when I am acting in public interest here, where you attack everyone in this forum whenever you get a chance. I am defending a myriad of people you treat with utter disregard.

Please note before you ever praise yourself again when you get reprimanded on a website for acting like a total vexation - A stalker would find you fascinating and not distasteful.

you will feel it and you will just know.... I know that's not much help but that's just how I discovered I was one

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I am a were wolf but lately I cant control my self I cant bring out my teeth or my claws what's going on

You're a child and can't shift yet.

oh k thax you rock

dear miss sheangel19 according to you no one can physically shift. So I don't fathom your abrasive comment to teenwolf "you are too young to shift". I see you are making a fool out of him yes? And showing an ugly side of your true personality.

Oh look more **** I never said.

Oh look the she-devil is suffering from amnesia again, when did you hit your head so hard in your life, that you live in complete denial of all your wrong doings and sins?!

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but what if u can feel the wolf inside of you but it cant escape...wat then?

And also is it possible to have the curse partially?

I am curious, sister. What is the wolf form like and how is it like?

wait a sec how can u tell if some one is a werewolf?

I am a werewolf too.

Not really, but that's how easy it is. People can just come on here and claim to be one, but they're lying. If werewolves have been around for so long and s many people claim to be a werewolf, you'd think the media would have caught on years ago. People may have some pretty believable stories, but they are all liars. It is IMPOSSIBLE to change the physical form of a human being into a whole other species with different DNA. The closest you could probably get is asking a plastic surgeon for transplants. like a tail, ears, muzzle, fur, but you're still human.

i have always wanted to be one so i dont feel too happy

can you really become a werewolve


tbh there is a way....but it will kill the werewolf and its dangerous.....and she angle if u were thn the higher ups would have been offed u cause like vamps and umpires AKA upirs for those who watched hemlock grove werewolves run off order not chaos only time a werewolf would run wild is if it gave into its primitive side and runs rampagingly n ignore the 3 its suppose to be ra'cios (rack-ose) and 3-4 elite ranks would be sent to kill it but only those with "special skills" but im not gonna get into that anyway the reason i came to this sight was cause of an order i got n by the way there are many packs or tribes or government whatever you wanna call it but only 4 types of werewol royals, survivers ( have knowledge abt what they are but tries to survive yet trust no one), dark wolves (hell bent on the theroy that werewolves are suppose to rule the planet although some are mellow and dont care all that much) peacekeepers (belives umpires AKA upirs vamps and humans can live in peace) then theres mercenaries

Well you are just a special breed of nutter aren't you.

dont be f*cking horrible he clearly knows more than you and you dont like it give him a break

can i talk to a matured werewolf her that is not ******* fake.

two meanings to umpires umpires are mid class ledgends if thy pure blooded and there are some ways too tell if a werewolf is around you besides animal activity n u can become a werewolf.......if u drink the blood of one....or inject ur self with its blood but its super rare for humans in that case and if ur blood not compatible with the wolf then ur very essence will tear its self apart trying to expell it from ur body the wolf could die....or absorb ur essence itself and have ur memorys strength speed etc. or u will become just like it like a twin with ur own free will or u will become one...u will think together eat fight sleep live all of that together but that case is even rarer then an advanced class pure blooded upire XD and incantations do work sometimes after u kill or drink the blood of a werewolf lol or both or absorb it and i dont get y ppl fear werewolves most are cool and calm headed tbh my friend is one along with his sisters i cought one in mid trans.....and ur parents dont have to be werewolves for u to be one u just have to have aleast one person who is atleast half werewolf in ur main famliy tree aaaaanndd bits do work......if its by a breeder a pure bred or a lycan (rarest of them all)

Nutter butter.

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Add a response...

Listen I've read up done some stuff and really no proof of werewolves most have told me the most proof that they will give me is.........try it for yourself hahaha sure. I was just asking because I have an obsetion with the moon well it seems to farm me down when I'm under the weather hahaha. But I also don't understand how one can become one if they can it must be painful.

sammie you are asking the wrong person for advice.


What is?

There is a way, SheAngel, but the wolves smart enough not to put themselves out there without the proper security WILL be caught by hunters. The Path isn't spoken of much, but its out there. I totally agree. people offering you
"THE BITE" are probably creepers

PS, comment now cause i can never be on an account more than once or twice before my computer security alerts me that i am being tracked

Nutter butter flag.

What about the ancient scrolls?

Lol specify.

I have always had a strong pull to be on the run during the night and feel as if I don't belong. Is this strange?

Add a response...

I got really sharp teeth all over in my mouth and I love mostly meat

What kinda drug did u take

Ahem... Werewolf are real and vampire too... Em a newborn vampire... N the transformation is really too painful... Guyz dnt let ur life bcoming a monster like me... Or any one who is a supernatural creature.. Guyz we r monsters... So enjoy ur life... I dnt wanted to b a vampire bt my destiny meet me too a vampire girl n a night she(*****) bite me... Itz truly painful... No spell cn turn u to a vampire or anything... Guyz enjoy wat u r... If dere is sumthng bad in ur life, itz ok.. Itz jst a bad day nt a bad life

I am in no way shape or form a monster and I am supernatural

My friends at school think they're werewolves but by the look in they're eyes I can tell they're lying to my face.

Of course, most people just try to brag about having the gift (or curse depends on the person).

I hear many people talk about how they are actual werewolves, and that people hear should just live their normal lives instead of turning into one ourselves. How do you know that we are not outcasts to our society. How do you know that we still have something to live for. And how do you know if we even have friends or family to turn to. I am one of those people, I have nothing to live for anymore. That is why I have turned towards all of you who claim to be one. I came to ask for your help and see if you would be able to tell me the truth. I want to be able to just throw away this life and just be rid of its horrors. I wamt to know ifyou can help me become one of you. I want to know if you can help me become a werewolf myself. I am sick of this life, and I am hoping that I can at least turn to one of you out there to see if you can help me. You are my last hope. If you really are telling the truth that you are a werewolf, then please message me as soon as possible.


You're a child. Your life hasnt wven started yet.


That doesn't mean anything. His life has started. So has mine and honestly I have thought the same thing he has. I'm going thorough ****. And from the looks of it you aren't even legit


Uh huh......

At all

Bro, Werewolves have a perfectly good life when we learn how to control the gift.

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Lol pics or this is bs. I'm sorry but I'm a dumb human who needs to see to believe

Don't believe then... not going to hurt our feelings...

Well said.

There are seriously no such stupid things as werewolves.

We're wolfs are real and I am one

actually there is a way: look at full moon and chant this spell 10 times: By the light of the moon and our piercing howls, we are further transformed into cunning beasts. From the circle of life to the evolution of man, i shall be reawakened as one with the land. <--- that was the spell. then you should see a wolf in your sleep. Memorize the beast because it will be your wolf form. by the way this is the wolf that keeps himself under control wolf.

I have heard that one alot. And I have talked to a gew of the people who have done this method.

It's still bullshit make believe

If its bullshit why you on this page?

Don't assume what my statement pertains to.

amen sister lol once again you must be born a werewolf you cant chant a few words under the moon and expect to be able to become one. the werewolf gene must be in the genetics of your body and that cannot be modified by saying a few silly words at night this is once again placing false hope in children

Does it work?

Doesn't Work. Those who say it does are liers and fakes trying to get attention.

sorry man, dont hate but appreciate.
And if i did want attention i would write this:
every night i go to bed i lick a palm tree with coconuts on my back.
and ya kinda want attention yourself by posting that.

I'm gonna try that spell. I just hope I'll survive cause I heard if your under 13 you have a little chance of survival. By the way I'm really 11 turning 12 so wish me luck.

Does it work?


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I'm not a kid nor am I kidding around she angel19 is it possible for u to turn me to a we're wolf I had dreams of howling to the moon n woke up howling out like if I was still dreaming🌕🐺tell is this a sign or just a dream it felt like reality was shifting to the law of attraction

I am not a wolf but I'm very curiouse about the life of some one who is.

if you are a werewolf then why? Why tell every person out there there is no way. i my self am a werewolf. and i have found a way for humans to be like us. every person has darkness in them, and thats what is the key. triggering that is one way, but you cant do it on your own you need a alpha, i know that it sounds like some cheesy movie. but they know how to teach you, teach you every thing you need to know. i am an alpha and i have terned people that were normal. i have a pack of wolves and if you asked them its true. and who ever wrote that article must know about jackals and you should know about rival packs and you just told them you exists, now your thinking "then why would you say anything" well i am not afraid of other packs because what i have been through has made me stronger than they will ever be.
any questions please reply.

Hahaha... I love when 13 year olds claim to be super badass alphas...

yo **** head im 15 and i have been a werewolf since i was 8 and i earned the power i have received by becoming a alpha.

That would be a big NO....

Yeah... no, to earn the title as alpha you would have to challenge an alpha, which at your age would most likely kill you.


Can u turn me alejadroalpha ? And I have ? For all who feels need to answer but be honest! I had dream that I was a werewolf but my dream was that I was howling n woke up howling out my sleep it felt real, is this a sign or Random dream? (I wanna be a real were I have extremely dark with in been going threw some things)

No he cant because he is full of ****.

So where do I begin to find an alpha to change me

how do you know if someone is an alpha

Hey just because of nonebelivers here's my email I have questions if you have any spare time I would appreciate it. sammie160393


Help me to become a werewolf

how do you know if your born a wolf , ive always been facinated by wolves ever since i was little not just regular wolves but were wolves i would always pretend to be one i feel like a wolf is my spirital animal , ive always had a big apetite everybody called me the garbage disposal cuz i would eat so much but i have a high metabolism im very fit even when i dont work out im athletic have fast reflexs i have 12 sharp teeth 6 on top 6 on bottom every time i get injured i heal fast , i have alot of dreams of me turning into a werewolf idk what that means im just lookin for answers , you know how people sell there souls i would never do that but i said if there was one thing id do it for was to become a werewolf but i love god i love helpin people i dont wanna be bad im not a bad person , im not one of those people who hate life i love im happy just sometimes i get feelings especially when i look at the moon to me its the most beautiful thing i get chills lookin at it

nevermind your just a kid ....

Who are you talking to?

I want to become a werewolf but I'm not sure if there real but I feel like I have to become one people think there monsters but that's because they don't understand them there not full of evilness and darkness they are just trying to survive and she angel 19 stop being mean they did nothing to you just because there different dosent mean there full of crap but if this is real I need to no I can't just be normal even though I'm human now I still connect with nature and I just wish if somebody will answer me I'll give you my number but only if ur a alpha because I need to be changed PLS I belong with wolfs and I can feel that I'm meant to be one

Holy **** I had to dig to find this. Kid turning is flat out myth. I'm not being mean I'm just not sugar coating things. I will not give someone false hope.

We'll u don't realize it but calling someone full of **** is mean you didn't have to say that and if u don't believe get off this chat cause this is for the believers so leave no one wants u here

Maybe half a dozen people out of 100 don't want me here. Listen little one. Full of **** means I call them on their bullshit. If you haven't notice I carry weight here. You know why? Because I have more experience than most of you have been alive and I've been an alpha for 8 years with the same pack. So be quiet and learn before you say ignorant things.

Plz teach me

I did.

were can i find one

So you're an Alpha of a pack. How do you like it? I myself am a lone wolf. It's better to leave me alone.

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hey i just need help to shift on my own! i am a werewolf!

you actually shift in your sleep.



I was born so too as well as most of my family :) the only thing that's worrying me is the red substance that one of our "race" sprayed against my face now I can't turn anymore :s I hadn't turned from around 10 years and I'm feeling so weak, only a few near successes but nothing more just pain and anger :S can please someone tell me is there an antidote or something?!

um... well you could try wolfs bane I researched it and it said it enhances the senses of a wolf so that may help...

Obviously you didn't research in any place trustworthy. Aconite, aka monkshood or wolfsbane, is a toxic herb. It isn't used to HELP wolves, but instead, to poison and kill them.

Taking wolfsbane internally would cause aconite poisoning, which if it didn't kill you, would cause vomiting, internal bleeding, migraines, heart problems, and could cause several other symptoms.

sorry I didn't so much research on that :/