Are Any If You Living In Maine?

i know it sounds stalkery but that is not my goal i just want to know if there is any werewovles around me.
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werewolves live in their heads, not in this world.


I live just across the border

Do you live in saint steven? I'm just an hour away from there. (saint john)

yup.I do.

Cool I sometimes play hockey there.

I was starting to think that I was the only one in new brunswick let alone Canada.

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Out of curiosity... What would happen if there was an existing pack already with an alpha and then another came along and wanted to be in that pack?

They would either fight for the position of alpha or one would back down and become beta most likely.

thank you

hey, my old accont kicked me out so i had to create a new one. o yeah and saturnian? shut up.

Wats up

I would not worry ........there are no such things anyway

Well, goodnight.

Ur welcome

Is it bad that a lot of people are?

Thank you so much for the info, but seeing as it is a school night for me, I should at least try to get some sleep. I will be on later. Thank you for helping me find out what I really am. It really means a lot to me. I always knew I was different, but wasn't sure what I was. Thank you a million times over.

Damn alote of people are looking at this


no i don't really pay attention to the different howls. next time i go out there i will listen.

A kind of howl he has a different howl than anybody elses


bid howl? is that a miss type or a kind of howl?

Have u heard a bid howl in that forest cuz if u did that was the alpha wolf


so.. are yours the only pack in ME?

Yeah lol

ohh... the hunters. haha! wow sometimes im thick.

Oh nothing bad we just make sure that they won't comebak there again

to my gran's property? why what heppens there? i hope nothing bad.

And the people that go there never go back there again

Well I have never known how fat they run

Yes it's us

another one of my endless questions, how fast does the average werewolf run?

during hunting season you should stay away from there beaause some stupid people like to hunt there.

thank you, but thats really cool! that you have been there! when out at night out there sometimes i hear howls. prehaps that was you guys!

Sometimes we go there and good guess got it right I'll make sure nothing bad happens there

she won't and if she does no one would belive her anyway. they would think shes crazy. im sorry if this is intrudeing, but does your pack live in carmel? beacause my grandmother owns a 40 acre property of pure woods.

Like I said the alpha wolf is very rare he's half Lycan and a original vampire so I does not happen that much

Ok and she better not say anything

i read the story by crimsonstream and i saw a comment by hybrid56 telling her that something symarlar happened. does it happen alot?

oh ok. just wanted to know. if i tell a really close freind at school would that be bad? she would't tell anyone. i know that she believes shes adopted and a fairy so i have confidence in her.

Only like8 of them

are you mad at me now?


ok so ur cool with that? r there any other wovles in the pack that do what i plan to do?


i will learn and keep both lives. i just love my family too much just to leave them like that.

Well u have to learn how to controll it

so i can't change back once i already have shifted? and is there any possibily that i can have, like a double life? wolf and human?

139 and when ur older 140

no not yet, but you guys were just talking about a different wolf in your pack? and i dont mean to be rude but how many wolfs are in the pack already?

Yes that wat ur going to have to do

Well if u want to do that right now.thrn go ahead but i perfer when ur older and when i mean a new member not u someboddy else

so when im older i will just end my human life? am i regisered as a member of your pack?

Ur not yet u have older we were talking about a normal werewolf

whoa. will i have to abadon the rest of my family? im still only 11

So that makes 139 of are pack whit the new member

and im now part of your pack? soo confuzed!

And a new member cool

Yes u soon will be a part of are pack

wait so you are going to tell me where the pack lives?im confuzed.

Well i shall show him and we got a nother member in the pack

Oh I now were we are at and he just wants to see how it looks like and how the pack works and all that

oh. i didn't even reilize i was talking to two different people. your screen names are so alike, i didn't glance at tem fora seond time. i feel stupid now. so what do i need to learn?

Well u should now were we are at and he needs to be older to for me to teach him

Yeah he wants to learn and why haven't y'all came back yet

I am the alpha wolf so u need to learn

::giggle:: you called me 'lil dude!

He can find out alote of stuff lil dude

To vampires yes just call them vampires

But how will the alpha wolf know where I live?

i honestly don't care. i didn't know that calling vampires that was offensive.

And those are some vampires that get along whit each other

Well if u look at it were are leader is at they do and vamps are the same thing as vampires and if u dOnt want me to call them that then okay

Sry. Just an easier way to tell it quickly.

No untill ur shifted u can tell

So are leader is the only kind of specie there is he's the fastes the strongest and smartes there ever been

Vampires and Werewolves did not hate each other. Some were known to live with packs and some very great friends and some were family. And don't call Vampires "Vamps"

what kind of werewolf do you suspect i am?

Well we got to see when ur older

Lycan is the more stronger than an ordinary werewolf and faster and smarter

so you said i was Lycan? and what is the difference?

So that's why vamps hate him so much and try to kill him but to kill him it's impossible

Well like any ordinary vampire there are originals and regular vamps so they have a history of them hatting them especially Lycans and there were are leader from the pack I in he came from an original vampire family and his mother was the the original vampire and his father one of the first lycan so he became a hybrid

ok thx what r the carecheristics of vamps just to see if the ledgens r true


so u just like think and dream about shifting?

Oh yeah kid and never. Trust a vampire are pack population has went down cuz o vampire hunters

U imagine it

so what is mental shift?

She's right u can't survive have to be older and well when u getter better at shifting u can controll it like me he taught me how to

what is mental shift and how do you do it?

Well, there is no chance that you will survive. But, you can mental shift

but can you tell me anything? or would that not be good for ur rep? if u can will you tell me if you can control when you shift and is there any offensive things that i shouldn't say?

Yes sure

well, I've heard a lot of differing opinions but i trust urz. In the meantime, will you tell me everything about everything? i want to know, however greusome.

He will come to show u more when ur older