Any In Ohio????

Is there any werewolves, lycans, shapeshifters, therians, etc. living in Ohio? Comment or message me if you do or any one you know that does. Thank you^^!
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How would you become one I live n Ohio ?

Ohio here. Had a pack, but left to seek out shelter and start new. My only remaining pack is living out as a father. As for me. I work in a factory. I'm a good strong wolf, seeking others for a new pack. Maybe a get together? All Ohio wolves? Grill out and form a secret society?

So your from Ohio? Yay ^^! Ive found one >:3!! Secret society? Sounds like a plan >:3! XD lol

Awesome! I\'m really glad I\'ve found another as well. I knew another was somewhere...

My small pack and I are from Michigan :)

There are others in Michigan O_O

well.. I didn't know there was. One of my pack members is even a relative of mine. Honestly, I didn't even know at first. I was surprised that I couldn't smell it.. anyway, yes, there are 5 of us :)

Lol i thought it was only me :)

So you're alone?

Yeah, i know of one other wolf in the upper peninsula. but he doesn't shift

my mate, the alpha male is a werewolf, he lives there :) He spends a lot of his time in the lower peninsula, were the rest of us are. He isn't in tune with it as much... i don't think he accepts it v.v

It can be a hard thing to accept

took me a while too v.v


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I'm in Maine

I live in Kentucky.

I live in kentucky

I was there and had my pack whit me last week i am the alpha wolf half lycan and original.vampire

Im from ohio