i always new something why i were different at scool and realy never fitted in with other people now i am comeing to the age of 14 next year and that is the age of the first shape shifting some thing im not looking forward to. i love wolves and i can draw them and pait them and its my faviort think to of the human kind suspects me and thiss is why i now aviod them as i head them speak of scared. i live near the woods two. i dont no my farther and is wondering if he is one of us.i cant hide. im stuck.none of use should let the human kind no who we are. i need advise and another werewolf to help me.what am i suppost to do?
wolfleah wolfleah
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YOU KNOW DIB!? Jk. What I would do if he bugged me again just remain calm and tell him your not a werewolf. Tell no one not even your best friend. Stop drawing wolves and stop talking about them vary your choice just keep wolves to your own house not school.

I agree but I think if this kid somehow does know how to find a werewolf then wolfleah drawing wolves constantly may make him think that maybe this person has a bit of an obsession with wolves (no offense just an example) so maybe he/she is a werewolf. Seems like a big jump I know but some kids are stupid enough to think that just because someone likes wolves their a werewolf. I know about the stupidity of most humans unfortunately. I still want to know what was said behind my back. You may have a stalking case though if he's watching everything you do.

Luckily none of them thought that about me though.

True. I figured watching would count

I know where he/she got the age 14 thing from. There was a movie on nickelodeon called the boy who cried werewolf where the werewolves transformed at 14. Most inaccurate movie ever or at least one of them. Either that or a legend I've never heard of.

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