So i can't p-shift yet. But ive been thinking about all the What If’s. What if i get attacked? What if my house gets broken in? What if i get held at gun point?
What do you guys recommend i do for self-protection? Ex. kick boxing, learn to use a gun, etc...
Please be serious about this. I live down a old holler in a nice house that is a target for people to break into. So suggestions please?
Thanks you guys.

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i suggest u keep an eye on the outsiders and by the way learn to use any guns,but sometimes i suggest u develop your physical strength.but anyhow we give the suggestions u choose

I think im just gonna get a pistol. But thanks for the suggestions guys and gals:P

Their not going to hand a license to a 13 or 14 or 15 year old.

Then ill use it illegally

Just don't do this:

Your brother: boo
You: ahhhhhhhhh *click* wait I'm not going to fire.
Your dad: hey do you-
You: *gunfire*

Bully: hi
You:I don't like the way your looking at me *click* *gunfire*

Mouse (scared): squeak.
You: *gunfire*

Your dinner:
You: *gunfire*

Just kidding. Seriously don't do that. You will get in a lot of trouble. If you used the gun your in a lot of trouble. Juvenile jail possibly

Just kidding

Im not gonna carry it with me in public. I just wanna learn how to use one, for home.

Why for home. I got it:

You: dad I want the big piece of chicken
Your dad: sorry you got the big piece last time it's my turn
You:*click* *gunfire*

Jk. I doubt your would do that would you. Still why for just at home that seems like a waste of money and too big a risk when your dad or mom can just get one for home protection and their of legal age. For school I recommend karate. I took shorin Ryu karate for 5 years and I helped me defend myself on many occasions.

Typed it wrong. Why do you need the gun for at home when your parents can legally get one is what I meant in place of why for just at home. Sorry. Wasn't paying attention

Because some guy tried to break into some houses on my road and the cops didnt catch him so he could come back any time

Oh. Sorry you got broke in. What I was saying is if you only need it for home tell you parents you'd feel more comfortable if they had a gun then they can legally get one.

They have guns already that are legal. But im the only one without a weapon. Personally im more of a fan of melee weapons such as knives & machetes. But a pistol is safer for me because i can stay in a safe distance from my attacker

Actually i am getting a compound bow for Christmas to learn how to hunt from my dad. He says we can hunt deers, turkey, and squirrels. We own a lot of land. So we can hunt on our own land for free


Ehh. I have to get a cheap one. The one i plan on getting tomorrow is supposed to be a 4 point sights

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How about a baseball bat

You could do MMA? It deals with punches, kicks, flying kicks, grappling and works on all sorts of martia arts techniques such as jujitsu, karate, thai etc. :P


I do mma and taught it.

I do MMA too :D Its a good sport

I took Kung Fu for a bit of time and am going to be getting back in to it soon. Great defence and self-protection. c;

Bujinkahn would be best for you

What is that?

It's a rather defensive style that works with body mechanics. Quite fun too

Ahh. I looked it up, it looks like an asian style type of fighting

It is. I quite enjoyed it.

Ehh, im more of a brute kinda fighter really though. But thanks for the suggestion

It does max damage with min effort. Brute is sloppy. I know because I've won boxing tournaments. And those girls were far bigger than me.

Does boxing help with anything? Or is it not worth it?

I'm a cagefighter and that's worth it. I just do boxing tourneys cause its easy money

i preffer muay thai

We did muey thai American kickboxing boxing catch wrestling jujitsu and judo. The Bujinkahn people shared our space

lol your a ninja naw i know some two just a few counyers locks and tosses though


i havnt done any boxing or jujitsu just judo, san dan, muey thai, and taiquando (i know i spelled the last one wrong) i preffer asian and old exept i imply jeet kun do with everything for ease and comfert of motion wow i cant spell for **** right now mabey i should go to sleap lol

Tae kwon do people never last

naw its good if you know anuf and how to use it but i kinda use em all at once so i guess technecaly i do MMA

My point was they could handle the work load and most of them use point system mma you don't

i dont compitition fight, theres no points if somone can **** me off then i can ruin thier life. i use the martial arts for what there suppsed to be used for, self disaplin and defense its disrespectful to use them for anything else in my opinion.

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