Old Pack Laws?

I've done a bit a research on the web about Pack Laws, seeing as I don't have any books with this information in it, and I've come up with the fact that the Alpha of the pack makes the rules for said pack.
I've seen a bit around on this site refering to what seems to be a set law or two followed by ALL wolves, not just a certain pack.
So I began to wonder "Are there any maybe, really old laws there wolves used to or still do follow?"
I realized I don't really know those laws.
Does any one have a link to a site that lists them or maybe a book suggestion or a comment that will help me?

Much appreciated,

- Carletta (The wolf who doesn't know everything.)
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Hello pm me and I could tell you most that I know

Don't forget exiles are rare mostly because a self protection issue

Makes sence, if the wolf is dangerous enough I can see where death may be the better option.

Actually it's what they've done, we wouldn't fear someone an just exile or kill them we don't fear each other we respect each or till you've given us a reason not to.

It is an absolutely rare thing and I've only met one. I would have killed her too. She made a large threat against the pack but I have personal reasons as to why I didn't.

Up to you dear I've never meet one but I've little to say my choice would be to leave them in some lime covered hole.

Aye. She was a wolfkiller. Don't know why she wasn't killed.

I see

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I waited til lunch break to respond on this. I'll touch on some of the bigger basic ones.

No wolf can kill another wolf in anything but a challenge or as defense. The consequences of said action is either death or exile. An exiled wolf is no longer considered a wolf and are treated as though they do not exist. No other pack is to take them in else they share its fate.

On another note of challenges. Both parties or their alphas, If in separate packs,come to a mutual agreement on the terms of the challenge.

If a unranked wolf causes problems with another pack it is brought to their alpha for punishment. That is decided between the alphas.

In the matter of a challenge for status the loser has three options decided by the victor. Become an unranked member, removal from the pack or death.

One tradition that is no longer used is on the matter of breeding. It was up to the discretion of the alpha. This was due to war times and famine. Obviously this is no long applicable.

A pack may take on nonwolf members but they were not able to possess a rank.

No wolf could be member of more than one pack.

No wolf that is not an adult may hold rank or participate in times or war or participate in council.

No wolf may challenge an adolescent. In the case of yearlings a nonrank challenge may be issued but cannot result in death or exile.

This is not an exhaustive list since I haven't the time but is the major list of law and customs.

Thanks, this is good to know. :3

My pack fallowed the law set up by actual packs of wolves. If you disobey the Alpha he has the right to challenge or even exhile. Killing a pack mate would only be necessary in the worst of crimes, including leading hunters to the pack or the killimg and eating human flesh.

Did you miss where I said this was not exhaustive and they asked for the old laws not the last generation hun.

I didnt read completly, I apologize. Im in prossess of making dinner for my family. I just listed what we fallowed and what was set down 8 years ago.

So young with family. Just observing.

young? Ive been out of the game for 5 years. Lost my pack to hunters and some other douchebags... Im now a skinwalker who cant shift. I watched the recent peace accord signed. And I delt with 3 pack wars. I might be young but Ive been around madame


Skin walker?
European definition or US native?

One does not engross the respect of the wolf community often to the point of deadly response, we've a respect for the natives carried for a great deal of time.

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