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But don't you ever feel that you lived in this world once or twice, like that déjà-vu moment? Especially when I go to a forest... Just saying
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I get dreams where I litterally dream the future and have Deja-Vu from that, but other than that, no.

Of course dear. Reincarnation.

I know this will sound stupid what what does reincarnation mean?

It means when you die your soul moves to a new vessel. The years between bodies varies though. Some people like me haven't had many. This is my thirst go around. However some people have many like upwards to 10.

Huh, that's cool. And ten! Wow! They must know there history really well! lol, sorry just a little joke. But serous,y that is really neat. And you know that you lived once already?

Yes. The ten thing is just a claim. I have no idea how true it is.

Huh, guess that is a mystery! Thank you for telling me this ShAngel!

Not a problem.

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