More Werewolfs

i found out theres more werewolfs were i live i came across them when i was walking throw the woods to get to the park quicker and i see a boy about 18-19 and he p-shift and i was like oh ****,so i started running and i was on all 4s look down and to my paws there was white fer every were on my arms so i knew i -p-shift into a wolf so i turned around and thought i could take him on so we started fighting as wolves but he bit me on the neck and legs he started making a funny sound like a dog crying he p-shaped back in to human form and after that my vision got really bad i wake up at a hospital next to my dad and the doctors say i was attacked by wolves they asked me questions about it cause we dont have wolves round here and thats all i rememberd that was yesterday monday 26th of november
RedMoonWolf RedMoonWolf
13-15, M
4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

it isnt hard

i p-shift and im 12 im a white wolf i think anyway thats me in the picture i can control my self i can do wat i want im not that monster and cant control my self my brother took the picture

no my leg my neck my body cut and everything, why 17?

Are you ok? Still how can you p-shift now. You shouldn't be able to till at least 17