I Was And Now Am Again.

Im itchy about giving my real name right now but I will say this. When I first changed I was 15 yeard old, it wasnt an easy transition and not a very fun one either. My grandfather had told me before he died that I was going to go threw a change I would not expect nor know how to handle at first, but said I would learn. After finding out what I was I dug threw my family tree and discovered my family had carried the gene since atleast renisiannce period.

Since my discovery though things have gone good and bad. I final straw was the inhalation of my pack whom I was Alpha. I looked for the means to rid myself of being a lycan but only found a way to supress it. Its been 6 years since suppression started but now my wolfside is coming back. My hunger is returning aswell as my senses and claws, teeth, endurance, everything...exvept one..i cant transform anymore. Im stuck in a skinwalker type state. Has this happened to any of you?
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You havent learned to control your wolfside?

Why would you throw away something like that. Being a werewolf is NOT a curse you know. I don't know what to tell you

How well do I know...but I watched my whole pack die, then family members, average family members were getting death threats.

I'm sorry about your losses

I see though. You wanted to protect your family and yourself. I understand.

it wasnt that. We helped anothet pack fight off a group of Hunters and ehen we thought it was over we left. Apparently it wasnt over

I need more info but about your question I'm only 13 so there's not much I can tell you. Well nothing actually

Your a young pup lol

Yes, yes I am. The pics not me. That is what I think my wolf looks like though. I connected a few times and that's what it looked like every time. I could almost feel when my imagination made it look different.

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