How I Look

btw i look how my picture is my brother took the picture my family knows about me im not a monster that eats people im a normal wolf a bit biger then a normal one i should get bigger when i get old my wolf form will be huge about a size of a fall grown man i move normaly i can do wat i want when i want any info u want just ask
RedMoonWolf RedMoonWolf
13-15, M
5 Responses Nov 27, 2012

You're too young to physically shift. And that picture isn't you. It's from a photographer I follow on Deviant Art. And it's all over Tumblr. Nice try, though.

Why would you tell anyone? And how many passed out when you broke the news lol.

i wold like to know how you physically shift to i have read and heard about m-shifting what you describe is actually m-shifting you may have thought you p shifted but it didnt happen

kay u have a dream about wolves and u shift into one remember how that wolf looks like and imagin ur self as that wolf keep trying and one day u will shift and it get easyer and easyer easyer the ur a pro turn when u want like me. I think most people start this dream around 14- 17 if ur not careful u miss the dream and wwont shift ever u only get one dream so try to remember it any more

I don't think you can miss it. All you need to do is connect to your inner wolf if you want to know how it looks, what it's name is, ect.

That sounds a lot like m-shifting actually. I heard if you shifted at your age you could really mess yourself up.

Indeed, I agree with InfinityGamer..

I'd like more info on how you shifted at your age, if you would?

That's what I'd like to know.