Age U Can P-shift

okay people been telling me that u have to be 17 to p-shift. But yo dont im only 12 andi p-shift when ever i want ive lernt how to and i do it every day so i dont forget how to do it, maybe im just speshil cause im only 12 and i can p-shift wat people on! when u have a back pain head ach and ur hands go really hairy remember that colour and think in ur head that colour and imagin hair all over ur body with a dog face and thats how i started. After u done that keep trying then u should start changing how u look and u have that feeeling how to change go with it and u shift in like a sec! any questions you got just ask
RedMoonWolf RedMoonWolf
13-15, M
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

i tried and i got a headache.

In most cases, young shifters die. You're body can't handle the shift at the age you're at. That's why at age 17 and up the body "begins", not even at that young an age sometimes.