My Future

lately with the moon becoming more full and my extreme emotions and my heavy use of salvia i am almost shifted 3x. i was able to get a hold on it ...i was in my room with my roommate and he was asleep... as the moon shined on me it started....i could just tell...something ant right... istarted to freak then i thought just call my alpha...she saved my life and probably my roomate or my housemates...but as ive almost shifted my powers are coming more...stronger...,y nails grow faster and are sharper...i am physically stronger and agility has gone up with my energy eyes shift more sporadiccally when im angry or teeth have grown and gotten sharper.....imscared i wont be able to control the m shoft and im afraid of hurting someone.... i cant have anyone know what i am...who i am....its so....depressing...i just wanna change but dont know how to make it less painful or do u control ur p shift but not do ur m shift? does any one know a good park to go to or a safe person i can kick it at so i have a safe place to shift? god i wish i had more answers..i also want to do a shift where itss just the claws teeth and face...i forgot what kind iof shift this is called nut can anyone help me out?
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

One of the good parts of being a skinwalker. But youll learn to numb yourself to the pain

Youve gotta go one on one with your alpha for two full moons. I used meditation, but its still painful. I cough up blood andvomit sometimes but its still possible.

thnaks man thats wht i was afraid of,... i feel sick like im about to throw up when im shifting....