What I Have Learned Thus Far

From talking to you on here, or reading what I have read, here. This is what I have found of your kind and take no credit for these words or this knowledge, nor do I claim to be in full understanding of your kind, nor do I claim that these are indeed garanteed facts.

Being a werewolf is genetics, it cannot be spread except in the same way being a human can be "spread"

Werewolves do not change due to a full moon, or due to the moon in any way.

werewolves can be killed like any human and do not take any special pain from silver.

Werewolves tend to gain their actual wolf(like?) forms/abilities at about 17 and up, generally up. Younger is possible but unlikely.

Werewolves are share color of normal wolves, white is possible but rare.

Challenges generally are to the death, if at least one of the combatants are an alpha they lose their pack on a lose to the opponent.

Packs are essentially the family units.

Vampires and werewolves are not enemies (I am not a twilight fan, so I never assumed this from the start...I enjoy underworld but thats not were I got my ideals of vampires and werewolves)

Changing/morphing is painful, even if it is just small parts in changing. (tails and such)

Changes are the size of a normal wolf

major werewolf families/alphas tend to hold large tracts of land, along unique "alpha" abilities including special "dominating" abilities towards other wolves.

What I have notices is werewolves are very defensive and very aggresive, I am not sure if this is a normal personality trait, but from what I can tell it is something common amongst your kind. This is also in comparison to your average human.

Is there anything else that is common knowledge that I am missing?
How about something I have made a mistake on?
please tell me,

I have noticed many young werewolves or at least wannabe werewolves, posting about what a werewolf is or isn't, and getting in trouble, generally for false information.

Hopefully this can help.
please tell the others where I am at least right. If anything talk amongst yourselves about what is or isn't common knowledge.

I do not claim to be a werewolf, nor will I ever (unless for some strange reason I am a late bloomer and was actually adopted or accidentally swapped in the nursery...but somehow I doubt any of that)

I don't claim to believe anyone is a werewolf, but I also do not claim to doubt you, I do claim that as a scientifically minded person it is my job to approach everything with objectivity, curiosity and open-mindedness, if nothing else. I like to believe myself a scholar, were I not a skeptic than the term science would lose its meaning. I have no intentions of being offensive, nor do I intend to prove you all fake, I do however intend to speak and witness some of you in person, and see just how different your kind is naturally than a normal human. I am not a scientist. Only a man with a scientist's ideals, a right brain's imagination, and the personality of myself.
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I myself, am not a were, I am something else other than human, but let us ignore that for now. I am fond of werewolves and my kind are often miss taken for them. Many of my closest friends have been were.
I belive you are closer to a real understanding than most humans. Were are effected by the Moon slightly, but we all are, are we not? Changing is not painful, they mostly turn out slightly larger than the 'average' wolf, colours are as normal.
They can change from birth, though untill around the age of five, they change with their mothers.
I hope I helped!
By the way, I am not a vampire or deamon.

Yeah...considering I still somewhat worship the moon (more figuratively than literally, though I have been known to call it my goddess, thats not actually how I see it). So you must be a lycan? Based on prior information Lycans and Werewolves are different.
Hmm I have talked with a few were's that claim changing is painful, and have yet to see any that disagree, maybe its because your not a were?
change from birth but with mothers...hmmm...Many on here have said that you don't actually change for the first time till about 17 or older...

Not trying to start any arguements, just comparing information, I by no means am done learning.

If you are not human, what are you?

I like you, finally a human that doesn't call us nuts or swears at us to get back to reality! As a young wolf myself I learned a few things from your post. :)

Well considering my background I would be a rather huge hypocrite and a liar to say any of you are crazy for believing the way you do...I am a master of the tarot, have studied the occult , been cursed, been blessed, and spoke to and even dated a few witches.

I am glad I was able to help, as a bunch of the younger wolves seem to be getting in trouble alot lately for not knowing...so not only did I compile this information to find out what I know, but to help young ones like yourself.

Great job, you are very polite, too. Thank you.

I blame that on the people who raised me, shame on them.... *kidding, well about the shame on them part, I really was raised like that XD
I thank you back x2

Haha. :)

You forgot to point out I'm a *****... I think that's common knowledge now lol

Lol ty

Still a compliment

oh yeah, I guess I have room for SheAngel19's a *****!

Might be disliked by a few but everyone knows who I am....lol

You seem likeable enough to me, course maybe I just have not had the chance to see your actual bad side...

No ones been good enough to actually anger me.

Thank goodness for that! Then again, it is kinda hard to actually get angry over the internet...I mean what exactly can we do about it...

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Silver allergy like gold exists could be a genetic anomaly for the species but silver is poison naturely so cannot avoid the reality it's not impossible to be something easily explained.

There are different wolves shift wise all fours two all carry the similar joint support for creature in need of such support.

An protective nature would relate to are forest relations an the reality that we are a species in a shifting hierarchy of top predator, unlike human society that live without predators as there equal we actually have too.

The vampire relationship i put simply, no one in my society stands blood rituals magic or what have you for many reasons so it's simply tentative between us an them.

Yeah on the topic of vampires I think it comes down more to personal opinion rather than racial opinion. Also as I know far less as to what a vampire accepts as facts about themselves, I know very little about those who consider themselves vampires. As far as I am concerned, I am quite a bit more skeptical over the generic idea of a vampire (not the sparkly ones....)than say my chances of surviving a 100 foot fall...

Oh yeah I don't doubt the bit about poison, but I imagine the myth came from maybe one person who was a werewolf who happened to be allergic. Just a guess though.

I'm still with addicts i don't want around.

wait what? Totally confused now...
when did we switch topics to addicts?
what addicts are you still around?

Vampirism isn't a race it's addiction, not even genetic anything just pure addiction.
Why else do think we don't like them to this day, we're the best at self control of course we hate there indulgence an warping of life.

Well there are those that claim it is a virus, some claim its a race...like I said I have not delved very deep into vampirism, and to be honost I really am not that interested in them. Not that I dislike them, I just find them disinteresting.

You should avoid it if possible it's an addiction

I see, well then I defintely will. I know as a matter of fact what having an addiction is like...

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