A Clan Meeting

Two weeks ago my fiance held a clan gathering, he hates the term pack,
and I was introduced to all its members. WOW was I in for a suprise, they are
all sucessful and well to do. I learned a lot about the clan history and traditions.
First there is no such thing as a poor werewolf as they are given an endowment upon birth.
Second each clan family contributes a portion of their income to the clan
Third the clan looks to the welfare of all its members.
Fourth the medalian that I was given when he asked me to be his mate
is a clan symbol and marks me as a member of the clan.
I also found out that my wolfie is the teacher of the clans traditions and is
the keeper and protector of the clans woodland preserve where I first
found my wolfie.
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5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

That's cool. My mate and his parents (vamp and wolf) want to meet me, but I'm kinda scared to ^-^; Plus I don't want his little brother being all "nose to me" I guess I could say

A pack and a clan are not the same thing Hun.


Thaaat sounds like a wolfy hellfire club to me

thats prety umm... unusual
but still sounds cool

Their called packs not clans and I don't think you really have to pay to be in a pack.