Please Help Me

can someone help me i dont know how to transform or what i transform into and i dont want to do it infront of people by mistake
that would be bad i thinkif there is anyone that is willing to explain it to me please post a coment
or messege me
also i want to transform sometimes but since i cant i feel upset
like take to night it was a full moon and i was depressed and i wanted to howl at the moon as a wolf but couldnt
Wolfsareawsome Wolfsareawsome
18-21, M
7 Responses Nov 28, 2012

weremoons the age on my profile is wrong i put it at that because i didnt know if there was an age limit to join

i can howl at the moon and do wolf-like things but i never transform. JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT TRANSFORM, IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. and besides it means for can hang around humans without eating them as wolves do.

I agree with InfinityGamer, read everything on that website. It's quite helpful. I was going to say you'd be too young, because most asking are young, but the age on your profile gives the idea that you are at an age where it may be possible for you to shift.

thanks though

it said site not found and error

Try typing it into the browser instead of clicking on the link

If that don't work if an just give you a summary of one

Of the ways to p shift

instead of howling i sigh alot i did it when i was righting this verry comment