I Have A Sugestion/request For Every One

i think some of us should video chat each other to prove they are a wolf or just to talk or people that arent wolfs but believe can see iether way it would be fun and wolfs with problems or dont know how to transform like me can learn how to leave a coment and tellme what you think
Wolfsareawsome Wolfsareawsome
18-21, M
19 Responses Nov 28, 2012

what the hell is wrong with my computer?

sory about that

but messege me first

but messege me first

but messege me first

my skype user name is wolfs-are-awsome if anyone wants to video chat me

I think its a good idea :)

I have Skype. But for group chatting it costs money

Yahoo conference is free.

Really? That's great! If you want to add me on Skype just IM me

Hey I would like a vid or I can chat on Skype or face time but I can't return the favor as I have not p-shifted

hey im sin cara wolves are my thing and wolves are my favorite animal

ok thanks dude

Ok, ill send it to you soon. Im at work right now....anyone elae want it?

Send my way.

tobias ive got msn we can chat

never mind i just joined

Lol I can vid chat from my xbox using msn if that helps. Other that I dont have skype.

well this is embarising i dont have skype

Do you have an iPhone? If so its a free app or you can just go to Skype.com and make an account if you have a webcam

I'm on your Skype. And yahoo and everything else lol.

I ask people if they got skype but pretty much all the people i asked said no, i got like 4 wolf friends on skype right now

As far as I can tell I'm about the only one that does this lol.