Truth Seeking

Let me start by saying; I am fairly sure I'm human. I've always been curious about werewolves ever since I saw a movie when I was a kid. I've researched the topic for years, and I've learned many things. I've heard that one can only become a werewolf through genetic means (i.e. you're born that way). I've heard that there is a spell/curse that brings upon the change. I've heard of various rituals (most of which involve opium and/or some other narcotic) that can cause one to become one.

The only issue is, I have no way of knowing what is truth and what is false. I'm not even really sure if this will work, but I suppose it will have to do for now. I would love to finally be able to tell what, if any, is legitimate or just another falsehood. I hope at least a few answers can be found this way.
Nov 29, 2012