Ummm.... Where Should I Begin

Ok as i stated last night i realy have no clue as to what im doing -.- im not even sure if i have werewolf gene to be honest, and i dont know where to start searching.... so basically please help -.- i feel stupid for asking..
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You should never feel stupid for asking for help when you need it

:c im sorry

And you shouldn't say sorry for something that's not worth being sorry for. You need help, everyone does at one point. It's nothing to feel stupid about or say sorry for :)

i guess :/ its just not in my nature to ask for help usualy and it drives me up a wall -.- and i get uber paranoid lol

Yeah, I'm kinda like you. I've learned to deal with it, but I'm always afraid of what people will tell me if I ask for help

ikr its terrible -.-; well anyway can you please help me???!!!

I can try my best to help you

yes!! thank you!!


umm so my question is where should i start lol?

Hows about you PM me and we can start by what you think makes you a wolf?

ok i will


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