Becoming A Werewolf

To everyone who wishes to become one, screw off the ones who say"It is genetics only" "You must be born one" etc. There are spells and ancient magic that work to make someone one. One is not chosen to be a Werewolf, it is a decision. If you are born one, it is a decision from whoever wanted to make you one.

Now for the ones that say it is genetics, you must be born one, and all that crap, let me tell you something:

Anyone can become a Werewolf, it is possible for anyone to become one.
There are ways other Werewolves on here who say you can only become one a certain way, but that is FALSE

I tell you there are many other ways of becoming one, they just have not found them out yet, which is why they say you must be born one, etc.

Don't let those people/werewolves get your hopes down, anything is possible if you believe in hard enough.
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You tell them mate.

Do you know any spells or way that i could become one? Because all my life I have really wanted to be one. Please message me back when you get this. :)

As..."FASLE" you may think it is you are foolish for practicing magic that you know nothing about. Those "spells" you speak of are usually curses or hexes meant to cause harm. I have told you this several times. Just because google said it would doesn't make it so. You have been given "FASLE" information. Use it if you like, but don't offer it up as a dream come true to children, who don't fully understand what they are doing or giving up. Shame on you!

The spells were banned because idiots would pass them out to people begging to be a wolf and what happened? These people were either driven insane, became feral, and in either case....started killing because they had no control. The spell bound beasts were irradicated and the spells banned and burned to keep idiots like you from xausing such agony again

Thank you!!! Glad to see someone else with common sense :)

I said no such thing of spells, I am stating that there are ways to become one that no one has yet discovered. There are spells that work, and there are ones that are tricks, but every one of them is a chance.

Very true and also can happen to pups without mentors

These spells were banned a long time ago. Just like idiot Necromancers. Beast magik is somthing that should never be messed with

Werewolf01 said nothing of spells but there were other ways of becoming one,. Letting information loose is your fault, Tobias. Watch for what you say. But now that you mention the spells, I believe others would like to hear what they are, perhaps research and figure out why they were banned..

As I said before, watch what you say.

There are spells and ancient magic that work to make someone one.

Thats in like the first couple lines.

Yes, what are the spells?

So says a child with no life experience or actual knowledge beyond what someone tells him and what the Internet says. Oh yes you are very credible.

If you don't believe nor have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. Stupid adults

Thank you for proving my point dear.

Why are you in a Werewolf group then?

Um because I'm wolf kin? And to help tell people the truth and the old ways to prevent them from buying into false info like you just presented?

By the Lion's Mane!! Will you give it a break already and let them decide on their own.

Stop commenting on posts years old.

Anything is possible, that is a fact. I tell the truth, my advice is not a lie, you only believe it is false because you never found any other ways to make it so.

Oh I know of other ways.....that turn you into feral psychotic beings that have to be destroyed.

I assure you I will get a way.

Werewolf01 just ignore her she's acting like a wet blanket

Start looking at date stamps.

Can't say I didn't warn you. If you want to go on a path of self destruction fine but don't drag others with you.

It's still a waste of life hun.

~_~ bio kinesis

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TvR are you by any chance...part of the Bro Army??

yes >=>

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Just leave us true wolves alone SheAngel19


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