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Let me put this very bluntly. This group is not a high school, nor is it a freaking popularity contest. Ive been here less then a week and these "pups" who act as Ithey know more then those who have been here longer make me want to pinch small animals stop it please! You are not cool cause found some page wirh a spell on it that was marked werewolf. Better yet, if I handed you bottle of draino with a piece of paper marked water on it would you drink it- because thats pretty much what your doing. Also, those who hate humans....shut the hell up, your more then half human.
TobiasLupa TobiasLupa 22-25, M 16 Responses Nov 30, 2012

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YEAH give them aircon fluid, WRITE on it......... "magically turns you into superman"... they will drink it....because they are TOO LAZY to work on themselves TO GET THERE............ WONDER WHY? because maybe they have lived too comfortable lives............ where they have everything their hearts desire............and escaping from reality is their past time hobby you see BECAUSE THEY ARE BORED with the ordinary.............then you get some people who LIVE IN THEIR HEADS without ever working on themselves, imagining to be something without EVER GETTING there................YEP........... they must really hate themselves as they really are...........regrets.......... even death has a greater appeal to them than REAL LIFE...wonder why? because even as a werewolf, LIFE seem too HARD for them to cope with.

When you have been alive as long as I have, you grow weary of the world. I have experienced many things in my time as a werewolf, both good and bad, yet here I stand with morals abundant and a curiosity consuming my mind. Such inflicted humans as myself find there are many shapes and sizes to others. I am a rather large wolf with a curse of longevity and fur of a rusty brown color. In my years I have met a small wolf that could vanish into the dimmest of shadows and an average golden maned whelp that controlled the most ferocious of beasts.
Tell me what you are child, so that I may sate this desire.

Please take your roleplaying elsewhere.

you are not a half human.
you are a part of humans body.


More than half human, ie entirely human.

ok so guys no disrespect but im honestly so confused are you guys real wolves...are you making crap up...what is going on here? And if you are ya know real wolves well then what you change during the full moon like please explain...thnx :)

Depends on what type of werewolf you are not all wolves transform during the full moon

So you're one?

Exactly what the crap is going on here. LOL

Hope this finally gets the "high and mighty" new comers to calm down. It hurts me to know most are my age, but it is true...

excatly what ive been thinking

It kills me that they think and feel that they are superior to humans, because humans are "evil." When in reality, wolf types have their fair share of bad eggs. We are not perfect in comparison at all, one is not better than the other. For every wolf who was slain by a human there are probably just as many humans slain by us. You can't always hold the group responsible for the actions of one

"Us" as in, you're saying you are a wolf?

No...I'm a pantherwingedbearflowersquatchnoid -_-

That was a tad bit sarcastic...I apologize. Yes, I'm a wolf.

Then how are you typing/working a computer/understanding human language/ what. WHAT.

;) it's a little more abstract than that...what. WHAT.

Care to explain? Or are you guys just stuck in your highschool "I'm cool and different and I like wolves." phase?

I'm a college graduate working on my masters degree dear.

Yes, but you've yet to answer my question. Are you in some sort of phase? You know, you aren't actually a wolf. You are a human. As much as you may, or may not like that, it is what you are. Or do you already know this?

No reason to be hostile ma'am, and no it's not some sort of phase by any means.

I don't remember being hostile. Anyways, so do you walk on all fours and type with your wolf paws? You're a wolf that graduated college? That is quite a feat.

Allow me to I already's a little more abstract than that.

I'm trying to understand this group as well. (A close person to me is close to someone who is close to these groups)

Mentally, you feel like a wolf?
You dream of being a wolf?

I'd like to understand further.

No, I shift.

How, physically, or mentally.

If you want us to believe / or understand anything, can you try and explain what "shifting" is? Do you actually, physically undergo a physical change (in your waking life of course)?


Would you be able to provide evidence of this? Could you record your shifting? Could you explain how it feels?

Interesting, I am done here.

I see no gain in attempting to get you to actually believe me, but if you're asking out of genuine curiosity I really don't mind. I am able to physically shift from one form to another. It's that simple. You can message me if you have anymore specific answers tho

It was out of curiosity. I'm not interested in learning more.

No sorry I can't provide tangible evidence. That's not only an invasion of my privacy but it also can be dangerous for evidence like that to exist. I can to a degree describe it to you but not on this page. Message me if you're interested

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I love it.....


Its on my profile -_-

I'd have to agree on the human bit. Not all humans {or anyother creature therian or not for that matter} are bad. Some are but most are good people {I grew up with humans and they rock js}

Are you saying you are wolf/fox or something?

Thank you. Many werewolves forget their at least half human. Not sure on what an exact percentage would be. Maybe a little more since as someone said your mostly human since you are born a human and can transform into a wolf, if you were mostly wolf you'd be born a wolf and would transform into a human.

.....-_- that was supposed to say punch, noT pinch.

Lol I was wondering why you were threatening to pinch animals..


That poor rabbit is going to get pinched.. sad day