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There was this girl I met a while back she had a very short temper and whenever she got mad enough she would run out of the school or something like that and come back 20 minuites later ... Soon she told me she was a werewolf ... Is that true ?
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
5 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Well she seemed normalas ever but I never really knew her ... She was very distant so we stopped being friends after that I forgot her I don't even remember her name :/ ... Ooh she wore contacts though her natural eye color was like blue I think.

Other than growling and a bad temper she doesn't seem to have any signs. Since you don't know her well I can ask you any other question so ill have to say most likely not

She was fascinating and majestic like a wolf .... I love wolves that why we were best friends :)

Well she did growl and when she came back she would always do the fly up on her pants and fix her shirt ...

She couldn't have p-shifted, werewolves can't do that till about 17 or so. Most werewolves growl when their angry.

I need more info. On the night of a full moon did anything seem different a out her, if so what. What color were her eyes, did she ever mention liking rare meat

Did she growl at anyone when she was mad

She might have been one who knows but being angry and running out of school doesnt definitly mean shes was a werewolf.