Werewolf Calling

I was walking home and i see this animal (werewolf) and it just looked back at me i was not frightened but greeted him then i said "hi i would not like to offend you but can you bite me" he gazed at me then ran off feeling sad i walked home and when i got to the front yard i looked back and i see the werewolf across the street then he walked over to me and started turning human so i gave him my coat then he said i can turn you just meet me at 13425 pinewood ave. The next day same time so i did he invited me in his house then he took me to his back yard his family was in the back yard his wife said hi and the werewolf introduced me to his wife and his kids then asked his wife to put the kids to bed. We waited and then he gave me a gun and said i have never tried this before i do not know what will happen he shifted and when he was about to bite me my phone started ringing i said hello and it was a prank call he tried to bite me and the phone started ringing so i turned it off then he bit me and it hurt a lot.
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Your not a werewolf. Bites will not make you a werewolf its genetics