Have No Idea Whats Really Going On!?!

okay honestly im a little dumbfounded and confused
about what is actually going on
my brother was telling me that i started to look diffrent
my K9 teeth have grown a bit and my molars are completely diffrent now
and i dident tell him that i did an actual incantation of being a Were Wolf
now first of all i never thought that this was completly real i did it just to **** around with my one brother becuse he's terrified of incantations and chants spells Etc so i did it,within 9 hours later to this chant my eyes had now fully changed color they went from being darkbrown
to jet black with a light light hazel ring around the pupil
my arms legs and pretty much whole body started to hurt
as well with my jaw muscle
my heart rate has just been goin alot more rapid then it has ever before

now i dont know if this is actually real
and if any of you are actual were wolfs shifter or no
i would like to hear your intake and thoughts of what this actually can be
but please non of you little 13 year olds that just run around and pretend
Gh0stt Gh0stt
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Owe i did the warewolf spell last full moon "Peircing howls" Ya know from youtube :P
this sunday night i will be one with my wolf form. X3 so excited. btw

Something about being 13 and thinking magic is cool, better be careful with stuff like that, could I have this spell? give me the exact ritual and requirements...
I too did something of the sorts, one of my favorite characters in a book could "watch peope age" without them actually aging, (like he could see what time had in store for them) I wanted the same thing, I thought it would be cool, my ritual was home made and back fired on me, now I watch people die gruesom deaths in two different manners per person, one in each eye...Imagine closing one eye and watching as everyone in the rooms skin peels away as if on fire, burning to death but not knowing it. you close that ey eand open the other to see them disintigrating slowly, you watch as their bodies slowly seem to be falling apart...but they don't notice it...you reopen the other eye and see it all unfolding constantly...they don't ever die or dissapear but they continue to burn and disintigrate......
Mine was a visual spell, yours was physical, the outcome could be far worse...
I am quite a bit more experienced now, and would like to see if I can't see any flaws in the spell (no spell is perfect, but not all spells work how they are intended...especially since pretty much anyone can make them under the right circumstances...)

What does it look like with BOTH of your eyes open?

Both at the same time, but because it's two different visions it's kinda like cracks of each across the body, you would think it looked retarded, but the way they blend together just makes it all the more gruesome. There is a comical value of it, each eye sees through a red or blue color, disintigrating is blue and burning is red, its kinda like looking through upside down 3D glasses...but with people dying because you have them on, and not quite as dark. My eyes get to hurting real bad and I feel retarded in school because it gives me migraines seeing all those people...luckily because it's college, it's only two days a week for me...and my job was only part time so thats over too... If I keep only one ey open the headaches go away, I kinda want to get an eyepatch, but I really don't want to explain it to my family...

Ouch. Mabey you should start lookin for something to help heal your eyes. At least something that will keep the headaches away. Mabey something for the vision stuff.

Still, why would you do this just to scare your brother

and i did it to scare my brotehr just for the sheer entertainment value....im nto some one who scares easy
and well becomeing a werewolf come on who wouldent lol

Wow I guess you got the spell to work. It can't be puberty because at your age you should be done or close to done. I have no explanation other than you got the spell to work so good job.

thanx haha

maybe he just hit puberty really late O_O


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Changes in eye color can be caused by hormone changes, but this is most common in ages 13-16 or so. So I don't think that could be logical with your age or if so at least not that drastically, but I could be wrong. I have no idea about the canine growth. It may have been that you really thought you were a werewolf and your mind was playing tricks on you. Just a thought.

i dunno i think the spell its self worked to some degree
i havent shifted yet but the dreams ive has since the spell is fckin weird

could you also PM me that spell?

What was the origin of the spell? Abd I mean luke was it Norse? Russian? Celtic? Druid?

Norse i believe

And I'm 13 and werewolf so ya not all of us pretend

I'm pretty sure that all spells were destroyed b4 so u might just be going through something idk but I don't u r a werewolf and even if it is actually doing something to u hi wouldn't be a true werewolf

well i googled everything i had and theres nothing that actually can explain the change in eyes the growth of the k9's
muscle aches yeah that can have a million different explanations
and i never said id be a true were wolf or one at all
but when i cross referenced everything with the spell the change in eyes and everything was apart of the side effects