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I want to point out the total bs about, now tell me if Im wrong because I thought I noticed people saying the same. What is with this utter bull about our constant insomnia? I finally got to sleep for the first time in ages....and for some damn reason Im writting this, wide awake at around 530 in the morning.
TobiasLupa TobiasLupa
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Totally tired during the day and I can knock out in 1-2 minutes tops. At night, I'm so awake I could be running laps

My insomnia got to the severity I was having black outs at work. Almost like sleep walking. It was becoming a serious problem.

I never blacked out exactly. Though I have dozed off then woke up helping a new customer.

I came to in different parts of the factory.

Im working on training for rugby season....so if im not hardcore awake at night or during the day, your having to pick me off the floor.

Your playin rugby? Hope ya dont get hurt.

Me, at night it takes me forever to fall asleep but during the day I fall alseep in just a few minutes.