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Chokyuhyun Killed Herself...

Hey guys so... Today someone messaged me on Yahoo IM under Kyu's account claiming she died. I called Kyu repeatedly afterwards and finally someone called me back. It was her cousin...

She told me everything. Said Kyu wasn't the person we believed her to be. That she was clinically insane. She was actually in a mental hospital for a while than her cousin got her out. Kyu than later started talking about wolves and actually bit someone. She told her niece about a wolf named Kat one day when the family had been together for supper, saying Kat was there.

I... Don't really know what to say.
As her mate... I'm lost.

Her cousin talked with me for a while talking about it. One day in the mental hospital Kyu wrote something down in her journal. Her cousin didn't say what. All she said was that the names Vic, Red, and Howie were mentioned.

Not long after that she killed herself.

I asked if it was painless. All she said was that it was quick for sure.

I feel like its my fault. I wish I could have gotten ahold of her family and told them the way Kyu talked sometimes...

Her cousin made the comment to me
"You have to be careful. Promise me you will be careful in the future. Look, my family is going through a hard time right now so I'm not going to give you the cemetery name... Not yet. Promise me you'll be careful in the future when you turn 18 and get in a serious relationship..."

Those aren't her exact words but close to it....

Her cousin is going to delete her account here on ep. I told her how to.

Guys... All I have to say is... Like her cousin said. Be careful.
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I am so sorry. Respects. <3 I hope you all feel better soon.

Im sorry for your loss, I hope she is in a better place somewhere.

I miss her too. But is this a lie? Was she really like that? She promised. She promised she'd be happy for however long she had left. She broke it. :'(

Vic I'm so sorry for your loss, and my respects go out to her and everyone missing her. Keep your head held high Vic. All you can do now is make her proud.

That is so horrible Vic... I am so sorry...

What's sad. I, so sorry for you loss. Stay strong

I don't know what to say... this doesn't seem right... she spoke of hearing wolves but I never knew this...

She heard wolves howling and she talked of paranoia but I never thought anything about it... she never said anything else about it other than that one time...

I needed to tell someone.... why didn't I? I feel like it is my fault...

I noticed it too but I didn't tell you or anyone... I didn't say anything...

Yeah just a second let me see if I can send them to you.

I searched everywhere but I think they got deleted...

Sorry Vic...

No I can't say I do.

It sounds familiar though sort of from a dream but it sounds familiar.

I know... but stay in contact with me ok?

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I know I do not know either of you, but I have to say this. I'm sorry for the loss of your mate. To lose a mate is like losing a part of yourself, and I hope you can cope...the scars of this type of loss can never heal.