as some of you know that commented on my other story
i found a spell that actually worked and turned not all of me but a good portion into a wolf
my eyes have changed drastically over the course of the last few days
as well the length and sharpness of my k9 teeth
but needless to say ever since then my dreams have been filled with
nothing but wolfs and some sort of wolf like creatures
i never used to dream what so ever but ever since the spell
my dreams have been actually astonishing to say the least
but i just wanted to know if there is any of you out there
that have had the same type of change in dreams since the actual change
Gh0stt Gh0stt
18-21, M
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Hi. could you please tell me what the spell is message me back when u get this :)

What is the spell? I would like to try it. Hopefully I have the same results as you.

Can you tell me how ?

what do u mean tell you how?

>=> spell that actually works dah ****?!


ohh uhm well at first you actually have to prepare for like a week
set up an actuall altar
then at a certin time at night you perform the spell

and it took about 4 days for anythign to work but then my eyes started to change and my k9's got alot sharper and my hunger increased and yea

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