Shadow In The Dark 2

wonce i felt my body change i didnt know what to expect after i was scared what might happen if i get out of hand one day i was praticing m-shifting and my brother walked to the backyard and saw me shift he didnt now what to think i thought i was going to be in so much truble , he just standed there eyes wide speachless . i turned back and said " i know it dosnt look what you think it is ." or something like that and makeing sure he wont tell anybody well he was walking and i geuss that one alpha wolf that bit me killed him the next day , he was walking the in ally and that wolf just .. riped him apart i was crying and trying away to get my reveng . and i thought , so i howled that night and brought him in the ally . i never saw him in human form till that night i was there looking around tring to find him . he was there in front in wolf form i told him to turn back ..... he was my best friend .. zack i didnt now what to expect i asked him why he killed my brother.. all he would say is he would be in truble bye some other stronger wolf if any relitives find out or friends until they become one and i asked him why did u bite him then ? but he said he couldnt i didnt now why i turned back to my wolf form and ran off he tryed to talk to me but i ran as fast as i could , it was 1:30 AM . i walked home and thought why he killed my brother . i went to school i tried to ignor him but these side affects kept happing my teeth came out when we had to run in gym stuff like that so i tried my best to make sure nobody saw people kept asking me if i was ok . i said no of corse they said why i didnt respond so i walked away every time they ask me whats wrong or stuff like that its hard to expect your best friend to be a murdur and a beast and they wont tell you =(^.^)= watch your back i would always say ;D
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You. Can. Not. Shift. At. Age. 13. 14. Or. 15. It. Is. 17. And. Up. Usually.