Something Random Ive Experienced And I Have No Idea How To Make It Work

ok so when i was little (about 3) to now.. sometimes in my dreams i see future events -.- idk how or why or wtf but i would like to learn to control it to my will and make it work cause why the **** not lol. Any sugestions?
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as far as I am aware it's not controllable. I mean I don't have any means of fore sight, but based on other practicioner's of the arts who do, it has never actually been controllable. There are means to make it more likely to happen or less likely to happen, but no direct control.
Don't qoute me though, I wouldn't rule it entirely out.

I have the same thing happen to me c: pm me sometime maybe i can help


Lol :)

sorry im just happy im not the only one that this happens to lol

Trust me i know how you feel c: i thought i was alone to until i met another wolf earlier whose going through the same thing we are

whos 3rd person?

I still have some visions about future events I can't control it though

My friend ungalhiem (may have spelled that wrong)


oh cool!! ^^

Yep c: so if you guys have questions just pm me and ill try to help

ok does anybody know how to control this?


*ok -.- auto cotrect mist die

I've been working on it but my friends been at it longer

i pmed you lol

Ungalheim isn't credible. Checked him out. For the most part you can't stop it but sometimes it can be initiated.

Yeah i never claimed to be able to stop them but i have managed to start them when i focus enough

And I never implied that massage was for you.


ok then how do you figure out a trigger -.-

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