Dear Werewolves,

Dear all you werewolves out there, we are getting stronger in number, us vampires, we will not be insulted by you anymore, some of your kind are going on killing sprees for vampires. We aren't turning anyone, yet you accuse us and decide we are inferior. We are growing in strength, we will outnumber you, we will win.
VampiresSuck VampiresSuck
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It seems this person is a beginner...perhaps i could help.

-pulls out robe and wizard hat-
And then I turn into a wizard and we duel.


Lets play dungeons and dragons with dice and twigs lol

Then can we play WoW with fancy costumes and plastic swords?

Yeah, then Star Wars the old republic with twigs as light sabers and pebbles as bullets

-pulls out sticks and pebbles-

Abra Kazam (your scream no and fall over)

I play WoW!

Joooiinnn ussssss.

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Hold on, lets pretend this role player is a real vampire. He said vampires don't bite people, but their rapidly rising in numbers, what am I missing here?

Let's just say, they're spending their days like bunnies and mating season DX

Hahaha that would take too long. First they need to find a fellow vampire or someone who won't care, get married, you know what comes next. But if its as quick as he makes it sounds they must be biting something, maybe they were biting bunnies during mating season and make them bits people and have babies to do so lol

Hahaha, well it may be that they don't get married? I'm not sure. But I do know biting someone doesn't make them a vamp either. So this roleplayer hasn't done any research to make him seem credible in any way shape or form

I knew that too I was just kidding. I mentioned getting married cause I'm a Christian and yeah what gave it away he was vampire was when the first thing I saw a his username vampiressuck. You'd think a rp would at least have. A good username not criticize what they fantasize they are.

Exactly. But oh well, makes for good joke material right?

Look at the bright side one way or another the bunnies get to have some fun. Lol

Yay bunnies :D

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If all the vampires were like you they all would be dead. Lol youre not a very good roleplayer are you?

Vampiressuck? Really? Thats you're username? You know some roleplayers at least attempt to look real. Ya, and um vampires suck? Yes they do.

Vampiressuck? Really? Thats you're username? You know some roleplayers at least attempt to look real. Ya, and um vampires suck? Yes they do.

Hey role pla<x>yer, hey role pla<x>yer HEY! Hey role pla<x>yer, wooden stake! Hey what game do you want to play next, world of Warcraft, Star Wars the old republic, twilight the board game, dungeons and dragons the board game, Underground the board game, what? It's funny a "vampires" username is vampiressuck. Making fun of your own species, what a sad screwed up boy.



You are the kind of vampire that makes me want to cull my own species.

The last time I "hit" a vampire she deffinatly liked it and even dated mr for 4 years lolol..and before anyone freaks out, I font mean physical harm

Alrighty kid, this sin't the role play section, go play your twilight fantasies or underworld fantasy somewhere else...
leave these werewolves in peace, lest they leave you in pieces.
I mean seriously...everybody knows vampires and werewolves aren't fighting or at war or anything...

haha yeah no for one if u actually look theres not many wolves that are insulting you
but if this is a threat omg i would love to get otu and get some exercise
being quite and keeping everything on the dl isent really my style
you can have your numbers ill have my fun :)

Oh my, such a amusing little role player.

Are you kidding me? This isn't twilight you ******* idiot -_-


Lol nice username vamp. *rolls eyes* you all can't do squat anyway

Says the one who's name is VampiresSuck. Any who, most of us wolves do not think anything of what you're saying. I myself have some vampire blood in me, and I have gotten no hate from the wolves here. I don't know what wolves you're talking about, but the ones I know and talk to are not one of them.

Id have to agree with ya. i have nothing against vampires. infact i have a good friend whose one... So not really sure where this came from

Me either....maybe I might take a look at vamp groups to see what they say

Good idea c:

I posted a story, and found another one by Lycaon1900 that would probably add to their anger

Mmmm not good.

Yeah, not at all. I think we might have to prepare for at least some stories similar to this one

Guess all we can do is explain our side of things and hope for the best

Yeah. I'll try and explain it the best I can if any vamps comment on my story

And ill help out when i can :)

That would help a lot

Then that is what i shall do c:

Yup. The most important thing to remember is to keep your head though. Both species don't have the best track record to temper, especially when provoked.

Yeah I've seen a lot of that on both sides. hopefully it all works out though

Yes, hopefully the older vamps and wolves can keep the younger ones calm enough

Yeah hopefully

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I am sorry, I will have to remind you of science. You are not a real werewolf.

Which, if you are typing and reading, is a homo sapien.

We r wolves and not all wolves hit on vampires so I think ur just paranoid

Do you lick your anus as opposed to taking a bath or a shower? Do you live in the wilderness without internet access? Are you illiterate and under the age of seventeen? Do you have six nipples?

Excellent. I am so sorry that you are a wolf in captivity. Do your owners know you are using their internet? How do you type with your paws?

Fair enough. I still doubt that makes you a real werewolf, just a person with some cool skills/intuition.

Your using logical fallacy? If your reminding them of science and that is your argument, then you have already lost...
"which if you are typing and reading you are homo sapian"
again with the logical fallacies...
While we have no proof that homo-sapians are not the only sentient creatures in existance, we also have no proof that we are the only sentient creatures...
Your argument is scientifically invalid...

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