Random Win (response To Hybridfighters' Post

m.youtube.com/watch?v=W3mcItnrdtI there you have it folks hitler says so. Also thank you for the post hybridfighter it made me laugh alot about how crazy that ***** is lol
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Haha I thought TVR1 was high then I saw morphisto.

Wow. Whoever that guy was was seriously ****** up and or high on weed lol probably both

Weed makes people stupid and that's a proven fact

smoke a dubi yoloswag#420 1080p mah nigga

It kills brain cells

I'm a wolf. It and for the record I disagree with the gov half the time. I just listen to what the police told me with evidence to back it up

It releases a chemical through the lungs to the blood and damages memory intelligence ect

Are you sure your not on weed cause apparently your ignorant to the effects of weed

Oh a YouTube video now we so smart. If you believed everything on YouTube you'd be insane

Whatever I have better things to do than debate logic. Goodbye

I bet you don't even now what the word **** means *******

hey hey guys >=> stop fighting okay? Its not like he stole your squeakie toy or meat rofl

-w- u both are being stupid im sorry to say.

He cussing, who taught you grammar a kidnergardener? As for you TvR1 I have a 4.0 gpa and as for the squeaky toy meat thing your not funny werewolves aren't your pet dogs

But seeing as though you didn't respond ill assume you were too stupid to even know what a simple word meant. Who's stupid now?

i was seeing if i could reunite you guys with a common enemy type appeal i see it didn't work...

It appears he backed off, he won't respond.

-/- u guys fight but what for

Eh even I don't know it just kind of set off after I spoke the fact that weed screws you up, he says no, I say yes and I escalated from there

your both correct to a point. Shall we leave it at that?

Agreed, morphisto how bout you

i think he rage quite

Oh well at least I stepped up and agreed this was stupid right

yes e.e

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