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For the past 6-7 months I have been on here, I have met some truly great people. Even some who would share their knowledge with me. The first one I had met was GhostWolfChild. He/she has changed the account name plenty of times but this is the only one I can remember. GhostWolfChild was a very spiritual person and went through worse in life than i did. He/she taught me plenty of things, I asked questions of what is true and what is not true, he/she had answerd all of my questions and started talking about many other things. He/she had sowed that there is always better ways in life instead of letting pain get in your way. The second one was Strivex, he was at first confused of what he was, but then later on began discussing and sooner found out that he was one. He would help me through out things and would help me with my own research into finding of who or what I am. The third was Sagata, she gave me some knowledge about her spiritual beings and kept me some company when I was alone or lost on something. Then I met BlueMoonForever. At first she hated the GUTS out of me, but I talked with her and asking her of what she did not like about me. Sooner then we became friends and that she understood me and I understood her because so far she is the only one of my age and gets of what it is like right now. She gave me some tips on things and made me laugh at times. These people are who kept me on here, who kept me believing that there is more than meets the eye. Later on I met more people, and know who to trust, and to tell of who is a true wolf, or is a total fake. I know more and understand better of the way of how your culture is. I thank you very much, and thanks to those who were very good friends
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I'm 13

:D Cute thanks ^^BTW we are around the same age jijiji

Your 13-14?

No, I'm 15 ^^Its still near.

Kool beanz lol


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*smiles with teeth* sorryz... Iz is a mean wolf...

It's ok, we all go through of what we need to