The Latest Problems Ive Seen

We seriously need some elder wolves here on EP. To many young ones who are giving bad advice to other young ones. And so the elders can help the REAL WOLVES on here. And also so elders can scare away the rpers (role players).
Also there are several RP pack websites on google. Like you could literally type in any sort of pack name and a rp pack would come up. There really funny to watch because they are so wrong with there infoXD
And the last thing that i need to say is that this group alone has literally 1,000+ members not to mention the fact that at least 10 new people join this group each week. Im guessing over half of those members are either fake, some annoying human, or a fake online hunter. So there are mostly fakes here on EP.


Ps no drama comments please.
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

it's true,i agree with u hybridfighter..

I agree about the numbers. I mean, seriously, there are probably about 5,000 therians alive, and if 1,000 of them are all wolves and go on the same website, then something has to be wrong.

I wish there were more elders. They're the ones w/ real knoledge(of which younger wolves need to learn).

Hey blue

I trust European the most XD but I could believe that sheangel is a good one but she doesn't think I'm a wolf and for a sec I thought repers was rapers

Hahaha rapers... Ive seen a few of those on here two


I don't even remember who you are.....I'm sorry I don't take the opinion of a child very seriously. *shrug.