Pack Of Many

After the idea was brought to me, my friends and I are creatinh a pack different from anything Ive been apart of. So far we have Me, a berserker, a seer who has devine contact. I want actual and seriouse input. I will explain as much as I can since we are all staying anonymous due to things in our pasts.
TobiasLupa TobiasLupa
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

i would like to join your pack depending on where you are
i live in scotland so if you are near i will join if you will let me


Lol don't blame me morphy I only know me my sis and two cousins as wolves here in Scotland

I am rather relieved I found you actually ... I had discovered about a year ago I have some wolf in me. Which made sense considering some past experiences I had leading up so me discovering this. I tried to ignore it and pretend I was just another normal human. But it has gotten to the point where instinct has kicked in more than ever and I wish to find a pack.. other people who share what I am and what I have. Similarities. You know. Maybe find some self control. I would like to think you may accept me into your pack. With all seriousness intended. And if you consider a Seer someone who can see spirits such as people's animal spirits or actual spirits/demons and has visions of future events. I would like to say your not the only Seer.

I..regret to tell you I cant have a,pack of those I cannot see face to face. Though sheangel is someone I would direct you to. My seer is one who is of devinity

That is ashame. Unfortunately I don't know where to go... No one around my area is like me or would accept someone like me. I suppose it was worth a shot though..