I've recently noticed there are three main things that pop up on this page. One fakers and role players trying to tell us stuff they think we want to hear " I'm bitten I shifted when I was eleven" you know the types. Secondly we have the really wolves winging and complaining about them and don't get me wrong I've done it once or twice but that fills this page up aswell and las but not least pack requests god I carnt go two stories without seeing one.
I thought the point of the page was to talk about our experiences and stories not to ***** and complain guys :/ that's all I have to say
I'm open to any comment but if your a role player and fancy winding me up word of advise I would try it
TheWhitewolf1 TheWhitewolf1
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I agree with you, and I admit that I do complain at times. But I also admit that I hate those roleplayers with a passion...and sad to say I really hate the arrogant wolves my age. I know there aren't many but there are some and they just get on my nerves

I totaly agree with u and I will admit it I do complain also