What's Happening To Me!!!

I was a wolf once...running free...hunting deer...then something happened. I was walking through the forest one night...it was a full moon. As I stared at it hanging amongst the stars I heard a noise rustling in the bushes, but I wasn't afraid. All of a sudden this creature rushed out! It was kind of big. It was wearing Nike tennis shoes, faded blue jeans, and a Vote for Pedro tshirt, and had long flowing hair. In its left hand it held a large sweet tea and in its right a bigmac. It stepped out into the moon light and an alarming noise escaped through its shiny teeth an past it's lips...a beltch. I knew it was about to happen but I couldn't run, I knew I must fight. That's when it happened...she rushed forward and beat me with the tea, shoved the burger in my face blinding me, and bit down on my forearm. I ran away, I barely made it out of there alive. But the next day something started changing. I had the urge to walk only on my hind legs and wear clothing. Then came the cravings, all I could think about was the dollar menu and happy hour. I started getting bald spots everywhere and my teeth started flattening out. I was so scared. I started shifting after that, into a full human. Whenever the moon is full I lose control and hit every drivethru in my home town...and sometimes...I wake up and find myself in an apartment watching tv and playing Xbox...it's insane. I hope someone can help me, idk what to do!!!!
DescendantofOssory DescendantofOssory
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? Ok

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I'm ******* crying omg


That may be true becous some have found little human flesh with wolf fur on, witch leads this to a real story.

...this story was a joke or satire rather

Yea i know i just read a little part of it

a werehuman lol sorry I had to do it

The exact same thing happened to me!


I know right?

I love this story it made me day lmao

...it's a joke ppl...come on...




O my gosh, this is so hilarious! This absoluty made my day! I can't stop laughing! And I'm still laghing right now!

.............................all i can say is ...................... HUH???

what this………………


Ice? Will that help me?!

lol son of a ***** it keeps cutting the n and yes ice prob wold help :)

I just need answers *sniffle* why must you belittle me....WHHHHHHYYYYY?!?! I'm real! I also was scratched by a tree limb and I've had pine needles coming out of my ears!!! Someone please help me!!! I want Taco Bell Fourth Meal!!!! I can't hold back the rage!!!!

Suck it up I get injuries every night

...it's a joke...

LOL i love it

THiiis soooooo made my daaay! I can't stop laughing!! JAJAJAJAJAJAJA OMG! I'm cryiiing!!!! Woooow Epic Epic Epic!!! This is so wooooooow! Don't have words to describe it!!!

OMG! This made me laugh so muuuuch!!!! hahahahaha :*