Okay this has been on my mind for a long time.. I really have no idea as to what I am. Am I a werewolf: I don't know.
A therian:
Not anymore
A human: absolutly not.
And I need help finding it now. I am done thinking and i need steps in order to figure things out now. Any help is much appreciated.
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You kinda answered your own question...

No i didn't

*sigh. Hopeless.

-.- sorry i understand what you mean i got some sleep for once and figured it out

Ok I just read this comment but maybe if you tell us signs or something that was abnormal maybe i could figure it ouy

Out not ouy

ok let me count the ways..
im over protective
i do get pissed easily...
im a ex therian (long story)
in 30degree weather i were shorts and teeshirt because i am always warm
over complex mind (sometimes fails to see human logic)
somedays i sleep somedays im up tell 12-4 doing absolutly nothing and cant sleep -.-
sometimes ill act canine at random moments (personality wise)
lately i have had the feeling im breaking down and dont belong with the people im around.. and this makes me pissed

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