I wish to follow up on something blue wrote about.

I'm going to make something abundantly clear. Europe is not an elder by any stretch of the imagination. She is considered a yearling. I.e. a young adult wolf that has not made their niche in a pack yet. Rank, leave to make their own, etc.

'I' am not an elder. I am a grown alpha that is hardcore on tradition and the old ways.

Yes elders want nothing to do with you. If not for my sheer sense of duty I would want nothing to do with most of you either. I have my own reasons why I'm unwilling to condemn you with ignorance.

Now let me tell you what a real elder is. A real elder is one above the age of 50. My mentor was a true elder and a dying breed. She was 55 when I was 22 so that gives you perspective. You want elders? Go find them. Show initiative. Cause until you do, you don't deserve them.
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Holy **** did someone just say good attitude? Referring to me?

Good attitude.. it's the way of things for those strong enough to submit and therefore enable themselves to learn the strength of the old ways. You destiny reveals itself clearly, yet beware of the false footing before your final leap into its midst.

Elders lost concept sometimes.

* elders lost concept sometimes.