How Do U Become A Werewolf

Hey,I'm new and is like to know how to be a werewolf if you can help thank u so much
Wolfgirl99 Wolfgirl99
13-15, F
4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

ooohhhhhh sorry about that i misunderstood i do that alot ~_~

One simple answer hun its genetic and there's really no other way than being born with is...go share that with all the other beggers and fakes.

Genetics in simpler form lol

sorry but you cant become on and its called wolf im afraid you are iether born a wolf or you are not a wolf im sorry for you being a wolf is not easy though are you sure you want to be one its dangerous but like i said you cant become one im im truely sorry form you

No i am a wolf just a friend wanted to know