If you have such a problem with me that you wish to rip out my throat, then challenge me. Otherwise, be silent and respect my right to speak.
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6 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Wtf? O.O

Okay. An I must ask what is happening with you and sage?

...this wasn't a gay post??? Believe me I know gay ;) now if it WERE gay it would have read like this:

O...M...G...b****! If you have such a prob with me that you really wanna cut me with those fake a** manicured stubs that you call nails then holla at me. If not, sit your rachet a** down an respect...get it, got it, good. Ps. Glitter!

This... Made my day...

*grabs extra butter salty popcorn* *grabs pepsi*

Will you get the fight on video and post it to YouTube the videos here or just pm it to me please. :) lol

I'm waitn 2 c this

This. Will be interesting.