Being A Wolf Isn't Easy

When I was little I always had this powerful feeling in me like I could do things that a normal kid couldn't do. I would get angry easily and when I fought with someone I could feel this rage in me like I was a animal I would heat up n I could take hits n wouldn't feel it. N I could feel my self change into something else. The energy and the vision of n abnormal being. I know I'm not really human. It was scary at first but as years went by I learned to control it. I feel that I can connect to animals especially wolf like creatures. I feel that I fit in with wolfs. I can feel that I become abnormal.
Werewolfsurviver Werewolfsurviver
13-15, M
3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

i can only mental shift... :( i want to physically shift so bad but i cant no matter how hard i try

whats the difference between an m-shift and a p-shift?

Your not alone :) trust me. if you ever need to talk im here :)

I know I'm not alone. But are there more of us all around the world?

From what I've seen so far, yes there are

i also get angry very quickly we are not alone for sure