To Any Werewolf Out There

I don't know if we're being hunted but I need to talk to more of you. I need to know if I'm not the only one. I can control it but not enough
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Your not alone. There are many of us including me.. we might be getting hunted infact I would not be surprised... ever need to talk I am a couple of clicks away.

Ill help. I think we should hunt the hunters. But not actually bite them. I mean claw them to death.(not really. Enough to teach them a lesson on wolves)

Your an idiot....

Um.yeah i might have to agree on this one.....

Yeah -_-; That's going a little too far. Don't attack unless attacked

And sadly she's in my pack -_-"

Oh my. I think you might want to help her on her temper

If she ever answered me i would *sighs*

Well, it might be since she's not online. If ya need help, I'll be glad to :D

No even when's she's on she doesn't answer lol and thanks :)

Ah I see. And anytime~

Thank you i appreciate it c:

Anything for a friend

Hey. It dont matter if im a wolf or not. It matters on how you were raised. And I have split families. I have been attacked. My friend Grace nearly was unable to walk on for legs afterwards. On the other side I was taught to respect your enimies.

Hello im right here. It not my fault my mom made me get off the computer and didnt get off.

I tried to message you back but the computer,would not load. Huh. You wonder why ive got a temper when im blamed for half the stuff I cant even help. My mom and sister are twice as me.

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no u are not alone i am here i think we are being hunted

You're not the only one.

I'm one

Theres many still alive

Ill help in anyway i can also

PM me with questions and i will answer them as best as i can