Please, I Want To Know More

I'm not a werewolf, but my life has been falling apart. Where do you guys live... everywhere or in one place...dont say where if u dont want to its ok im not trying to be rude or pushy like other humans, but i want to know more. Im confused i grew up learning that werewolves, withes, vampires all of a humans "fairy tale" characters are real... can u explain everything to me... dont get me wrong u dont have to answer these questions but i just want some answers for once in my life...........please leave comments below
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how do u message people

my old account kicked me off i had to get a new one

you click on their profile then click the button that says message

thx sooo much

wait it told me i couldnt it said i wasnt blocked specificly or something but it wont let me there

do u want me to message u then?

yes tht would b srry for all of the trouble, i feel so bad....

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message me

how do u message

Message us

Well we arn't what the fairy tails describe us like, we shift into a real complete wolf. I live in one area because i am "human" and because i never had a full shift yet. Just message me i dont have time for a long lengthy response.