Meditation: Why Can I No!?

Okay I'm at my breaking point with this ****. I need help.. again.. How the **** are you able to keep consantrated long enough to meditate?!? I have the attention span of a squirrel when it comes to this.
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I'm with you there. Tried meditation, but I couldn't stand being still or the fact that it has to be so quiet DX

I can't stand still to much energy my energy regenerates super fast

A wise druid once told me to call on your wolf and focus your energy through it. our wolves are more patient then us

i wonder if that will work...

It worked for me :)


I have problems with that statement and I will elaborate why later

Our wolves? When you shift you don't turn into a separate being. For instance, if you play soccer, you don't "have" a soccer player bc you "are" a soccer player. You are the wolf, it doesn't exist outside of your consciousness. It is your consciousness.

Thank you. I plan on doing a big write up on this.

I CANT STOP *walrus swims into glass window* n.n i had to say it


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