HEY!! I am a wolf therien, I have red and grey fur with brown eyes. I do not know how this site works yet but I have read a few of the stories and a lot here are fake so no fakes commenting please! I am here to well I am just here lol, I know it is a long shot but is there a pack I could join? It has to be a good one though and not ran with pups, I am still young so no I am not going to say I have physically shifted because that would be BULL ****!! If you want to know more about me just comment or send me a message :)

Frozen out XD
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You should feel the packs out for yourself. They have groups on here that you could check out. Don't let what others think decide your decision. Talk to the alphas and find where you fit in.

Thank you for the advice. Any tips on ths best packs here?

I know the alpha of Dark Moons pretty well, if her pack isn't for you she will be helpful and point you in the right direction

Alright thank you.

Well my pack is still looking for members. It's the Blood Moon Pack, but I wanna change the name soon. Anyway my mate is 18 and he's the main Alpha of the pack. I'm kinda the secretary since I'm still learning. But if you're interested please message CrimsonWolf38 or myself. And it's nice to see a new face on EP :D

Hahaha I will message you right now :D


Do I wanna know? Lol


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Noble aspirations young pup. Unfortunately the laws of the federal forest do not permit me to run wild and free with just anybody. However, stay strong and keep howling at the moon and the right pack will respond and allow you to join in.

That was all so very contradictory I'm not going to bother trying to make sense of it.

What do you mean?

You say the site is full of fakes but no fakes to comment. Then you say you want a pack yet they are mostly fakes. You say you don't want a pack run by pups yet you are a pup. See my point?

I know I am a pup, that is why I don't want to be in a pack ran by pups because to tell the truth that makes no sense. I am merely saying that I do not want fakes to comment though I know I can't stop them. But yeah looking at it I can see your point, I really need to word my things better.