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So I said I would do a write up on this and so I am....rather late.

One phrase on here I loathe is 'my wolf....' It's so second person. As though its a separate entity entirely. These are the common cause of your wolf being a separate entity.
1. Your a therian. Simply because the nature of a therian they are dual spirited.

2. You are a child and have not yet merged the two natures.

3. Your just down right full of crap.

One thing that is common on all wolf types is the fact we are dual natured. Wolf form, human form. It is easier to accept that when we are younger because we are more open to things. That's why most 'typically' wake up in their teens. As we become adults we merge the two to become one balanced being.

That being said here is the cautious stand point. If one does not learn to merge the two they become highly unstable. One aspect will try to triumph over the other. It creates an unbalance and identity crisis. If left unchecked it can and WILL drive a person mad. I know because I have seen it happen several times first hand. It's sad and ugly. Learn to accept it is who and what you are. Hard to do that when you keep identifying it separately.
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i have already meraged the to am i early or is it normal to be able to see wat u r doing when u r wolf and when u r werewolf isnt a werewolf a lycan

I agree compleetly thnk for posting this its what Ive been telling people as well :)

This is exactly what I'm going through right now, and to be honest, I have no one around to help me with it. The whole being driven mad part is the perfect way of describing it.

Correction before any impending confusion, I'm referring to the being driven crazy part. I've done it for so long, not meaning to because I had no way of coming about it.

I am one as well. Actually Im a cross breed. I am a werebear and a werewolf. I have the animal instincts and heightend senses. I got these traits through my bloodline considering I am two part native american Iriqouis and Suu.

I'm Choctaw chicasaw and Cherokee. It is irrelevant to race.

Race does not determine whether you are or are not a were. There are shifters in all races. So it is not a contributing factor beyond triggering the waking up.

Aye. Saying the awakening just feels so corny though. Too melodramatic.

Actually Sheangel it isnt irrelevant in some cases. Native Americans are closer to nature in many cases. Where as it would be the same in Africa and other ordeals where nature was the prime of their ways.

The awakening of my senses and my strength came into fruition when I was in the US military.

That's why I said it affects the trigger.

Pick a breed.

List the breeds for me SheAngel. If you please.

Benadanti, neuri, Enfield, faolahd, lycan. Obviously this is not exhaustive but the primary.

Then you have therians which are debatable.

Whats the difference between the breeds?

Origins, strengths, history.

which is the strongest breed breeds

There are pros and cons to all

physically srongest

That's about the same across the board.

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Insanity of identity of self can be rough but I'm comfortable.

Sound advice. Pups would be wise to take heed.